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"Hey, Stafy! Want to play something after today's brawls?" Jill asked me when we were checking our battles in the Fight's list.

"Okay, what?" I asked, not taking my eyes from the list. Since I was very small, I had to check the list on the top of the head of someone, which this time was Jill. She had also a hard time checking, so I was doing the job of looking for both of us.

"I don't know. How about asking Jeff if we can play with his fireworks?", she asked.

"That sounds a little dangerous…" I said and then spotted our names, "Found it. You'll have to appear in New Pork City."

She sighed. "Man, I hate all of those platforms. I never manage to hit someone if the person jumps to another platform. What about you?"

"Big Blue…" I sighed. Just like Jill, I hated platforms, especially the ones that moved. We were both Assist Trophies that couldn't jump when performing our attacks, so people often avoided our attacks, which made me feel frustrated. I felt like I could do better than just spinning, but Master Hand said that that was enough.

I'm not implying that I didn't like being an Assist Trophy. I actually enjoyed being one. To be sincere, I couldn't imagine myself in a real brawl, with all those huge people against me. But thinking about it, that Squirtle guy was about the same height as me and was doing very well… or he wasn't? Wait, what I was talking about again? Oh, yes! The Assist Trophy thing. Sure sometimes I fantasized with me being a smasher and winning the tournaments like the other Assist Trophies did, but I preferred being what I was at that moment. I had friends, I helped people and had a cons-… consi-… ah, good life in the Assist Mansion, so that was enough.

"Have you decided what we will play?" Jill asked when I jumped off of her head.


My only complain was that we didn't have much fun there. My friends and I always tried to find something to do, but sometimes we ran out of ideas. Master Hand was the responsible for the fun stuff, he was the Tournament host; however, he was more concerned with the Smash Mansion and the fights than with us. At least, that's what I and the other people there thought.

Our only video game was with technical problems, television was that boring for us and I lost the count of how many times we played those board games. We needed something different.

"I say we should play with Jeff's fireworks!" Jill insisted.

"Master Hand will be angry if something bad happens."

"Since when he cares about us?" she asked sarcastically.

"Who cares about who?" we heard a voice coming from behind us.

We turned around and saw Saki walking towards us, his weapon ready for another day of "brawl".

"Oh, we're talking about Master Hand.", Jill answered.

"Saki, if you were bored, what would you do to get rid of it?" I asked.

He frowned a little. Did I say something wrong? He then sighed.

"I wish I knew, since I'm also bored. Hell, this place is becoming more awful everyday that passes!", he said and walked past us, "But why don't you think about this later? The brawls will start soon, you better hurry."

My mind was on the verge of going nuts. All that time, which seemed like an eternity, that I passed in the Void Room I've been trying to think on something good to do. Nothing, nothing came. Suddenly, I felt the trophy that I was stuck in fall on one of the platforms. Someone caught it and raised it in the air. The trophy broke and I jumped off of the base, trying my best to smile and keep my balance as I did a spin attack on Lucario. It was a little hard to do it since I was spaced out at that moment.

Suddenly, Lucario jumped out of my spin and attacked me with his aura.

"Oww…", I whined before falling out of the platform. Why these smashers needed to be so mean? They always hit me. I was doing my job, he didn't need to do that!

All of a sudden an idea came to my mind. Maybe the attack helped me a little. A huge smile crossed my face as I disappeared in a beam of light.

It took me about three hours to reunite everyone from our group in my bedroom. I stood over my bed and looked at each one of them. They were Jill, Jeff, Kat, Ana, Knuckle Joe and Lakitu. I quickly explained them my awesome plan that would not only make us have fun, like it would do the same to the other people in the mansion.

"Are you insane?" Kat asked after I told everyone my plan.

"Why not? What's better to cheer everyone up than a party?" I replied.

"Nothing, except that Master Hand will get pissed off with us!" Jeff said, "And you know…"

"The hell he's killing us. We NEED some fun, though." Jill said in my defense.

"I agree. But how are we going to do this? I mean, party costs money, and we would have to spend the whole day in Smashville to buy the preparatives." Ana said.

The room was filled with "hums…" and frowns. Yeah, that was a problem. We were always short of money. You see, we got some money for our services as Assist Trophies, but the amount was always so short, and getting a job was out of question. We couldn't pay for a party even if we used all the coins we had.

"We'll have to improvise then. We could use things we already have and try to figure it out how we can use them." Knuckle Joe sighed.

"Wait, I know what to do!" Lakitu suddenly spoke.

We all turned to him. Lakitu was a guy of few words, but when he spelt the beans, it was always worth listening to him.

"We all know how greedy Waluigi is, right?" We nodded, "I'm quite sure that he might have more money hidden with him. Maybe if we could…"

"Rob him?" Jill asked with an evil grin in her face.

"Borrow! We can pay him later." he said calmly.

After discussing all the stuff, we decided to divide the preparation of the party in tasks. Jill and I would try to get the money necessary to make the party, in other words, find a way to borrow Waluigi's money. Kat, Ana and Lakitu would go to Smashville to buy the necessary stuff once we got the money. Jeff and Knuckle Joe would make sure that nobody would suspect about our plans. We wanted to be a big surprise for everyone!

My friends said their goodbyes and left my room, leaving Jill and me to plan how we were going to borrow Waluigi's money.

"So, any ideas?", I asked.

Jill grinned. "Yep! You know when he will go to another fight?" she asked.

Thank goodness Waluigi's room was on the ground floor and was often with the window opened, or else, we wouldn't be able to do what we were doing.

"Agh! Hurry up Stafy! We don't know when he will be released!", Jill hissed.

"Calm down! Do you think that I'm a ninja, or something like that?", I said as I used Jill's head as a spring to reach the window.

"You have your walkie-talkie?"

I showed her the walkie-talkie and nodded. I jumped into the room and started searching for the money. Everything was so tidy! I thought Waluigi was the type of person who leaves the room in a total mess. Anyway, I searched for the money on the drawers, the closet (which may I add was the only messed thing), under his bed and even in the in-room bathroom. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the money. Where could he have hidden it?

"Stafy! Stafy, why are you taking so long?" Jill asked worried.

"It's hard, okay? He really knows how to hide…"

"Is there a painting or something like that? Usually, when a person wants to hide something of value they hide behind this kind of stuff. I know it's overdone but… oh, crap! Stafy, hide! He's coming!" she shouted.

"Wait, where are you?"

"It doesn't really matter now! Hide!"

Oddly, the first reaction you have when someone who shouldn't see you in a certain place comes, you usually hide in the most obvious place. And that's what I did. I hid under his bed. I heard the door being unlocked and Waluigi's footsteps.

"Now, let's see how my precious money is doing today." he said.

Wow, what were the chances? I cautiously put my face out of the bed and saw him taking out of the wall a small, blurred painting. A hole was revealed and in this hole was a safe-deposit box. Jill was right, it was overdone.

"Everything here," he said as he shut the safe-deposit box, "Maybe I'll spend it some day, I don't know…"

Waluigi left and I finally could get out. I went to the painting and looked up. Dang, how would I reach it? How I wished Jill was there…

A light bulb appeared in head. "Yeah, it may work!" I said to myself. I got the only chair available in the room and pulled with all my strength to near the painting. On my way, I felt easier to pull the chair for some reason. After that, I climbed it and took out the painting. There was a code thingy there. Shoot! How was I supposed to know the code?

"It is 9-2-4, Stafy."

"Ah, thanks Waluigi!" I prepared to put the code when I suddenly realized who was by my side, "Wait, Waluigi?! What are you doing here?!"

"That's what I would like to know!" he said with an expression that said "Explain everything, twerp!".

"I-I… well, the window was open a-and…" I stammered.

I couldn't find a good excuse. I needed to be a godly supreme liar to give a good excuse, which wasn't my case.

"Oh, okay! You got me! I was planning on borrowing your money," I said, some tears forming in the corner of my eyes, "But it was for a good reason! I swear! It was for a good reason-"

"Calm down, and explain everything."

I breathed deeply and organized my mind. I told him all about our plan of making a party, and how we couldn't pay for it with the money we had.

"…and Lakitu said that you might have the money necessary for the party. I know that we should have asked you, but we were afraid of you saying "no". Sorry…" I finished.

Waluigi put a hand on his chin and looked at the safe-deposit box. "You are right, I would have said 'no'."

I feel my heart sink. Our party would have to be cancelled, or done way later.

"But, I do agree that it's incredibly boring in this hell lately," he said with his unusual smile, "Alright, I'll lend the money."

I pumped my tiny fist in the air. Yes! Our party was saved!

"But," he interrupted my celebration, "You'll have to pay me later. I f you don't have the money, you'll have to do everything I ask for the next 1 month. Deal?"

"Deal!" I shook hands with him, "Just don't let everyone know that I let you know, please?"

"Whatever. You better do this party worth my money." He said and took his bag of money out.

"By the way, why did you leave and return Waluigi?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot that I have to get my tennis racquet for the next brawl" he said and got his racquet that was on his bed, "I better go now, or Master Hand will eat my soul for getting late!"

"I thought your brawls were…"

"You thought wrong. That's why you got caught." He sneered and left

I got the bag of money and left as well. Jill came out from behind of a vase that was on the corridor. "Did he get you?" she asked.

"Yup. But he decided to lend his money."

"Phew," she sighed, "Who knew he could do a good deed on his life."

"But we'll need to do services for him for the next month."

"CRAP!" she shouted.

If that was torture for Jill, for me it wasn't at all. We had the money, we could make the party. I just wanted the Assist Trophies to smile, and forget a little about the Assist Trophy versus Smasher issue. I wanted to smile and laugh too.

Maybe Master Hand and even the Smashers couldn't care a lot about us, but it was okay. We didn't need them, we had each other.

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