I do not own Naruto.

I have not even BOTHERED to read Naruto, only a few chapters here and there.

Second oneshot crack, strong language.

Only has 3 characters, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura.

3 arcs, very short.

Feel free to correct my failure.

"BELIEVE IT." Nah-rou-toe said with a high-pitched screech that makes everyone want to die, and might as well be the cause of the Uchiha clan's death if it wasn't already known that Itachi was the one who did that.

"FUCKING SHIT, ES-TEA-EFF-YEW." Sasu-kay said, slapping Nah-rou-toe. "Stoopid ninja does not believe it."

"BUT... GOOD NARUTO, YOU LOOK KINDA COOL!" Sack-Ura said with a happy retarded grin.

"You know, i'm not even sure this is even... right. I've just broken the 4th wall didn't I." Sasu-kay stopped speaking has he saw a hideous sight that made him die, the sight of Sack-Ura and Nah-rou-toe sparkling together with their lazy eyes darting everywhere.


"I have this feeling that someone is writing Naruto crack..."Adult Sasuke said as he said drinking his beer as the prositutes refilled them.

"Don't be stupid Sasuke, that's impossible. Fanfiction don't exist here." replied Adult Sakura, who was one of the whores.

"Believe it." Adult Naruto said over the sounds of his harem, his orange suit emblazed with diamonds spelling out "I'm the Boss".


"Hay Naruto, you wanna come ova' and tip some cows?" asked Sakura.

"Saounds good babe. I'll call Sauce and we'll be over trippin' befo' ya know it. Believe it." Naruto hung up his cell and whistled.

"You called, faggot?" Sasuke groaned as he tripped over his ridiculous shoes and trippy colored dress.

Yes, i said dress.

"W'ere goin' to Sakurahs, believe it."

"Trippin' cows?"

"Believe it."

"Trippin' . I'm there."


"Shit, i didn't mean fo' dis shit to happen, yo. Believe it." Naruto mulled over Sakura's dead body, squashed to death from an overweight cow.

"And now you die, fucker." Sasuke said, pointing a gun at Naruto.

"Wait, wat do yew mean? Yew mean yew killed Sakura on purpuse?"

"That's right fucker. Like you always say, Believe it."

"But i'm not dead yet, believe it!"


"You are already dead.....



Hahahaha i think, personally, the last arc is hilarious.

/cracks up

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