Captive by Hope in the Shadows

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own Naruto.

Warning: Lemon, Angst, and poorly written smut dialogue


I was a captive now. I wanted to curse the heavens for the loss of my freedom, for sticking me in a cage that I could not escape, for abandoning me to people who meant me harm. I wanted to curse Sasuke for making me put so much effort into incapacitating him, to curse at Kakashi for choosing to protect the traitor from people Sasuke didn't need protection from, to curse Sakura for making me promise to bring Sasuke back to her, to curse the village that was rejoicing the loss of its demon, to curse my own father for putting the damn Kyuubi into me in the first place.

But I couldn't because I had been captured.

I had finally beaten Sasuke into incapacitation so I could take him back to Konoha, finally fulfilling the promise I made Sakura all those years ago. However I had used all my strength to do so and I was on the verge of collapse. It was at this moment that the Akatsuki decided to make its move. I had watched in shock as Itachi Uchiha and his blue-skinned partner appeared at the top of the crater that had been created during my fight with Sasuke. I had watched as Kakashi looked from Sasuke to me to eventually settle on Sasuke, had seen his eyes with their protective determination choose Sasuke. He had chosen to protect his beloved traitor over a faithful demon.

Itachi had ignored Kakashi as he gathered the unconscious Sasuke and took him away from the battlefield. Itachi had been focused on me. It was strange having this cold-hearted man's full and complete attention. It was unnerving and yet at the same time I strangely wanted it.

It had not taken much to knowk me out, just a press to a single pressure pint. It had been surprisingly gentl compared to what he had done to incapacitate Sasuke when I had first met him.

I had woken up in an actual cage. My first attempts at escape enlightened me to the fact that I had no access to my chakra. It was at that moment that my mind had become one of a hopeless captive. I was stuck in this cage and there was no way for me to escape.

They had won.

I had lost…and I was going to die.

I don't know how long I had just sat there in the middle of the cage doing absolutely nothing. It seemed like forever but I doubt it was more than a few hours. I was just waiting for them to come, to take me from this cage and lead me to my death.

It was Itachi who appeared on the other side of the bars. I didn't acknowledge his presence by looking at him. I knew that he could tell that I knew he was there. I just stared at my feet preparing myself for the death I knew was coming.

I watched out of the periphery of my vision as Itachi entered the cage and walked towards me. I didn't want to see the captor who would soon become my executioner.

"Why have you succumbed to despair Naruto-kun?"

As confused as I was by him asking that question I didn't look up.

"Wouldn't you if you knew that the only thing that awaits you is death?"


I looked up. Did that actually occur? Did Itachi-fucking-Uchiha just chuckle? That small smirk-like smile seemed to prove it.

"Death is the only thing that awaits us all with certainty," his eyes, not his crimson sharingan but his deep onyx ones, locked with mine and I saw something in them that I could not identify. "However your death will not happen by me or the rest of the Akatsuki."

"Huh?" I didn't understand. Weren't they going to kill me by extracting the Kyuubi? "But don't you need the Kyuubi?"

"If it was possible or necessary for us to extract the Kyuubi we would have done it by now." There was no hesitation in his voice.

"Oh…" I looked down again. Now that I knew I wasn't a doomed soul, I could feel my heart clench tightly in my chest and my grips on my sanity start to fade. If I wasn't going to be killed did this mean that I was to be locked in this cage for the rest of my life? I couldn't use my chakra, I couldn't escape. I was nothing but a caged animal.

Suddenly there was a pale hand on my chin, tilting my head up. I was forced to look into those onyx eyes again and this time I could identify the emotions they held. There was compassion in them, but underlying that compassion was an unsated lust.

" You have a choice Naruto," his voice was…nervous and yet confident at the same time. His dropping of the honorific on my name had not escaped my notice either. "You can become a member of Akatsuki and get to leave this cage, or you can stay in this cage for the rest of your life. Either way you will remain with Akatsuki."

It shouldn't have been a hard decision – either be free from this cage of forever be contained withing it. I no longer felt any loyalty to the village that had so obviously abandoned me. I wanted to choose my freedom but the words wouldn't form. In my frustration tears began to fall silently down my face.

Itachi's hand let go of my chin choosing instead to wipe my tears away.

"You wish to be free, do you not?"

"Y-yes," was my strangled response.

"Then your choice is obvious," his hands left my face and he started to turn away. "But you must make that choice and until you do, I can do nothing."

As he started to walk away my body reacted and flung itself at his legs, halting his progress. Suddenly the words were easy to say and they flowed out like a limitless well.

"I choose to be free from this cage!" I shouted into his cloak. "I choose to be free and I'll do whatever it takes to do that! I choose to join the Akatsuki!"

I looked up to see his eyes, his face. I was glad I did for there on his face was a true smile, a sight so rare I thought it didn't exist.

"Good. I did not want to love a soul that was held captive by something other than me."

His words shocked me and the passionate, needy kiss that followed did it to an even greater extent. I was loved. Not only that but I was loved by a man that I would never have guessed in a million years would love me.

His teeth nipped at my bottom lip and a small gasp escaped me completely unbidden. Itachi took advantage of the opening I created to slip his tongue inside my mouth and I felt him explore every crevice of it. As one of his hands placed itself in my hair and the other teased at the hem of the scrap of fabric that had once been my shirt, he pulled back and I gasped for breath.

"You are now free but I wonder," he paused making sure my half-lidded eyes were focused on his. "Will you let me keep you heart captive?"

I nodded without hesitation and initiated the next kiss myself, though it was not long before Itachi took it over. The remains of my shirt were torn from my body and one hand slipped itself just below the top of my pants, pushing the cloth down in an urgent nature. Not wanting to be denied the sight of his body, my hands started to fumble with his cloak, clumsily waiting to be shrugged off at an opportune time.

He broke off briefly, removing the cloak and the shirt that had been worn underneath. Once the unwanted pieces of cloth had been removed he pulled me close once more. As his mouth traveled the expanse of my body, licking and nipping at various points causing moans of pleasure to escape my mouth, I barely noticed him move us so that I was lying down on the discarded cloak. His hands deftly rid me of my pants, revealing the heated arousal I had formed.

Through lust-glazed eyes I watched him smile, obviously content with the undeniable evidence that I was aroused by him. Then his head moved down and his tongue flicked at the bulging head of my erection, before his mouth completely encased it in its moist warmth. I moaned at the sensations I was feeling. Pressure was building up in my groin in an almost pained pleasure.


I could feel him smirk around my cock. However, my attention quickly turned to focus on the fingers at my lips. Something instinctual made me take them into my mouth and suck on them and I heard Itachi let out a small moan which sent pleasant vibrations through my cock. Once I had completely covered his fingers in saliva he took them from my mouth and moved them down the length of my body to rest gently against my entrance.

He removed his mouth from my cock and I whined at the loss. But he was looking at me, waiting for my permission to continue, to prepare me so it wouldn't hurt as much when he took me for the first time. I closed my eyes and nodded my head, a smile gracing my lips with the knowledge of how much Itachi actually cared for me.

One finger slipped inside me. It wasn't painful but it wasn't comfortable either. A second finger soon followed and he started to scissor them, stretching the tight ring of muscles. When a third finger joined the others, I couldn't stop a small cry of pain from escaping my lips. He stilled at the sound and I felt more than I saw him watch me. His head swooped down and he plundered my mouth again. His fingers began to move again while he distracted me until he found a spot inside me that gave me unimaginable pleasure.

"Aaah!" I started to push back on his fingers wanting to feel that intense pleasure again to ease the burning heat in my groin. He kept stretching me for half a minute before slipping them out.

I whined at the feeling of being empty though I knew something much bigger would be filling me up soon. I felt him place the tip of his erection at my stretched and quivering entrance. With one last confirming look at me he slowly pushed the head in.

I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood, not wanting him to know how much pain I was in despite his careful preparation, how I felt like I was being split in two, how there was no pleasure to this pain. But he noticed nonetheless and stilled in his movements. His hand came up to my face to wipe away the tears I had not been able to hide. When he started to pull out though, my hand grabbing his arm stopped him.

"No…" I rasped. "Don't…"

He shook his head. "You are in too much pain. I don't want to hurt you."

"I'll be fine." I pleaded, not wanting another person to abandon me. "Please…"

He closed his eyes in thought and I held my breath. He thought for so long I thought for sure h was going to leave. But he opened his eyes and pushed forward giving me an answer without words. I gritted my teeth and made sure no pained sounds escaped. He stopped when he was fully seated in me.

"Unh…" he groaned. "So tight…so good…"

Itachi's words gave evidence that he was trying not to move, to give me time to adjust. I watched as a thought suddenly occurred to him and he looked up at me.

"Is this your first time?"

I nodded and felt my cheeks heat up. He however just smiled and kissed me gently for a few brief seconds before he pulled back.

"I'm honored that I'm the first one to enjoy this," for a brief second his eyes turned cold, dangerous, "and the only one who will enjoy this."

With those words he pulled out almost all the way before slamming back in. I moaned at the feeling of him moving in me, at being filled again despite the pain that accompanied it like a bitter aftertaste. The rhythm he set at first was tortuously slow to the point where I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please 'tachi…faster…" I begged, tears of frustration replacing the tears of pain.

I was rewarded for my pleading with a suddenly faster pace and an almost unnoticeable smirk gracing the pale face above me. I could hear myself moaning wantonly as he repeatedly pummeled into me. And then my world exploded into white hot pleasure as he hit a spot inside me with incredible strength and accuracy.

"Oh god 'tachi! There…feels so…good!" The volume of my voice fluctuated erratically as he kept hitting that spot inside me. The pressure in my cock was building painfully, not having enough friction for it to find relief. I reached my hands down so I could give myself that needed friction but they were slapped away before they could touch my burning need. I whined in protest at being denied the ability to give myself release.

"Please Itachi….I need to…I need to-"

"I want you to come with me." His voice was riddled with pants as he fastened his pace. One of his hands snaked down between us and started to pump me harshly. He was close and so was i.


His command and a final harsh pump brought me to a release and I screamed his name in pleasure. At the same time he was finding his own release, filling me to the brim with his cum, claiming me as his.

He pulled out and collapsed on the cloak next to me, breathing heavily so unlike his usually unnoticeable respiration. He laid there until his breathing returned to normal. Once it had he stood up and started to put his clothes back on.

I laid there, suddenly feeling sore, dirty, and – my eyes did not leave his back as he continued to dress without the slightest attention toward me – used. My mind had been clouded by both the promise of freedom and of love, but now as the pleasure faded a part of it began to suggest that the pale man's words had been but a lie to get me to have willing sex with him. And with how fucked up my life had been so far I had no reason but to think that that was the truth.

I turned my head away, not wanting to look at the man who had captured my heart with a cage of lies. That was until I found myself suddenly in his arms, his cloak wrapped around me. His eyes bored into mine and the lust I had previously seen in his eyes had given way to unshakeable love.

"You said I could hold your heart captive and so I shall. I do not lie with matters of the heart."

I buried my face in his chest and let the tears of joy that gathered in my eyes to overflow and cascade down my face. As he carried me out of the cage that had held my physical body captive I felt a new cage form around my heart. For Itachi, with his undeniable and unshakeable love, now held it captive.