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I dreamily looked at the mansion in front of me. It looked tiny from the window I was looking at, but the Smash Mansion was twice as big as any ordinary mansion. There lived the smashers, fighters from the Super Smash Bros tournament. That is where they are trained, where friends are made, where battles are fought, and money is earned, which was not my case at all... well, almost.

"Hey Lyn, are you going to stand in that window all day or you're coming with us to see today's battles?" I heard a high pitched voice coming from behind me.

I suddenly snapped back to reality and turned to see Kat and Ana standing there, slightly annoyed. I slightly waved at them. "Go ahead, I'll see it later."

"Okay, but you better hurry. You know that Master Hand doesn't like it when an assist trophy gets late for brawls." Kat said and with that, the two left.

I sighed and took one last look at the Smash Mansion. How I wished I was a smasher, and not an assist trophy. How I wished to show what I'm really capable of in a battle, and not just hit someone one time and disappear after that. It's not that being an assist trophy was a bad thing, it's… I can't even explain it very well. It's a sensation of honor and inferiority at the same time. Honor for being chosen out of many, but inferiority for not being good enough to become a real smasher.

We, the assist trophies, lived in a different mansion, not far away from the Smash Mansion. It was smaller, with a simpler garden, but that didn't bother me at all. What actually bothered me was the fact that we rarely could go the other mansion, the better one. For some reason, Master Hand wanted to avoid the contact between Smashers and Assist Trophies. I didn't really care about knowing the reason; I was only pissed off that I could only see Ike in the battlefield.

I headed to the fights board that was at the living room. The board showed us which battle and stage we would be directed to. I saw Kat and Ana high fiving each other, probably happy because they would have more than one fight that day. I also saw Knuckle Joe, Saki and Lakitu, calmly searching for their names in the list. I approached the list and passed my finger on the paper, searching my name.

"Lyn: Ike versus Peach. Stage: Final Destination"

I sighed. I didn't know if it was a sigh of frustration or relief. I would appear on Final Destination, a neutral stage. Neutral stages were my favorite ones, since they had nothing that could stop or screw your attack. On the other hand, there was the possibility of Peach summoning me and forcing me to attack Ike.

Saki noticed my situation and gave me a warm smile. He didn't have any Smasher friend, since he was the only character from his game in the tournament. But he understood what I was feeling.

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure Ike will summon you," he said, "Besides, even if Peach is the one to release you, I know that Ike won't take it personally. It's a brawl, right?"

I nodded, still a little annoyed. Master Hand always said that we had to be impartial, and help whoever manages to summon us. But sometimes it could be hard… I could KO Bowser or even Mario with no problem, they weren't important to me. Now Ike was. We came from the same series, we were like brother and sister. Killing him was the same as killing a brother.

Waluigi took a deep breath and entered in the bright, white room in front of us. Doing that, he would automatically be enclosed in a transparent capsule and be left in oblivion, until his time finally arrives and he be transported to the stage. One by one, my fellow assist trophies entered in the bright room. We usually called it the Void Room, and it was the only room that our mansion had that the better one didn't. Then it was my turn.

The sensation was that all that light decided to stick on me. I felt my body getting steady, soon I wouldn't be able to move. The few sounds around me were becoming silent and all I could see was pure white. I involuntarily closed my eyes. Yes, I was ready to fight.

If it passed seconds or hours since I was enclosed in the capsule I couldn't really tell. Time seems to don't exist when you were in this state. All of a sudden, I felt landing on the floor and afterwards, being raised by someone. I snapped my eyes open, my body becoming less steady. The capsule broke and everything seemed to whack me at the same time. The light, the colors, the loud sound of the battle! It was everything too much. This remembered me the first time I was released. Let's just say that I wasn't much of a help for poor Yoshi that day.

Fortunately, I was already used to this sensation, so I quickly jumped out of the base and softly landed on the battlefield. I took a brief look at my releaser. Thankfully, it was Ike!

"I'll handle this!" I said and got to one knee.

The whole stage suddenly became dark and I concentrated on my target. Peach seemed to shiver at my presence. So this scared cat became a smasher, while I was turned into an assist trophy? What did she have that makes her so excellent fighter? She was trembling in fear by a simple assist trophy. I felt jealous. No, more than that, I felt humiliated! I hate feeling jealous, it's a horrible thing. It makes you feel dirty and selfish. But seeing that little princess, whose only weapons were a tennis racket, a golf cub, a frying pan and vegetables, had become a smasher, while I, who trained my whole life, became something lesser… I just couldn't stand it! I wanted to shout, fight her until she couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to cry and stab whoever did that to us. Nonetheless, I hided my emotions and vanished.


"Taste my blade!" I yelled as I slashed her with my sword a little harder than necessary, but Peach probably wouldn't notice that it was on purpose.

Peach was sent flying off stage. Since it was her last life, Ike "won" the battle. I gave a quick nod to him and got transported back to the Assist Mansion. Soon Ike would be congratulated by his friends, and all the credits for the win would be given to him. He would modestly deny it, saying that without me, that wouldn't be possible. Of course, nobody would give a flying flip to what he said, and would congratulate him even more. It was always like this.

I went to the second floor, occasionally greeting one person or another and giving a fake smile. Finally, I reached my room. After locking the door, I threw myself in my light-blue bed, with my face turn to the pillow. I didn't want anyone to hear my sobs, it was just plain ridiculous someone cry for the motive I was crying. There were times I wanted to quit that stupid tournament, but something inside me said I should continue. I wanted to see Ike again, even if it was only on the battlefield. Kat and Ana, even tough they were ninjas and with an intelligence above the average, needed someone to look after, they were only children after all. And maybe, just maybe, I could prove myself for Master Hand and become a smasher.

Until there, I would have to get used with being just an Assist Trophy.

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