Chapter Nine

For my beta Angels of Twilight

She was beyond livid. The deep feeling of frustration, anger, and disappointment were all rolled up in one, and it was just too great to bear. All she could do was watch the entire pack of wolves and vampires protest against her as if it were all her fault. And maybe it was. It was her brother who was causing this. It was her long-term presence that attracted him. And it was her fault that faeries were causing an uproar. As if she wanted to bring this upon them…

"Stop," Angela said but no one seemed to hear her above the noise. She closed her eyes and took a breath. Placing her feet forward she made her way to the door. The cool feel of the handle contrasted against the tangible heat that was residing in the sitting room. The door opened and a rush of cold air flushed Angela's face. It was cool and relaxing and with just one gust memories came haunting back. Perhaps that is why she chose Forks; the cool air was like that of winter.

"We can get chaotic, sorry about that," said Rosalie.

"Yes, I noticed that very quickly," said Angela.

"And Sam is wrong. So is Edward. And Jasper for that matter," said Rosalie.

"No, they have a point. If I had never followed Keenan, none of this would have happened. I would have not disappeared, and my brother would have never done this," Angela replied bitterly.

"Do you regret it? Not Keenan, but the fact that you chose the staff and not a groupie," asked Rosalie.

"No. Never. I don't think I could ever be a Summer Girl. I would always be waiting on Keenan for all of eternity, depending on his charming smiles to make my days and always wanting nothing more than to be near him. It would be pure torture," said Angela.

"Did the separation help? Leaving the Court, did that make it easier?" said Rosalie.

"Are you thinking of leaving the Cullens?" Angela asked.

"No," Rosalie said slowly. "After I found Emmett, it made the burden of immortality less painful. It will always be there, and I would leave in Emmett in a heartbeat if that meant I could be human, but he does make me happier."

"So you found love. I suppose that would make it less of a punishment. And Emmett was turned after you became a vampire, so it would make it easier. He wouldn't have as much baggage," mused Angela.

"They wanted me for Edward, did you know that? When they turned me, they hoped Edward and I would fill each others' void. But it didn't because I could not love him," said Rosalie.

"My brother and I used to walk to school together," Angela began suddenly, "Everyday we would walk across a little bridge that went over a small creek. He used to hold my hands when we were smaller so I wouldn't fall in."

"When I met Keenan, he told me to stay away. Said something about him was different and would only bring trouble but I didn't listen. I told myself he was just jealous and that he knew nothing about the matters of the heart, but I was wrong. In fact, he knew even more than me. He sacrificed his will so he could find me."

Hot tears were pooling in her eyes, and the dam that had been holding back her anguish finally broke. Her brother was alive, and there was nothing she could do to save him.

"He loved me and all I did was steal his will, his very essence of humanity," Angela chocked off as she tried in vain to reel back in control. The tears continued to flow, and Angela could do nothing but let them fall. She knew that, just a few walls over, there was a room full of people with sharp senses that could probably hear her bawling, but at this point Angela no longer cared. All she knew was that she felt like a lost little girl, and all she wanted was a grown up to come and make it all better.

Rosalie watched as this young woman cried her heart out. She didn't need to have Jasper's powers to know that the depth of those tears ran deep. She herself knew what it was like to be ripped away from her life, but she had found Emmett and Nessie. But Angela still had nobody to walk her though the pain. Rosalie took Angela in her arms, practically dragging her away from the house. She knew Leah was out here too, and if anyone could relate to this anguish, it was her.

"Leah, I know you're out there," shouted Rosalie. She knew Leah didn't listen to anyone but Jake, but hopefully the presence of Angela would be enough to bring her out.

"So you brought the infamous Angela. You look a little weak to me," snipped Leah.

Angela angrily wiped away her tears, replying, "I could say the same about the vampires, but that doesn't stop them from being as hard as a mountain."

"Fine, you got me there. Anyone that looks like they are constantly constipated would look weak. But that still doesn't explain why you were crying."

"We found the one that is causing the problems," Rosalie said quietly.

"Then why are you crying?" Leah said incredulously, "Was he your lover or something?"

"My brother. It's my brother who is causing this mess," said Angela.

"Oh…okay then, that makes sense. Wait! They're making you fight your brother!" said Leah.

"He's not the same person. He is being controlled by a higher power. I know he is no longer the same person, but I just can't kill him," said Angela.

"Then you shouldn't. It would be like the Pack attacking one of their own, or the Cullens killing off Nessie or Bella for accidentally losing control. How can they expect you to kill your own blood?" Leah said angrily.

"But we need to stop the attacks," countered Angela, "If my brother is the cause, then it is my responsibility to stop him."

"But stop does not mean kill. Maybe there is a way to save him," said Rosalie.

"But his will is consumed by the Court. He is the Will of the Court now. To save him, I would have to destroy the court. And destroying the Court would mean the death of the fey. I can't save him without condemning my own kind," said Angela angrily.

"Maybe we can talk to someone else? Another faerie that can help you?" inquired Rosalie.

"Maybe one of the older Winter girls can help? I know you said that you were one of the many, so maybe an older girl would know something?" suggested Leah.

"None have ties with the Court. It would be a goose chase…"

"It sounds like you have an idea," said Leah.

"Well, there is one former Winter girl that has ties to the Court. In fact, she is part of it," Angela said slowly as she took in the encouraging smiles of both Rosalie and Leah.


"You didn't have to come," said Angela, while Leah and Rosalie both flanked near her. They had proposed their idea to the two Packs and the Cullens, and after much debate, which consisted of mostly Leah and Rosalie glaring and yelling at anyone who disagreed, decided that searching for an alternative might be beneficial.

"Well, we wanted to. And besides, us bitter girls need to stick together. If you get something like your brother back, then it will be a bit like a shared victory," said Leah.

"But Seth is right here," said Angela.

"She meant a piece of your past. Your brother is part of the life you had before turning fey. Getting that back would be like a small piece of heaven," explained Rosalie.

"Well, hopefully it will end in victory and not in tragedy," Angela muttered bitterly.

The three girls trudged further into the forest. Angela proposed a real meeting and everyone immediately perked up before she said that the person she was asking to help was a difficult character. Truth was Angela didn't want to speak to Donia in public, but as she needed someone to come with her, and the two females seemed like an obvious choice. They hadn't talked too much, but the sense of camaraderie was still there, forged by the sufferings they endeared.

"So, is this girl like you?" asked Leah.

"A bit," Angela answered carefully, "She also turned into a Winter Girl. She still has ties to the Court, mostly because she now rules the Winter Court, but she was always better suited for the Court Life."

"Which has certainly made things easier," A voice called out.

"I wasn't sure you were going to make it," confessed Angela.

"I wasn't too sure myself. I only have a few minutes or else Keenan will catch wind of my position," said Donia.

"So you really are going to be no help at all," glared Leah.

"Just because I'm not to fight with you doesn't mean I can't be a valuable asset" Donia said waspishly.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I made something for you. When a human friend of the Summer Court's Queen was afflicted with a bonding tattoo, I made something that would help ease the pain she experienced. I made some more in the hope that you could use it on your brother," said Donia.

"Why not use it on the victims?" posed Rosalie.

"Because, it's a choice of saving a dozen people versus a hundred. If we can get your brother," Donia gestured to Angela, "free of the spell of the Court and give us any hint as to how to destroy the problem, we can save more people."

"And bring my brother back," said Angela.

"At least for a while, if you destroy the Will, but perhaps more," supposed Donia.

"I can work with that small possibility. Thank you, Donia," said Angela.

"Don't thank me yet. I brought one more gift. Though I suppose this gift is more of my offering to the crusade than a personal gift to you. Here, you can use one of my hounds to find your way to your brother," said Donia.


"Are you sure that thing is reliable? Maybe we would be better for this, or even the vampires could help. Not that using the dead sounds any better, but that thing is a bit creepy," Paul said with wide eyes.

"Only a fey would be able to find another fey. Besides, Donia's hellhounds are legendary. To give back such a gift would be plain stupid," said an irritated Angela.

"What do you mean 'legendary'?"

"Did you read any of the books I gave you? Never mind, I think I can guess the answer. Hellhounds are used to seek out prey. They always find it, even if it takes years."

"We don't have years," Sam pointed out.

"No, but we are not searching all over the globe and all over time. We know they are here, we just don't know where exactly the hideout is located," said Angela.

"When do we know when we are close?" asked Jasper as he took in the surrounding woods.

"When they start to run."

"What if there are other faeries here? Would that interfere?" said Edward.

"No, unless they had a similar scent to me," said Angela.

"Do you think he is still the same as you?" asked Jasper as he tried to think of all possibilities.

"He has to," said Angela as she glared back at him.

"He will," said Rosalie, as she too glared back at her adopted family.

"How would you know? He has a point," said Paul.

"Because it just ran off," smirked Leah as she tore after the hound.

They all ran forward, following the hound until it came to a complete stop. There stood a young man in plain dress as he awaited their miniature army.

"Hello, Angela."