"Hey, Wildcat! Wake up!" Gabriella said. "The alarm went off; we have to get ready for college!"

It was two months into the college year, the end of October to be exact. Troy and Gabriella had started renting

an apartment in between their colleges so they would be able to live together. Especially with their wedding

coming up the end of December, they would want to have a house to live in.

"Five more minutes, Gabby," Troy groaned. He hated getting up in the mornings.

"Come on, Wildcat," Gabriella said. "I have to get up, too and I can't with you holding me this close to you."

"You don't want me to hug you anymore, Gabs?" Troy asked.

"I do," Gabriella said, snuggling against him. "Oh, no, I'm getting too comfy now. This is why you need to get

up! If you don't, then it makes me want to stay in bed with you."

"I don't feel good," Troy said.

"What's wrong?" asked Gabriella affectionately, kissing his cheek and brushing the bangs out of his face so she

could see if his forehead felt warm by gently kissing it. "It doesn't feel like you're sick."

"I'm tired."

"If that's all then you need to get up."

"I don't want to. I'm too tired."

"Wildcat, what's wrong? Is college too hard?" asked Gabriella, gently placing her head on his chest and looking

up into his eyes.

"It's just that for this play we're doing the directors want me to kiss this girl, and I don't want to. I wish it was

you. I can't let myself kiss anyone else. Other girls' lips are disgusting."

"Troy, do you want me to write a note that says that your fiancé doesn't want you to kiss strange girls?" she


"Really?" asked Troy.

"Do you think I want my lips somewhere disgusting lips were?" she asked.

"No," Troy said.

"Alright then. I'll write a note."

"Thanks baby girl."

"You're welcome." Gabriella sat up, grabbed a piece of paper from the end table next to their bed and wrote:

This is Troy Bolton's fiancé Gabriella Montez. I would not be happy if Troy kissed another girl and neither

would he because we love each other and we want to keep our lips to ourselves. There is no reason why Troy

should have to kiss strangers.

Gabriella Montez

"Here," Gabriella said, handing the note to Troy.

"Thanks," Troy said, kissing her cheek affectionately. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

Troy and Gabriella both got ready, kissed each other good-bye, then got into their cars. Troy had bought

Gabriella her own car so she would be able to drive to college.


That evening, Troy and Gabriella were both sitting down on their sofa cuddling. "So, how was college today?

Did they say you didn't have to kiss that girl?" asked Gabriella.

"Yes, I got out of it," Troy said. "Though the directors were surprised that I'm gonna be nineteen in a week and

I'm already getting married in December."

"It's not that surprising," Gabriella said.

"I know, but these are people who haven't seen us date and watch how we started to look at each other like we

were in love."

"That's true," Gabriella said. "But I can believe that we are engaged."

"Yeah, so can I. Are you excited to marry me?"

Gabriella hugged him and replied, "Yes."

Troy hugged her back. "Love you, too."

"So, do you like basketball or theater better?"

"Theater-but only when I'm not asked to kiss strange girls."

"Is the girl nice?"

"She's kind of bratty. Reminds me of Tiara. Her name's Nicole Admund. She has a crush on me."

"I thought we moved away from this problem."

"I guess we didn't."

"Well I guess it's not your fault you're adorable."

"Aw, you think I'm adorable, Gabby?"

"Yes," Gabriella said.

"You're adorabler," Troy said.

"I don't think that's a word," Gabriella said.

"It is now."

"I wonder if Tiara's still with Jimmy."

"I hope so. The last thing we need is another girl coming here and trying to date you. Then next thing you

know, Sharpay and Zeke break up and Sharpay likes you again. Then you'll have a fan club."

"I don't want a fan club," Troy said.

"Do you want me?"

"Yes." Troy pulled her close to him.

Gabriella smiled. "Are you excited to marry me?"

"Yes," Troy said, kissing her nose. "I love you more than anything."

Gabriella snuggled into him. "I remember when we didn't want to ever graduate high school. But now I see that

there's better things that come when you're finished."

"I remember, too. I remember that time sitting in my tree house talking during the championship party."


Troy and Gabriella were sitting down in Troy's tree house during the party. "I wish everything would just slow

down to a stop," Gabriella said, resting her head on Troy's shoulder and closing her brown eyes. She was tired

from watching the basketball game and then being at the party for a while.

Troy looked at his tired girlfriend and began singing:

Can you imagine

What would happen

If we could have any dream

I wish this moment

Was ours to own it

And that it would never leave

Gabriella lifted her head off Troy's shoulder and started singing with him:

Then I would thank that star

That made our wish come true

Then they both sang:

Cuz he knows that where we are

Is where I should be too

Right here Right now

I'm looking at you

And my heart loves the view

Cuz you mean everything

Right here

I'll promise you somehow

That tomorrow can wait

For some other day to be

But right now

There's you and me

If this was forever

What could be better

We already proved it was

But in 2123

Hours abandon the universe

Gonna make you everything

In our whole world change

And you know that where we are

Will never be the same

Right here Right now

I'm looking at you

And my heart loves the view

Cuz you mean everything

Right here

I'll promise you somehow

That tomorrow can wait

For some other day to be

But right now

There's you and me

Oh we know it's coming

And it's coming fast

So let's make this second last

Make it last

Right here Right now

I'm looking at you

And my heart loves the view

Cuz you mean everything

Right here

I'll promise you somehow

That tomorrow can wait

For some other day to be

But right now

There's you and me

Right here

I'll promise you somehow

That tomorrow can wait

For some other day to be

But right now

There's you and me.

Gabriella stood in front of Troy as he wrapped his arms around her and bent down to gently kiss her


Flashback over

"Yeah, I remember that so clearly," Gabriella said, looking at Troy.

"Me, too. And then I remember that you decided you wanted to play with my toy robot from when I

was little." Troy tapped her nose gently.

"I wanted to have fun," Gabriella said. "And make it feel like kindergarten."

"Does it feel like kindergarten now?"

"No. I'm in love. I feel like I'm my age, though some people think we're too young to get married."

"I think it's okay. I mean, we basically are. We live together now."

"Yeah, but we don't have a license or anything."

"That reminds me; we've gotta get one of those," Troy said. "Before our wedding."

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Gabby."

Then they kissed. Troy gently gave Gabriella love-bites and Gabriella affectionately licked Troy's lips.

"That feels so good," Troy said as best he could as he felt Gabriella's tongue on his lips.

Gabriella kept doing it. Troy gave her one last love bite before they pulled away into an affectionate

embrace, not saying anything until about ten minutes later.

"Troy, what time is it?" Gabriella asked.

Troy looked at the clock. "Nine-thirty. Are you tired?"

"A little," Gabriella said.

"How about we start getting ready for bed," Troy suggested. "Anyway, we have college tomorrow."

"Okay." Gabriella reluctantly squirmed out of Troy's arms.

"Don't you want me to hold you?" asked Troy.

Gabriella instantly threw herself back in his arms and let him lift her up so her head was resting on his

shoulder. "Am I heavy, Wildcat?"

"No, baby girl," Troy said. "You're really light."

"You're strong," Gabriella said.

"And I'm glad I am. I like holding you so much."

"I like being held," Gabriella said, smiling and closing her eyes.

Troy gently stroked her dark hair and pressed a few kisses onto her cheeks. "I love you so much. I

don't think I'd be happier with anyone else in the world."

"Why did you pick me when you had the choice of thousands of girls from all over the world?"

"Because you're special. And when we met, I knew you were right for me."

"We met in a way that it would have been easy for us not to even meet. It was a really slim chance that

we were both picked to sing karaoke."

"I know. And I didn't even want to go on that vacation with my parents."

"I didn't want to go, either. Then I didn't want to switch schools, but I did, and I'm happy."

"So am I." Troy began walking into their bedroom.

"What happened if I didn't transfer to East High?"

"Gabby, you gave me your phone number. I would've found out where you lived and walked all the

way there just to see you again."


"Hey, it's not every day nerds are adorable affectionate girls."

"Troy, I am not a nerd."

"You were then. Not now."

"I was weird then."

"No you weren't. We're just 'us' now. It isn't weird. It just means it isn't Gabriella the Scholastic

Decathlon girl and Troy the Wildcats champion anymore. It's just us now. Just Gabriella and Troy.

Forever." Troy put Gabriella down on their bed and kissed her cheek. "Now do you want to use the bath-

room first to brush your teeth or can I?"

"We can both use it," Gabriella said.

"Okay," Troy agreed.

Gabriella looked at Troy with pleading eyes and held out her arms.

"What do you want, honey?" Troy asked.

"Can you hold me?" Gabriella asked.

Troy lifted her up again and sat her on his lap. "Gabby, we can't have any kids."


"Because I have to take care of you."

"Troy, after we're married I would like to have some little Wildcats. We'll be moving back to New

Mexico, so they will definitly be Wildcats."

"Will they be your Wildcats?"

"Troy, you know no one could ever replace you. You'll always be my most precious Wildcat."

"Thanks, Gabby."

Troy stood up still holding Gabriella. He walked into the bathroom, put her down gently, and started

brushing his teeth. Gabriella did the same as him, then they finished getting ready for bed and snuggled

up under their warm covers and talked again.

"Troy, if we ever have a boy, I'm going to be name him after you."

"And if we ever have a girl, then she'll be named after you."

"And if we don't have any kids, then we'll have each other."

"Of course, my love," Troy said, reaching over to turn out the light and wrapping Gabriella up in his

arms. "And I'll be happy to be your Wildcat until I die."

"Troy, even after we die, you'll still be my Wildcat. You'll be my Wildcat forever."

"I love you."

"Love you, too," Gabriella said.

They pressed their lips together and passionately kissed. "Goodnight," Troy said, pulling Gabriella

closer to his side.

"Goodnight," Gabriella said, snuggling against him and closing her eyes.

Then Troy closed his eyes and pulled Gabriella even closer. Gabriella smiled and snuggled further into

him. The nights were really cold now that it was going to be winter in a couple months, so every night

Troy and Gabriella would snuggle as close as they could. It saved them money because they used each

other to keep warm more than the heaters in their house. They liked being clingy anyway, so it was a way

they showed their deep affection for each other, too. As they slowly drifted off to sleep, they smiled at

the thought of getting married soon and having little Wildcats. They were so happy they went to that

party, so happy that Gabriella had started going to East High, and so happy they loved each other.


While Troy and Gabriella slept soundly and comfortably, back in New Mexico, Tiara and Jimmy were

out on a date. They had managed to stay a boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as they did and they were

both happy about it. Tiara had become nicer and Jimmy had become less obsessed with basketball and

all that stuff. But now Troy and Gabriella had a different problem. Nicole Admund. St her house, Nicole

was thinking of a way to make sure Troy had to kiss her in the play. No matter what it took. She liked

Troy and she wanted him to herself. When she had found out he had a fiancé, she was horrified.


Nicole was sitting in a chair waiting for everyone else to come into the room. Troy came in and

handed one of the directors Gabriella's note. The director read it out loud:

This is Troy Bolton's fiancé Gabriella Montez. I would not be happy if Troy kissed another girl and neither

would he because we love each other and we want to keep our lips to ourselves. There is no reason why Troy

should have to kiss strangers.

Gabriella Montez

"Troy, you don't have to kiss Nicole if you don't want to. But I am surprised you are engaged at such a young

age," the director said as he finished reading the note.

"Yeah, I'm marrying my high school girlfriend. We love each other," Troy said.

Meanwhile, Nicole's mouth had opened wide in shock. Her blue eyes grew bigger and she stiffened up in her

chair. As Troy looked her way, she quickly tried to act natural by playing with her blonde highlighted shoulder-

length curly hair and tossing her bangs out of her face. When Troy sat behind her, she turned around and looked

at him with a flirty smile. "Hi Troy," she giggled.

"Uh, hi...." Troy said unenthusiastically.

"You're really cute."

Troy looked at her with a leave-me-alone-I'm-engaged-to-my-Gabby look and rolled his blue eyes. The class

then started, but that didn't stop Nicole from thinking of ways to get Troy.

Flashback over

"I'm gonna get Troy," she thought. "If it's the only thing I do at college."

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