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"Mommy," Lindsey called from her room. "Can we go to the park tomorrow?"

I sighed with defeat. Who was I kidding? With two kids to watch over, it would be impossible to get anywhere with Sara as far as the bedroom is concerned.

Sara laughed as she dropped her head to focus on the floor. Her thoughts, I'm certain, were entertaining as always, as she said life with me was entertaining.

"Shut up," I jokingly warned her.

"Sure, whatever you say, beautiful," she smiled before she gave me a loving kiss on the lips.

"Uh, I can't take you tomorrow, Linds. I'm sorry, sweetie," I shouted through the walls.

"Awwww," I heard from the two little ones on the other side of the door. "Please?"

Sara stopped chuckling and looked up at me with furrowed brows. "Why can't you take them?"

"I switched shifts with someone on days. They had something to do, so I agreed we'd take each other's place. You don't mind, do you?" I rubbed her arm, my eye brows then furrowed because I hoped she didn't care as much as I knew some people could in a situation like ours.

"No, but a little more notice would have been nice."


I looked from Sara to the door and decided to open it so Lindsey wouldn't be shut out any longer.

"I wanna go. Bryce does too." She pouted and pleaded as usual and I soon felt a hand on my shoulder. Sara wanted to do something. I could sense it in her touch.

"I'll take you guys," she smiled down at Lindsey and Bryce.

"Really," Lindsey squeaked.

"Yeah, it'd be fine with me. Besides, I don't have anything to do so…why not?"

Lindsey's eyes grew wide. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!"

She rushed into Sara's legs and my girlfriend, ever the charmer, scooped her up and hugged her tight. It made my heart warm at the sight.

"No problem, honey."

My jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of my skull. Not once did Sara ever call Lindsey anything other than by her name. It was becoming serious and in an instant, I found myself smiling again. What Sara did, was what I hoped for when she first told me she would spend a lot of time in Vegas.

"Cool," Lindsey smiled.

Sara then set her back down and she ran out of the room with Bryce tugged away by the hand. I shook my head with a smile and hugged my amazing girlfriend.

"Move in with me?"

"Are you serious?"

"Have I ever joked about something like this with you?"

Sara's lips curled into a broad smile before she crushed her lips onto mine. "Yeah, I'll move in with you."

"Great," I smiled with major enthusiasm.

"It's not like I don't already, though," she laughed.

"This is true, but now it's official. Now you really are stuck with Lindsey and me," I grinned as I worked my way closer to her. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I molded my body into hers.

"I wouldn't ever want to start something I couldn't finish…so this is going to have to wait," she smiled and kissed me full on the lips. I lost track of time with my lips blazing into hers, though I'm sure it lasted a mere second or so.

"Fine," I groaned when she pulled away. She grinned and headed downstairs after Lindsey.

"I'm hungry. You want anything," she asked me as we slowly made our way down the stairs.

"Um, what I want isn't on the menu right now."

She looked back at me and smiled. "It will be later. You just have to be a good girl and wait."

"What if I don't want to be a good girl? I'd like to think I'm naughty by nature."

"Oh, babe, you are and there's no denying that, but acting is a great skill. Don't make this difficult for me or I swear Lindsey's going to see some things she should never see."

My heart pounded so hard I thought it might beat right out of my chest and I felt a twist in my stomach. She turned me on and I couldn't be turned off at this point. Damn hormones.


After tucking in Lindsey and Bryce, Sara and I cuddled up to each other in our bed. Her suitcase was wide open by the dresser, asking to be packed away in various drawers and the walk-in closet.

"Mm," Sara molded her body into mine. We lay face to face with nothing on but our own skin. Flesh against flesh comforted me as well as continued to keep me turned on. "I want to try that tub you've got in there. From what I hear, it comes with jets."

I felt her grin on my neck as she gave me a kiss. Heat surged through to my core and I knew something had to be done.

"Only if you're on the menu," I huskily managed.

"I think all the necessary Sara shipments are in…so it's more than a possibility at this point," she held her grin as she slid her hand around my waist and gripped my ass.

"Mm, if we don't get up now…you'll never get to feel those jets in action tonight."

She laughed and rolled me on top of her. Immediately, I became extremely wet I might as well have started to make one of the backyard build-in pools.

"Mm, I see we have an excited one tonight," Sara spread her grin. She ran her thigh between mine and I could hardly breathe. I nearly moaned when Sara clamped her hand over mouth and I swear I almost passed out. She used her thigh to lift me and got me out of bed. She carried me to the bathroom and shut the double doors behind us.

She set me down on the center portion of the counter top between the "His and Hers" sinks. Now, though, they would be the "Hers and Hers" sinks. She pushed my legs up from under my knees and got down on her knees. She rested my feet on her shoulders and held them firmly in place at my ankles.

I melted like a chocolate bar as she licked me like a Blow Pop. I grabbed the nearest object, which happened to be a washcloth, and bit into it hard. I forced off a moan and soon after I felt a release. Ever the tongue expert, Sara managed to make me cum early. Neither of us seemed to mind, though.

The sheets were tightly wrapped around the two of us, one of my legs between Sara's and vice versa. Her chin rested on top of my head and my right cheek lay on top of her chest. My left hand resided on her right hip while her right hand resided on the back of my left thigh. I smiled as the morning light barreled through our bedroom window and the face of my beloved remained sound asleep in my arms.

I stuck out my neck and chastely kissed her on the lips. Then, as if on cue, something between the two of us began to vibrate. I moaned at the feeling and Sara conceded with her own moan. She squinted her eyes and I watched them open.

"I think that's yours," she mumbled as she leaned in and chastely kissed me back. She shifted a few more times before she rolled over and swung both her legs over the edge of the bed.

I knitted my brows as the vibration became less charged. I felt around near my thighs and felt the vibrating object: my cell phone.

"It's Grissom," I stated. Sara looked over her shoulder on her way to the bathroom and grinned.

"He seems to really know how to ruin a moment, doesn't he," she chuckled.

"Hey, wait," I called to Sara after I flipped the phone open. "Give me a second and I'll join you."

"Who are you talking to," Grissom asked.


"She's in Vegas?"

"Yeah," I directed into the phone. The next thing I said was only for Sara's ears, but with my luck I didn't cover the phone enough with my hand.

"What about using the jets," Grissom asked with curiosity though by the sound of his voice he figured it would be best if he remained ignorant.

"Uh, nothing. What's up?"

"We got a 419 at the Naughty Kitty."

"Great. Just what I need," I mumbled.

"Hurry up," Sara called from the bathroom. Instead of a verbal response, I decided to step inside the master bath. I locked the doors behind me and continued to talk to Grissom though it was the last thing I wanted to do at the sight of Sara soaking it up in my tub, one of her hands ready to turn previously mentioned jets on.

"I can be in within an hour, no less," I told Grissom. My eyes were wide and trained on her glorious figure beneath the occasionally rippling water. She squirmed under my stare but decided to play dirty as she ran a hand up her thigh, nearing my favorite spot on her body.

"Catherine, I'm going to need you sooner than that. You switched shifts so you should be in within twenty minutes or you're late."

"Gil, let me tell you something," I grew firm. "I have a prior commitment to keep and my god, if you knew what is was you wouldn't still be on the phone with me. So, excuse me, but I think I'll be late for this."

I disconnected, leaving him no time to argue, and tossed the phone aside as I stepped in across from her.

"I love this tub," I said. She smiled and moved toward me in way where she closed all the space between us and had me trapped between her legs. I certainly was not about to complain.

"Unh," we simultaneously moaned. Our sexes pressed together and I nearly went blind.

"This…is perfect," Sara whispered as our lips clashed with every syllable.

We both had trouble keeping our eyes open, but I somehow managed to keep them open enough to take the hand she held over the control to the jets and turn them on.

"Unh, oh, God," I groaned the words together in a way that made them sound like one entire word. "Now this is perfect."

I gave her a passionate kiss and our legs strangled the other's legs in a fight for a comfortable but sexy position to keep us both extremely aroused. In all the movement, we rubbed against each other and soon before long, we were going at it with a passion one could only describe as rough.

I yanked a bundle of hair I had balled into my fist at the back of her neck and pinned her to a corner of thetub on her side. We grunted, we licked, we bit, we grinded, we pulled, we pushed, we moaned, we heavily breathed, we saw white lights that most would claim were stars, we husked obscene suggestions in the other's ear when we wanted to try something, and we enjoyed each other.

"F-f-fuck," I sputtered out in a loud scream that ricocheted off what sounded like every wall in the house. At that point, I became aware of the fact Lindsey still lived her too, but then I remembered that she went with my mom earlier when Sara got Bryce up for school. I loved her for always planning things out.

"God yesss!" She was a happy customer like me. That was a good thing to know.

"Was it good for you too," I breathlessly asked with a smirk.

"Maybe next time we should experiment," she suggested.

"Like we didn't already?"

She smiled. "I meant something more like condiments."

My eyebrows shot up in amusement. "Huh, that sounds…interesting. And messy."

"Yeah, but I'd love to lick chocolate syrup off you. Add some whipped cream, maybe caramel. Mm, forget the syrup. I've changed my mind."

"Hey, I never said you could."

"Not yet, but you will," she cockily grinned, but with Sara, even her cocky grin didn't appear cocky. I still loved her. It was different when all the dirt bags I dated gave me that type of grin. For looking at me like that, I kicked them out of my bed if we'd managed to make it that far. But I would never think about doing that with the beautiful woman I wanted to stare at every morning, or rather every afternoon, when I woke up for the day.

"Later," I smiled before I gave her a chaste kiss. "Right now…you have to clean up the bathroom floor. Damn overflowing tub with us having sex in it on top of the jets."

"Sorry I made you late," Sara kindly apologized with a light smile playing across her face.

"It's fine. Grissom'll deal with it. He has to. See you later?"

"Yeah, maybe after I take Lindsey and Bryce to the park I'll stop by the lab and pick you up. Take the lab's SUV so you can leave it in the lot and not feel bad about it."

I gave a throaty, almost seductive, giggle. "Okay, I'll see you later…Sugar Lips."

She then unintentionally, instinctively, licked her lips.

I gave another giggle similar to the first then headed back into the bedroom and rushed myself in some clothes. Within five minutes, I was out the door…unfortunately.

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