Chapter 1


"C'mon this way!"

"Wait up Trish!" Grant called from behind.

"Hurry up Grant! You and Laura are falling behind!" Josh yelled back at them. He never seemed to get tired. At least as far as anyone could tell. I chuckled and kept running.

"We're almost there!" I yelled back. I saw it just ahead, a clearing in the trees. I had found the small island almost a week before. No one had ever bothered exploring it because of its small size. It was a square mile at most. But I had found that it was really a nice place. It had a small freshwater pond, that was uncommonly warm, and cave that I hadn't bothered to go into yet. We emerged from the trees in the clearing.

"Hey you were right Trish. This is a cool island." Lori said as she took in the view.

"Yeah," I said, "wanna go swimmin?"

"What's in that cave?" Grant pondered aloud.

"I don't know I didn't bother to check it out." I replied.

"Well let's go see then!" Josh hollered and ran over to the cave.

"Josh! Wait up!" Lori called after him and raced to catch up.

"Might as well go." I said, shrugging at Grant and Laura. The three of us hurried after Josh and Lori.

From the outside, the cave looked dull and uninteresing. It seemed downright plain. But inside it was dimly lit by a stone embedded in the floor. It glowed an eery yet beautiful purple light.

"Wow! What is it?" Laura asked.

"Who knows." I replied.

"Think you can pry it out Josh?" Lori asked, staring at the glittering crystal.

"Uh Yeah, let me see here." He grabbed hold of one end of the stone and pried up on it until it sprung free. It broke into several glowing peices as it was dislodged from the ground.

"Well now there's enough to share!" I laughed stating the obvious. We all huddled around the chunks of glowing purple stone and rooted through them. I found a piece that looked interesting and claimed it for my own. That afternoon when we came home for lunch, Lori drilled a hole in each peice of crystal and strung a leather necklace strap through each one. All five of us had one. We looked like some sort of club. We spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon, after we made the necklaces, swimming at the island pond. Around dusk we all got out and dried off.

"You guys all want to meet back here tomorrow morning?" I asked. Everyone agreed. I went straight home to play with my Raichu some before bed. She must've missed me all day, because she tackled me the moment I came in the door. My mom came to see who it was.

"Hi Mom!" I ran over and gave her a big hug.

"Hi honey, have a good day off?"

"Oh yeah!"

"What's that?" She asked, pointing to my new crystal necklace.

"Oh I dunno, we found a pretty rock and Lori made us a bunch of necklaces from it."

"Oh, So I take it you're enjoying summer vacation?" We both laughed at this. School this last semester had been hard and I definitely needed a few months off. Summer Break was finally here, and I was definitely enjoying it.

"You should take your Raichu with you tomorrow, it was lonely at home all day. It kept wanting to play with me, but I had to go to my club meeting."

"Sure, would you like that Raichi?"

"Rai RAI!" She shouted and jumped up into my arms.

"Where's dad?"

"He's off on a business trip. He got called away suddenly. He said he'd be back in a few days."

"Oh, I was wondering where the car went. I'm tired, I'm going to go on ahead to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

"Okay, good night."

"Come on Raichi. It's bed time." Raichi raced up the stairs at my feet. I changed into some night clothes and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. My arm itched badly. I wondered if I had gotten into some poison ivy. I made a mental note to watch out for tomorrow then went to bed. I fell asleep with Raichi cuddled up against my leg.

I woke up the next morning feeling very VERY hot. I was under all the covers and at first thought that it had just gotten more humid and hotter during the night. But something felt wrong. My joints felt strangely. I could here my mom downstairs cooking breakfast and humming an old song. I looked and saw that my door was closed. How could I hear her humming from upstairs? Then I noticed the odd feeling in my ear. I reached a hand up to feel it, but never got there. My hand was covered in dark brown fur. My forearm was a golden orange color. I freaked. Totally. I raced into my bathroom and looked in the mirror. My face was covered in golden orange fur. My nose protruded out into a short muzzle that ended in a black dot. Both my cheeks bore small yellow dots. I also saw why my ears felt strange. They were mounted higher on my head and poked through my long brown hair. They were long and brown with a curled tip on the ends. Looking at my muzzle I wondered if I could even speak. Something brushed against my foot. I looked down and saw a wiry black tail that ended in a yellow thunderbolt shape. The tail hung out from my pant leg and was now draped across my furry and now longer feet. I soon learned the answer to my question about talking.

"Aiiyeee!" I screamed.

"Trisha are you okay?"

"Yes!!!" I answered WAY too quickly.

"Are you sure?"

I calmed down a moment before answering.

"Yes, I'm fine."

"What's wrong?"

"I'll take care of it." I insisted. She gave up and returned to her humming. I looked at my ears again in the mirror. No wonder I could hear her. I changed into a loose white t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. My fur still made me hot in my street clothes, but it wasn't near as bad as it was in my night clothes. I quietly drew Raichi into her pokeball and grabbed my pack of travel gear and my swim suit, and made my way downstairs, which was fairly easy with my surprisingly reduced weight and furry padded feet.

"I'll be back later mom, I've got to meet my friends. I'm going to be late!"

"Just a second I've got a list of groceries for you to pick up this afternoon."

"That's okay I'll come home for lunch and get the list then. Maybe you'll think of something to add to it!"

"No just take it now in case you go over that way!" I could hear her coming, walking on the carpeted floor. Man those ears were good!

"I've got to go! I'll be back in a couple of hours!" I said flinging the door open. I could hear her coming around the corner into the entry hall. I dashed out the door and closed it behind me. My mom must've just come in in time to see my tail follow me out the door.

"Well at least she took her Raichu with her." She said and dropped the pad of paper on the small counter by the front door. I sighed in relief and hurried towards the island, traveling only in cover, trying to keep from being seen.


Like Trish I woke up feeling hot, but it didn't really bother me. I felt like an enormous amount of energy was coursing through my body. I didn't realize what had happened until our family pet, a Growlithe, came into the room. He sat beside my bed for a moment. Then something caught his attention, a white pendulum swaying back and forth in front of him.


"Huh? What is Growli-IIIIIIII! Ow!" I sprang up in bed and was shocked to bash my head on the ceiling. I floated back down slowly and landed softly on two huge padded white furry feet.

"Whaaa?" I said, I was shocked at first, but then became very curious. I walked silently to the mirror, amazed at how much the pads on my feet silenced my footfalls. I looked in the mirror and saw two playful shining eyes looking back at me. I looked like a Mew. I even had two catlike ears poking through my short brown hair. My ears were covered in white fur. The same white fur that covered my entire body.

"Boy is everyone else going to be surprised." I said, rubbing my short muzzle with my fur covered hands. I couldn't even see my mouth when it was closed. I grabbed a pair of shorts changed into them. They were very uncomfortable until I used a pocket knife to cut a small hole in them. I threaded my incredibly long thin white tail through and stared at it for a minute or so thinking. Having a tail was such a weird feeling. It actually felt kind of cool. It swayed around gently of its own accord, but only when I wasn't thinking about moving it or not moving it. It was very thin, but thickened noticebly at the end, probably Mews could use it as a clublike whip. I scolded Growlithe for biting my tail. He was very surprised when I spoke to him. I guess he thought I really was a Mew. After a moment I decided that I did sort of feel like one. I opened up the window wide and let the hot summer air flood in. I immediately wished my fur weren't quite so thick. I looked down and noticed I was still wearing my crystal necklace. The bright purple shard was almost invisible in the thicker fuzzy patch of fur on my chest. Feeling hot, yet full of energy I climbed out onto the roof and jumped to the ground. My low weight and stronger feet cushioned my impact with the ground. I hardly felt anything. Clad only in a pear of shorts I made my way swiftly and silently to the island, trying not to be seen by anyone. I hoped my friends could help me figure out how to break it to my parents. Hopefully they would just think that I had left before they woke up. I was in for a bit of a surprise.


I showed up at the island expecting to surprise everyone. When I got there, I saw someone sitting on a large boulder by the small pond. She was wearing a loose white t-shirt and a pair of shorts. She was covered in golden orange fur. She surprised me by saying hello, before she had even seen me. She whipped around and opened her mouth to say something.

"Hi I uhh.. Laura?"

"Trish? Is that you?!" I was incredulous. She looked just like a Raichu! only humanish.

"Yep it's me. I'm not sure how this happened, but I woke up and I was like this." I said motioning down at myself. Looking at myself I felt that initial creepy feeling I had first felt when I woke up and found myself part pokemon. I could tell Trisha was feeling it too. Every time that whip tail of hers brushed her leg she seemed to jump. I walked over to the pond and sat down beside her. Every once in a while her Raichu tail would whap up against my leg and surprise her more than it did me. She seemed embearassed, but I made sure she didn't get upset over it. After all, I was getting used to being part pokemon too. I wasn't exactly like her though. Every aspect of her was a blend of Raichu and human, but my new body was a bit splochier. My head arms and torso and legs remained totally human, but I had a thick orange tail and two big orangeish Dragonite wings. Josh showed up a few minutes after I did. Trisha's incredible hearing picked him up long before I did. She snickered notably.

"What?" I asked.

"He just murmered that 'no one is going to believe this.'" She replied. She lost track of him when he left the weeds. His padded feet let him move about very stealthily. He arrived and was surprised to see he wasn't the only one who had changed a little overnight. He looked really cute now. His chest was kind of puffed out since it was covered with white fur. He definitely made a cute Mew morph. Lori trailed in a few minutes later. She was covered from head to toe in dark purple fur. She was an Espeon for sure. The jewel in her forehead gave it away instantly, that and her double tail that is...

"How did this happen?" Lori asked. Trish and I just looked at her and shrugged.

"I think I know." Josh said. He produced a bright purple jewel from his fur. "I think these did it. I snuck off without letting my parents see me, what about you guys?"

Lori and I nodded instantly. I had snuck out while my mom was in the kitchen. My dad was at work.

"Trish, what about you?" he asked.

"I think she only saw my tail as I went out the door. She mumbled something about me at least taking Raichi with me today."

"Good, where's Grant?"

Everyone shrugged.

"Wait, isn't that his tent?" Trish said pointing at a blue tent that was partially hidden by a boulder.

"Yeah it is," I confirmed, "I wonder if he's still asleep."

"He is." Trish said confidently.

"How do you..." Lori started to ask. Trish just turned to look at her and twitched her ears. She grinned mischeviously, showing off her sharp white teeth. The four of us approached the tent quietly. Josh unzipped the tent flap and stepped in. I followed him in. Grant was sound asleep in his sleeping bag. All that I could see of him was human, but there was a huge bulge in the lower part of his sleeping bag. We decided that it would less of a shock for him if we let him wake up and figure it out for himself, then to be woken up by three furry people and a girl with wings and a tail. Josh zipped the tent closed again and the four of us sat at the edge of the pond talking about what had happened to us all.


I woke up to voices outside of my tent. The air conditioner at ny house was broken when I got home, so my mom suggested that I sleep in my tent or at a friend's house. So I drug my tent down to the island and spent the night there. I felt kinda warm when I woke up. I was very comfortable and didn't really want to get up, but I heard my friends voices outside and they all sounded very excited. I sat up and felt a sharp pain. There was a large lump in my sleeping bag. Did something get in my tent in the middle of the night? My sleeping bag was torn in several places. There was something sticking out of a rip in the seam. I looked closely at it and identified it as a tail, it twitched up and down indicating that the creature was awake. My mind raced for a quick and safe was out. If I hit its tail hard enough, it my freeze up long enough for me to get out of my bag and trap it inside. Yes, that would work. Tensely I grabbed a heavy flashlight, raised it high above my head and...


"Isn't Grant every gonna wake up?" I wondered aloud, flicking my tail up and down irritably. Suddenly there was a loud rustling sound, then...


End Chapter

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