Gabriel's POV

Once we had gotten done for the day, I headed to the main house to find Viv. I just wanted to see if we could sneak off for a night as I have missed being able to see her. We always seem to be busy with one thing or another, and I just want time with my mate alone. I would skip dinner eagerly if I could have that time with her.

I started by looking in her office to find it locked and vacant. After that, I went to look in our room. She wasn't there either. I sighed as I knew she was probably out and about somewhere else. I went down with the pack, knowing that she would show up sometime. When she didn't show up before dinner started, I was getting a little worried as she didn't say she had anything pressing to do during dinner. The five weren't here either, so I figured that they were with her right now. That made me feel a little more at ease, until I saw Ulf.

Ulf glanced around nervously as it seemed everyone had turned towards him. He continued to walk towards me though. Once he got to where I was, he leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"I need you to come with me. Alone." I immediately stood, and some of the other guys stood, but I waved them down, adhering to Ulf's request. We walked out of the Lodge and headed into the direction of what I could only presume as the Five's cabin. Once we were in there, I immediately noticed the solemn mood, and I was starting to get really worried.

"I'll inform them you are here," Gregor stood, making his way to the bathroom. He knocked softly. "Willem, he's here."

"I'll be right out," I heard Willem yell. I couldn't hear anything else except the shower going. I thought it was Willem, but when he came in the living room, clothed and dried, I didn't know who it was. "Gabriel, will you sit down please? We got something to tell you. It's imperative that you keep your cool though."

"What's going on, guys," I questioned. They looked at each other nervously before turning to Willem. I figured he'd be the spokesperson throughout all of this mess, whatever it is.

"Gabriel," he stated, before taking another breath that seemed to cool his temper down. "When we were going to put the stuff in the shed, we found Viv there. She was in the process of being molested by Rocky." I drew my own breath in surprised. I looked towards the bathroom door, now knowing where my mate is.

"Where the hell is he," I interrogated, looking at each one of them, trying to keep my own temper down.

"He gave us the slip," Finn growled, pissed that that had happened to them.

"We tried finding him, but he got away from us," Ulf added.

"Willem," I questioned, and he turned to look at me. "How is she?" He rubbed his face in his hand, and I knew that it wasn't that good.

"She doesn't want to be left alone at all. The only reason that I was able to leave the bathroom was because she was distracted by the fact that was scrubbing all his "grim" off of her as she puts it. I'm worried that she's taking it a little too far. She needs you, Gabriel. She's barely holding on right now."

I immediately got up and went into the bathroom. I heard a startled shriek, as I am sure she was expecting a knock, letting her know of anyone entering. She peaked out of the shower curtain, and her face just crumbled as soon as she saw me. I quickly undressed myself before getting into the shower with her. She immediately slammed into my chest, sobbing out all of her pain. I held her tighter to me, not willing to let her go. The water seemed to be extremely hot, the kind of hot that was used to sanitize dishes, and I knew she had turned it up so she could do that to herself. I turned it down a bit so that I would be able to stand it.

"I'm here for you, Viv," I said as reassuringly as I could. "I'm here for ya." She clung onto me more, wanting to be close. I heard her whimper a few times along with the painful cries that were going to haunt me forever now. I looked down at her body to see that it was so red from the combination of the scolding hot water and how much she scrubbed herself. I knew that if there was anything that I could do, I would protect her and our family from this kind of pain again. I was overcome with guilt realizing that it was my fault. I had allowed him into our pack, even though Vivian knew instinctually that there was nothing good about him. It's my fault that she has to face this kind of pain. I'm such an idiot.

I didn't even realize how long we had been in the shower before the water became cold as we ran out of all the hot water. I quickly shut it off, and when I tried stepping back, her whimpering and sobbing increased tenfold.

"Viv, I'm not going anywhere, baby," I whispered to her as I picked her up. She curled instantly into my side. I carefully stepped out of the tub, making sure that I didn't trip over the side. I quickly reached for a couple of towels. "Baby?" She looked straight into my eyes. I could see that she was holding the pain of the world around her and all I could do is pull her closer. "I'm gonna put you down now; I have to dry you off."

"Don't leave me," she whimpered, burying herself deeper into my chest.

"Never," I whispered. She nodded, and I seat her down softly before pulling her arms off of my neck. I quickly unwrapped one of the towels, setting the other down on the toilet seat before turning and drying her off. After I was done with that, I picked up my shirt and pulled it down over her head making sure that she put her arms through. She latched herself onto me once that was done. "Babe, I have to dry myself; I'll make it quick." She nodded, reluctantly retracting herself away from me. I did just as I said with the other towel. I quickly pulled on my discarded pants before pulling her towards me, not wanting to let her go.

"Bed," she whispered after a few minutes of standing in place. I nodded, picking her up in my arms once again. I turned the doorknob to the bathroom door before making my way out into the hallway. The boys turned towards us as soon as we were in view.

"Which room can we sleep in," I inquired. "I'd rather it was just the five of us that stayed with her."

"You can stay in my room," Willem replied, making his way in front of us as he led us down to the only room that had a queen size bed. I gently placed her down on the bed with her still clutching to me. I quickly laid down next to her. She scooted over to make more room for me, realizing that I was about the fall off of the bed. As soon as I had gotten enough room, I pulled her into my arms, smelling her as if my life depended on it, when really it did. I couldn't live without her.

"Willem," I stated, before turning enough to see that he was still in the doorway, awaiting orders. "Have some of the boys go and get food for all of us. Try and keep the pack away from the cabin—the less that are around, the better for Viv."

"Understood, Gabriel," he answered. "I'll make sure that they know though to keep on the lookout for him so we can try and catch him before he tries anything again." Viv whimpered as she pushed herself closer into my side. I quickly stroked her hair, trying to reassure her that nothing was going to happen to her again.

"Thanks, Willem. Thank the others as well," I inquired. He nodded before closing the door quietly behind him. I pulled Vivian closer to me, whispering reassurances in her ear in the process. I knew that I had let him slip away this once, but the next time I saw him, it would be the last thing he'll ever do. I'll make sure of it.