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"Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while and I thought I would give you a call. As weird as this might sound, I miss you… Um, with that being said I just thought you'd want to know Grissom gave me a call and I'm coming out to Vegas, so…uh, I'll see you when I get there. Bye."

It was all I needed to ask for the night off and rush my five year old into my arms. With a year having passed since I had spent that incredible week in San Francisco, I was excited to say the least that Sara had left a message saying we would see each other again.

"Mommy, what's wrong? Why are you here," my little girl asked me after I barreled into my sister's place during dinnertime for a hug and a hello.

"Nothing, sweetie. I'm just so happy and I couldn't wait to see you another minute! What are you having," I looked up at the food on the table and my shocked and confused sister.

"Uh, aunt Nancy made some spaghetti and I was loving it until you came in," Lindsey pouted as she made her way back to her place at the table, folding her arms over her chest.

I knew I shouldn't have done that at times when she was watching. Now she's probably going to have attitude problems when she's older.

"Well, I hate to interrupt, but like I said, I was too thrilled not to see you," I flashed my beautiful daughter a smile. "And when we're done eating I'm taking you home. I have the rest of the night off and I want to spend it with you, princess. I also have some things I need to talk to you about."

"What did I do now," she innocently asked, raising her arms with that adorable lost girl look.

"No, what I meant was…" I sighed. "I have a few things to explain to you…about why I'm so happy, but that's after we get home, okay? Now finish up so we can get going."

I patted her tush as she turned to crawl up into the normal sized chair, Nancy let her sit in and smiled. She was still too little for a lot of things and I was sure she would for quite some time to come.

The drive back to our home was quiet with the exception of the radio softly playing, set to some kid station on the AM frequency that played nothing but Disney songs suitable for the young ages.

Opening the front door, Lindsey pushed passed me and instantly bolted onto the couch, turning the television on and laughing the second the punch line of a joke for one of her children's shows filled the living room. I wanted to talk to her about Sara as soon as possible, but she was comfortable and I was okay with waiting a half hour since I was eager to talk to Sara first.

I slid my cell phone from out of my right front pocket and flipped it open when Lindsey turned herself around on the couch, remote in hand, knees dipping into the cushion, as she opened her mouth to say something.

"Mommy, can I have ice cream?"

"Uh, sure, sweetie. Just give mommy a second to call a friend and you'll have a bowl before you know it, okay?"

"Kay," she wickedly grinned with an almost devilish tone to her abbreviated agreement. I was certain she was extremely happy to be getting some because I usually only let her have a bowl every so often on one of my good nights.

I dialed her number I had forced myself to memorize by heart and put the phone to my ear, holding it against my ear with my shoulder as I turned in a half circle to get to the freezer. It started ringing and I smiled, hoping she would answer my call.

Taking out the carton of ice cream, I made my way over to the silverware drawer to pick up the scooper as I heard the line connect.

"Sidle," she agitatedly responded.

"Sara," I asked, not sure she was in the mood for a conversation. Of course, in the hastiness of everything that came flying through the phone with the utterance of her last name I had forgotten to address myself.

"Catherine," she asked, unsure of whom she was speaking to at the time.

"Yeah, it's me," I started to relax, not feeling the hostility from before when she tried to confirm it was my on the line with her.

"Hey," she sounded breezy now and eased into a bit of flirtatious tone without completely sounding turned on only by hearing my voice. "I left you a message…"

"Yeah," I cut her off. "I got it earlier this shift and had to ask for the night off."

"You shouldn't have done that," Sara sounded concerned that it would be her fault if I got fired.

"No, it's fine. I was going into overtime as it was and told Grissom I really needed to take of Lindsey. I lied and told her that she had a really bad stomach virus. I'm not sure if he bought the box of Girl Scout cookies I was selling or if he was just being nice and pretending not to know what it was really about. But it's not like that matters now…when are you scheduled to land?"

"Uh, I'll be driving. Grissom told me to pack up camp at my place here for the transfer papers. He said even if the girl made a full recovery the lab could really use another investigator…or at least it wouldn't hurt, especially with my background."

I was still reeling from the fact Holly was in the hospital because of me, but I was thrilled to finally have someone to really talk about it with since the incident. I would only trust Sara with that kind of information at this point because the rest of them were my friends, but I worked with them and I knew what Sara was saying, she would be working with me as well, but it was different with her. I knew her before work and I was really falling for her and I had danced with her and I was there for her birthday party, she held my hand no matter what even with that jackass brother of hers and I had sex with her. I had the best damn sex of my life with her.

"Well, I can't wait till you get her. When are you leaving?"

"Um, I just have to wrap up the case I'm working on right now and I'm ready to go. Is Lindsey there with you?"

At the mention of Lindsey, I looked back at the couch and saw her jumping up and down on it, thankfully with her shoes off. She was dancing and jumping at her show that made her sugared up every episode. Ice cream on top of that was not a good combination, but I thought since kindergarten was three weeks away, it didn't make a damn difference if she was up all night because she would be down all day tomorrow which would still work in my favor.

"Yeah, she's here," I smiled. I then remembered I was serving her ice cream, the carton already feeling a little too hot and the solid dessert being liquidated. I grabbed the scooper and stuck it into the ice cream, going to the cupboard with all the plates and bowls in it and pulling out two. Yes, I was actually going to indulge a bit. "She's watching T.V."

"Have you told her about me yet? I mean, have you told her that we're friends?"

"Uh, Sara…I think we're more than friends at this point, but no, she doesn't even know you exist. I was about to when I thought to call you and see if I could get some info from you about when you would be here."

"Why haven't you told her yet? Why wait until I called?"

"Uh, I didn't know if it was ever going to come up, Sar Sar," I teased, hoping she would be okay with it.

"Ugh, don't call me that. It's hard enough to deal with regular bet names, but you just had to go and call me Sar Sar." I swear I could feel her shudder in complete disgust through the phone before she continued. "And yeah, I see your point. Um, I was actually going to ask to talk to her, but…"

"No, keep her busy while I finish up getting this ice cream into the bowl for her."

"Mm, ice cream? Are you going to have any," she sounded absolutely delectable.

"I plan to, why?" I was curious, but her tone might have given her away, I still was not one hundred percent certain yet.

"Make sure to save some for when I get into town," she husked her response.

"Uh, sure, but…um," I gulped, feeling dry mouthed. "Where are you, Sara?"

"No one can hear…and even if they could, I'll be out of here before they could ever have the full scoop."

I couldn't help but laugh as I quickly shuffled my feet over to the couch. "Hey, Linds…uh, Sara, give me a second to get Lindsey on the phone."

"Okay," she chilled her low tone and sounded like she was letting a little laugh escape. I felt she was friendly enough to talk to Lindsey without giving anything away so I went back to trying to tell my daughter about her.

"Lindsey, I have a friend in San Francisco that's coming out here for a while. She knows about you, but I forgot to tell you about her. She wants to talk to you though and I'm in the middle of making that ice cream, so…it'll go by much faster if you talk to her."

"Mkay," she simply answered, smiling as she took the phone. "Hello?"

She sounded so quite trying to talk to Sara. She had no idea who my friend was, but I knew Sara loved Lindsey without properly having met her and I'm sure Lindsey would be fond of Sara within the first five minutes.

"Yeah, what's your name? …Sara? That sounds like a boring name." After a small moment of loathing the name, she laughed. "Then I feel sorry for you."

"Lindsey," I called out at her, appalled that my daughter would say something like that to Sara.

"What? She said she didn't like her name either. Too many people have it, but it's the name her parents gave her and she doesn't really like them anyway. I told her I felt sorry for her. She laughed at it."

I rolled my eyes as my five year old took that as a sign to go back to talking to my girlfriend. I, with my left index finger, pushed the melting mint chocolate chip ice cream off the scooper and liked said finger. It was the final scoop to my bowl and I had already filled hers to the line that circled around the tiny bowl, slicing the bowl into two halves: a top and a bottom. She was getting ice cream, but in small portions.

I ran my hands rapidly through the cold water from the sink faucet and dried them on the kitchen towel before taking the two bowls out into the living room.

"Really," Lindsey squeaked, inquiring. Whatever Sara had told her, Lindsey refused to believe it because in her mind it must have sounded too far out there for reality to underlie the brunette's words. "You didn't have to do that, but…really?!"

She seemed too excited and I thought about taking some of the ice cream from her bowl and putting it in mine. When my little girl started jumping up and down on the couch for the second time that night, with wide eyes no less along with the largest smile I had seen on her face in a while, I hunched over from the couch and took an overcrowded spoonful of ice cream from her bowl and flung it into mine. I was careful not to get my hands sticky again for when I retrieved the phone from my joyous princess.

"Knock it off, Lindsey and have some ice cream before it really starts to melt," I warn her as I lick my spoon clean of the deliciousness it had once possessed.

"Kay," she stopped jumping and frowned and plopped down on the couch from the standing position she once was in from her activity. "Sara? My mommy wants me to eat the ice cream now… Yeah! Okay! Uh huh! Bye!"

"Well, that sounded happy. What'd she say," I ask Lindsey as she cradled her bowl and took her first bite.

"Yum…ask Sara. She's awesome, you know!"

"What do you say to Linds that she's ecstatic," I laugh into the phone.

"First I just explained a few things to her and mentioned I'd be there in a couple of days. Then I told her I had something for her and she flipped."

"Now why would you tell her that?" I wasn't angry, only curious.

"Because it's the truth. I saw something the other day at the store and thought it just screamed Lindsey so I picked it up."

"Does she know what it is?"

"Nope, told her it would be a surprise and that she would have it soon enough. And don't worry, you shouldn't be jealous my little Kitty Cat because I got you a surprise as well. In fact…I got you two! But one of them I bought because I wanted it."

If I were talking to her face to face, I'm sure I would have seen her suggestively raise an eyebrow at me, hinting at what it was that she meant.

"Um, okay. But Sara?"


"Lindsey was right. You really didn't need to get us anything."

"But I wanted to. I haven't seen you in about a year and you know, it's almost my twenty-second birthday. Remember that it'll be our sort of one year anniversary in a little less than a week." I could hear the smile spread across her face. "Then I also thought that I want Lindsey to warm up to me fast and that's when I decided that instead of me having a normal birthday where all I do is receive, I'd give a little. Plus, you'll be giving more than enough of a present so don't worry about buying me anything. It's all taken care of…except for the actual deliverance of said present."

I lightly laughed. She was trying to be subtle and I knew she meant sex. At least I thought she did, but who was I to know. But god did I hope it was sex.

"Well then you better get back to work, Sar Sar," I teased her again with my own little nickname for her. I heard her groan in protest against it, but it only made me chuckle. "The sooner you get that case closed, the sooner I can follow through with your request."

"Mm, I miss you even more now, Kitty Cat. Tell Lindsey I'll see her soon and I'll see you even sooner than that."

"Mhm." I couldn't really answer in complete words, the image she had created for me through her incessant moaning, the most pleasurable thing I have experienced since my last sex dream involving her. "Oh, um, before you go…I wanted to ask why you're even excepting Grissom's offer."

"Oh, that's easy. You're there. You and Lindsey."

I knew that was one of the reasons, but there was another.

"Aw, that's so romantic, but that's not all. What's up? You know you can talk to me and…if you can't then I think we have a big problem."

"It's not really something I want to discuss over the phone. I promise I'll tell you when I see you and Lindsey's not around. And if I don't when the right time presents itself…feel free to withhold sex from me, not that I want you to, but it will definitely get me talking."

We shared a laugh and within the next minute, we said our goodbyes before I relayed Sara's message to Lindsey over to my ice cream chin daughter. I giggled a bit at the ice cream staining and running down her soft skin and ran the pad of my thumb over it then deciding to wipe it off with a napkin when some of the mint had yet to leave her chin.


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