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Spoilers: [Season 3] Samuel Rising
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Author's note: Kinda like missing scene from "Samuel Rising" I love the way Michael calls Maria "Snowflake" It's just too sweet!


He smiled at the elf standing beside him. He could smell the essential she wore today. It smelled like eucalyptus and something flowery. Probably rose or jasmine. It suited her. And the season. All green and red.

The kid on his lap was babbling about Playstation 2. How he would love to have it underneath the tree for Christmas. He wanted it so bad that he was willing to talk it out with dear old Santa.

Half listening, Michael nodded as the chirpy happy voice of the boy enumerated all the good stuff he'd done the past year to deserve the sleek black gaming console.

In his head, Michael was reciting the things that he could do this Christmas to have Maria wrapped in red satin and delivered to his house by Christmas morning...make that Christmas Eve.

"Hey, Santa?"

He turned at the kid, "Huh?"

"You listening?"

"Yeah. Playstation II." He said nodding thoughtfully.

"Or a puppy." The kid beamed at him, "I'd really love to have a puppy ok?"

"Sure. Sure."

"I want a Dalmatian Santa."

"We'll see." He said suddenly struck by a memory. Maria's memory. Sitting by the steps of their house, a Dalmatian resting against her knees, and the feel of the dog's heartbeat beating in unison with her little child heart. The warmth of the sun. The warmth of the memory

The mom, standing with the elves finally called the boy, "Times up, Jamie!" and grudgingly, the kid hopped off his lap.

Michael, watched the kid go and then sighed. He wondered how many more Christmas wishes he had to listen to for today. He had the patience for the kids; it was the fact that these kids would be expecting those gifts because he said they'd receive it that bothered him. He hated the deception. Why weren't the parents of these kids telling them the truth? There is no Santa. There are no flying reindeers, with red-lit up nose and there are no elves.

But there's Snowflake. There's always Snowflake.

He glanced up at her and decided he needed to hear her voice again. "Hey Snowflake, can you tell those kids that Santa needs a few minute break."

"It's not yet lunch break and Iz told me..."

"Well, Iz isn't here, and Santa is not feeling so hot."

Snowflake regarded him for a minute, gave a miserable sigh and sauntered off towards the queue of laughing boys and girls all waiting to have their chance to meet Santa.

There was a collective groan and a few name calling directed towards the elf. Snowflake handed it very well and the line disappeared in no time. She returned to her spot and sat on one of the customized chairs that was made to look like a bent candy cane.

She was keeping her word. She was staying away from him because she needed space. But he didn't. So after a few moments of hesitation, Michael stood up and sauntered towards her. Casual. Nonchalant. A betrayal of how his heart was whamming painfully against his chest. "Hey, Snowflake,"

And exasperated Maria-sigh. "What Michael?"

"It's Santa, ok?"

Snowflake rolled her eyes. "Yes, San-ta?"

Okay. Syllabication. A clear sign that Maria was not amused by any of his antics.

"You wanna go get something to eat?"

She looked up, gave him a dirty look before pouting at him.

Oh, God, those lips.

"What?" He asked feeling like he did something wrong when all he did was invite her for a nice friendly ex boyfriend-ex girlfriend lunch.

Except, of course he knew she was asking for a little space. But when did he ever actually did anything that he was told to do? He shifted his weight from foot to foot. Once, twice and just when he was about to throw up his hand and possibly throttle her, she made a helpless, miserable sigh.

"Well?" He asked, sounding harsh and impatient.

She was probably a little hungry and lonely, because after a few seconds of scowling at him she agreed. Well, not so much as agree but more like suddenly standing up, turning around and walking straight ahead.

Michael followed her. He'd always follow her. He might always have the strangest compulsion to defy her, but he'd always go wherever she'd go.

It felt weird to walk beside her and be silent. Oh, they've done this a lot. Walking around town, not speaking, just his hand wrapped around hers. Small and his – her hands, her silence. Their silence. He liked that a lot.

The quietness then was comforting because he could turn any moment, smile at her and know everything was ok.

But this was a different. Because now he had to sneak lightning fast glances at her, trying not to grab her hand, lead her into a corner and just kiss her.

Old habits just wouldn't die.

He led her towards a new food store, one that didn't serve all those meat-veggie burger crap. This one sells ice cream and snow-cones, and those frozen penguins that leave blue ink on your tongue.

"Lunch?" Snowflake asked him dubiously.

"Yeah, I mean, we're from North Pole right?"

His attempt at humor earned him a small smile. The slightest curve of her lips.

But it wasn't really from his joke.

When they were going out, on one of their passion laden heavy making out session, he would catch glimpses of her childhood. It wasn't a happy one, sometimes he wished he never get to see some of the sad part, because it broke his heart seeing the little blonde girl cry over spilled lavender perfume or at a dead kitty she buried in the playground. But this one memory struck him. This memory was filled with joy.

It was Maria's 7th Christmas and her mother had treated her to an ice cream parlor and she was given the freedom to order as many stuff as she wanted. And the little blonde girl with big round olive green eyes was laughing and smiling all the time. And she was happy, truly blissfully happy.

He never had the same sort of happiness. In fact he hated Christmas for the very reason that Hank always made it a point to ruin it for him. Countless time, he had asked for a single Christmas decoration, he had lost hope of ever seeing a Christmas tree in the dammed trailer, but maybe a star or an angle, or a snowflake. But there was none. But there were plenty of beatings, even on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

But last year, she had surprised him with all these Christmas decorations and on his door frame was a single snowflake.

"C'mmon, Snowflake, my treat."

His Snowflake smiled at him, really, truly smiled at him. That Maria smile. That smile that belonged to him.

She wordlessly took his hands and led him inside the store.

Michael's heart soared. From this one touch. This one smile.

Christmas – not Iz's Christmas, but his Christmas – held a different meaning for him. It wasn't giving and receiving. It was second chances. And maybe, just maybe, this Christmas would give her back to him too.

His snowflake, the one that Maria got him, still hung from his bedroom ceiling, directly over his head. His real Snowflake however was in a better place. She was in his heart.

Okay. This was written some two hundred years ago. No, actually it was written around 2002. I'm just reposting it now, with some minor changes. The original version can be found at the Candy is Dandy board. I think I will repost all my Candy fics here. I don't know why I never did. Is that weird? Anyway, I know it's out of season and short and all, but I hope you guys liked it. Please feel free to tell me what you think. Thanks so much for your time! Take care everyone!

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