As the sun sank below the horizon 21 year old Harry Potter wiped at the tears flowing down his face. Standing alone out by the lake on the rebuilt grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry watched as the stars came out and reflected off the water. He thought of all his friends he had lost in the past 11 years most recently those he had lost in the week leading up to and the final battle that had been won not even a full month before. Of all his close friends and his mates only he and one other survived. They had won the war but in Harry's mind the price was too high. What he wouldn't give to have them all with him watching the peaceful night sky.

The biggest blow and largest loss of life came not at the final battle as would have been expected, but three days preceding it when the two most unlikely traitors to the light side led Voldermort and his troops to the Orders hide out. Ron and Ginny Weasley had forsaken everyone and everything after giving up hope for the light side and had joined Voldermort. That night only 4 people of the 26 that were in headquarters made it out alive. Harry, Fred, Luna, and Severus were the only ones to survive. Harry having watched one third of his triad fall to the killing curse had finally had enough. He had sent out a call to arms through the wizarding world and called Voldermort to a Wizards duel to the death. He had won surprisingly easily with a well placed reducto that blew a hole in the middle of the Dark wankers chest. Once he fell the deatheaters panicked and attacked Luna was killed and Fred the last of Harry's triad died in his arms because of a well placed cutting curse to his neck.

Of all the lives lost it wasn't even Fred and George, his bondmates, that had hurt the most although losing them had felt like he had a hollow place in his chest that ached. It had felt as though someone had reached in and ripped something vital from inside him and he wasn't sure how he was still alive. But no the worse death to endure had been Neville. He had been tortured to death by Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry had been unable to reach him in time and she had killed him. Harry had blasted her to kingdom come and it was one of the two deaths that he gladly claimed his own. Lost in his thoughts of wondering if that made him a bad person he didn't notice the approaching figures until they had formed a semicircle surrounding him. He looked up when the shadow of a large centaur fell across him.

Standing there regally like a king before his subjects was Lord Magorian, the king of the centaurs. With him stood the alpha of all Europe's werewolf packs , The king of the Vampires, the king of the Goblins and many more. What looked to be a representative of every magical race stood around him. To say he was gobsmacked would be an understatement. "Can I help you Lord Magorian?" he asked politely remembering his manners.

Magorian smiled down at him. "It is not you who is here to help young Harry Potter. We are known as the Council of Beings and we have come together to offer you the chance to relive your life. This honor has only been bestowed 3 times in all history, Merlin himself was the last who accepted the offer. What we would do is send your soul and memories back into your own body. We can send a few items with you but not many. Do you accept young Harry?"

Harry thought about what this would mean. He could go back to fifth year and save Sirius of forth year and save Cedric. But if he went that far why not start school all over and have that much longer to study and prepare for war, and the biggest question he had was could he take any one with him. If he could take Severus then things would go much smoother and Sev would be able to help. " Can I take someone with me or must I go back alone?" he asked Magorian.

"That depends young Harry on who you would take?"

" I want to take Severus with me if he will agree. And how far back do you plan to send me anyways?" Harry questioned.

"We will allow Severus Snape to accompany you if that is his wish, as for the second question we ask that you go back to your sixth year in age and rejoin the wizarding world. It will give you time to study and prepare." Magorian stated. The goblin King stepped forward at this point and began to speak.

" I will send a letter to my past self detailing what we are about to do and leave him instructions to help you an any way he can. You will be able to get a permit for underage sorcery for you and any you desire. As well as total control to all of your vaults and properties and control of your lordships. We suggest getting those most loyal and loved and training them early before they ever start school so that they may be better able to aid you in your journey and protect themselves." Ragnarök stated calmly.

"We will give you two hours to decide and to gather what you will. We cannot send much but you will not need much as you will have no use for the clothes you wear now. We must preform the ritual at midnight. Go now and speak with Severus, be sure to inform him that he cannot take much. No more than a small bag that you can carry. Be back here with at least ten minutes to spare and keep in mind this is perminant and cannot be undone. If you choose not to go through with it we will not offer again." Lord Magorian stated and the council began to disperse. Some began setting up for the ritual while others headed off into the forest and the castle to relax or prepare he did not know, but Harry turned and headed up the hill to the castle. Upon entrance he turned and headed down to the dungeons.

Upon reaching the portrait guarding Severus's rooms he spoke the password that had recently changed "Victory". The portrait opened to show Sev sitting on his couch staring into the fire with a glass of firewhiskey in front of him. He looked up and waved Harry in.

"What can I do for you harry?"

"Sev if I offered you the chance to go back and redo this war with all of your current knowledge would you take it?" Harry asked

"Of course I would. It would mean saving everyone and winning earlier. Why do you ask Harry?"

Harry told him of the offer and of the fact that they could take very little with them. He told him of his plan to get all of his friends and train all of them before they ever even started school and to reopen the house of Merlin in the school. The only reason he even knew of the house of Merlin had been because of Severus brewing a lineage potion one day and harry accidentally taking it thinking he was taking a headache draught. It had showed startling news such as his mom being the daughter of second generation squibs of the Ravenclaw and Slytheryn lines. This fact combined with his father being heir to both Gryfindor and Huffelpuff made Harry the heir of the founders. One little blood test at Gringotts later and he was able to gain entrance to the founders vault where he came upon a massive library full of lost spells potions and general knowledge. He learned of a prophecy stating the heir would be able to open the fabled house of Merlin to protect the school and heal the wizarding world unfortunatly he learned to late.

"Will you come with me Sev I don't think I can do it on my own." Harry finally asked

"Of course I will come Harry, we all know you will need help. Me being 27 and therefor an adult will help. Are you taking anything with you?" Sev asked as he grabbed an overnight bag and put in his potions journal and a few other things. He wouldn't need clothes because he would already have them.

"No anything I need I will be able to get at Gringotts. All of the books and weapons I use now will still be in the vault then. The only issue I can see will be getting you out of Hogwarts and me from my relatives. I will technically be six after all. How do we deal with Dumbledore?" Harry asked as they left the dungeons and headed towards the lake where the others were gathering again.

"I dont think we should tell him what with all he did this time around. Yea he meant well but they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and clearly he had plenty good intentions but he tends to go about things the wrong way." Severus stated as the entered the circle created by candles and runes carved in the ground.

Magorian walked up to them along with Ragnarök the goblin king. "We see you have decided to accept. We are glad. When we send you your soul will go to your bodies wherever they may be. We are sending you back to the night before your sixth birthday Harry Potter. You will both sleep through the night and will likely be groggy when you first wake. By noon you will be yourselves again we suggest meeting up and going to the Gringotts together. As for dumbledore we of the council feel it best he not know what is happening until the war has been won, you can say you are taking a sabbatical until the year Harry returns to Hogwarts."

"Well that sounds like a good plan to me and Severus can just come get me at my aunts home. It is Number 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging, Surrey. I will see you around evening time. By the way we will both be getting whole new wardrobes so you wont need to bring anything but what you want." Harry stated.

When the time drew near he and Severus were placed in the center of the circle. Ragnarök and several other species such as the werewolf's and vampires had given him letters to themselves stating that if he brought them to Lord Magorian they would come to his aid. With just ten minutes to midnight they began. The chanting started slowly and softly yet quickly increased in speed and volume till it seemed to come from the very air itself. The sky crackled with energy and magic while tounges of lightning struck the ground. The water of the lake began to froth and the wind itself began whipping around the circle. The runes carved in the ground began to glow and pulse and Harry's heart began beating in time with the pulse. With just seconds left till midnight Harry shared a look with Severus. All at once the chant stopped and lightening struck his body he could feel himself falling.