So I have Harry and the revolution starting Hogwarts. They are all well above their age group in level of skill and knowledge. From here I will begin adding in class lectures and more interaction between the characters. I know that there have been a lot of speeches so far and from here it will be changing into more conversations. Here is the sorting. I hope you enjoy it.

The group continued on the trip to Hogwarts, several times getting odd looks from the other incoming first years for being a year younger. They laughed when it was Harry getting the oddest looks. Because of his heritage and nature, Harry was easily the smallest of them all, even Luna, who was a year younger.

"Oh don't worry"

"Poppet, we will protect you"

"From the big bullies"

Fred and George offered. Harry ignored them and climbed down to the floor of the carriage with Shadow. He wasn't worried about bullies, they all knew he could protect himself. He was just annoyed that they constantly picked on his size. The first life, before his creature side had been activated, Harry had been small because of malnutrition, this time it was because he had allowed himself to allow his creature to come out early.

"The next crack you make on my size, you will be sleeping in your own room. I am not short, I am petite." He growled. Laughter range out all around him. Harry laid against Shadow and was soon joined by Trick and Trouble, Gred and Forges two spotted leopards. As he sat amongst his friends and watched them joking among each other, he was struck at how different they were from the versions of them selves Harry's first time around.

The first time Harry did not know many of these people, his first train ride consisted of him and Ron goofing off and dealing with Draco being stupid and Neville pathetic. Draco had continued to hate Hermione until sixth year when he came into his veela inheritance and Neville did not really become a friend until after the department of mysteries. Harry had not even met Luna till his fifth year and Susan had not been around till fifth year as well. Luna had been in a different year and Blaise had been very quiet.

This time Draco was actually a friend, he was betrothed to Hermione and knew that blood purity did not matter. Neville was a fit, confident young man and was mated to Susan. Luna was starting school two years early and instead of being labeled as loony and picked on by other children she had been befriended and encouraged to allow her gift to grow. She had been able to train her gift enough to allow her to prevent her mothers death from occurring this time around and was constantly seen with her mate Blaise.

The twins were smart and, while they were still pranksters, actually went out of their way to make good grades and keep their noses clean. After learning from Sirius and Remus they got away with their pranks now. Percy was no longer a pompous rule following git, he was the mate of Oliver Wood and, while still being very serious about his grades, was occasionally known to help the twins with a prank and play quiditch with Oliver. Fleur and Viktor, who had not even attended Hogwarts before, were constants in their group and in the twins year. Victor had joined them two years before when his older brother, who Harry had hired to teach potions in Severus's place.

Bill was the current head of House for Merlin house, he was being trained by Severus who had declined being head of Slytherin upon his return. Severus was another person who was completely different, but that was by his own doing. He had come back in time with Harry and had helped him, now instead of a greasy, hated git, he was well taken care of. His previously greasy hair had been taken care of, it was now down his back and well cared for. He had received a specially spelled jeweled hair clip that held it back and protected it from fumes. He was healthy and had a tan, and he had married a wonderful woman, producing two beautiful daughters. He was even friends with the two remaining Marauders, which was perhaps most surprising of all.

Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, had been in prison until Harry was thirteen the first time around. He had been falsely accused of betraying the late Potters and sentenced to Azkaban with out trial. He had broken out to protect Harry and had eventually died in the department of mysteries before they had been able to clear his name. Now Sirius was bonded with his rightful mate and had a beautiful son as well. He had finally grown up enough to see that he and the other Marauders had been bullies and git's in school, he had apologized to Severus and even become friends with the man. He was fiercely protective of Draco, Harry and Caelum. He considered each his sons and did his best to make sure they all knew it.

Harry was swept from his musings by the train arriving at Hogwarts. The group got off the train and and separated. The returning members made their way to the carriages while the incoming first years were led down to the boats. As Harry looked around he began to realize something important, The year ahead of him last time around was one of the smallest in Hogwarts history. There had been less than ten new students a house. As Harry looked around he saw over sixty new first years including his group. He had been told that the group of squib born, and werewolves had been large but he had not expected this.

There were twenty students who had not attended Hogwarts the last time around, that would be there this time. Hagrid led the groups to the boats and across the lake. Once up at the castle they listened to Mcgonnagal give her speech about the sorting and were led into the hall. There were several waves from students to Harry and he smiled and waved back. He had been a regular figure for the last few years and so he was a normal sight around the castle. Harry watched as everyone was sorted and waited his turn. Finally his name was called and he walked confidently to the front and the stool.

"Hello young heir, how are you today?"

"I am fine, are you going to sort me?" Harry questioned cheekily.

"I really shouldn't you know. I ought to sort you somewhere like the headmasters office or something. It would be funny you know."

"I agree it would be funny but highly inappropriate. You know what the legend says and where I need to go. "

"Yes, yes I know. I cant believe you would take away all of my fun like that. The Lovegood girl already showed me the disastrous events to come if I do not follow destines plans. Very well since I must I guess you belong in "Merlin"."

Applause sounded through the hall and Harry made his way to the round table that had been set up for Merlin house. While the other tables were simply round tables that held eight chairs for any person to sit in, the Merlin table was a large round table made of solid oak and covered in runes. It automatically added new space when needed and grew to allow for new people. In the center of the table was a large hole so that someone could stand in the middle and address the group gathered around the table. It was the largest table in the hall besides the staff table.

After the sorting Dumbledore stood up and said a few words. After clapping his hands the feast appeared. Harry watched with a smile as Gryffindors and Slytherins made friends, all across the hall people were making friends with other houses and instead of judging a person on their houses. After the feast and start of term notices everyone trudged off to their houses common rooms. Bill and Severus led the way for the group on the way to Merlin house. Once they were all settled in Bill called a house meeting.

"Alright guys. I am Bill Weasley or Professor Weasley. I teach the basic warding class. You all know me so you know I am very laid back. Now onto the reason I am speaking to you. We need to go over the house rules. Now you have to follow the rules of the school, but Merlin house has specific rules as well. Because of our importance in society we have a certain image to uphold. The other students are going to be looking at you for cues on how to act. This means that anything you do that gets you a punishment you will serve that punishment and then you will get another one when you get back to the common room. Our punishments are much worse than what the teachers can do to you. I will let Professor Snape cover those in a minute but for now the rules.

Rule one, you will join the exercise runs and workouts every morning out by the lake. If you are ill then we need proof. This is no different than what you have all been doing over the last few years so no surprises there.

Secondly, where the other classes have a choice on whether they help prepare goods and items for the holidays like Samhain and Beltain, you do not. You are each to provide at least three blankets and any number of toys for children. You know how to do the knitting and sewing required. If you are having trouble let one of us know.

Third, if something happens that involves Voldermort you are to call a house meeting. If anything comes up that might be dangerous to the school, you call a house meeting. If anything comes up that could be dangerous to any of the students, you call a house meeting.

Fourth, every weekend we will go into warp time. We will go under after lunch on Saturday and go back on normal time at lunch on Sunday. The other teachers in the school know that Merlin house will not be available during that time so you should not have to deal with detentions or anything like that, even though you should not ever have to worry about detention or you will not be a happy person.

That is all I can think about just now so I will let Professor Snape go over punishments and what ever else he needs to now."

Snape stood and addressed the group before him. He told them that they would suffer worse punishments than any of the other students even if it was for the same crimes. He covered the general punishments and the fact that none of Merlin houses business was to be discussed out of the house common room. He finally told them that if they needed to talk that he and Bill were always available. Finally he sent them off to bed.

The group separated to their rooms. All of the mates shared a room simply because they could not stand to do otherwise. With the purity contracts they literally could not do anything sexual until they were bonded, magic prevented it, so there were no worries.

The next morning after going for a run they split up and began practicing with blades. In classes the students used charmed blades, meaning they were charmed to not cut flesh, but the Merlin house students had been using blades for a lot longer and had more practice than the class room students. Because of this they used their own blades when they faced off with each other, Harry being so small used two daggers, each a foot long. If he used a sword it was a small cross sword.

He could use it but he preferred his daggers. The twins both used Japanese type Katana's, they had wore them across their backs. The girls all used daggers and shorter blades. Luna used small Katana's as well. Bill used a long sword, much like the sword of Gryffindor and Charlie, with his strong, stocky build, used a broadsword.

Everyones blades, no matter the type were all designed and made by the person who wielded them, only mates had even a chance of getting their blades to work for their significant other. The designs were mostly in the handle and simply what they wanted them to look like but the real difference in their swords was that during the working of the metal they infused it with their own magic. The blades were carved with specific runes and were able to hold certain spells but only for their master.

Anyone, with enough practice could use the blades as simple swords or daggers, but only the blades master could truly wield it. They could all use specific spells with their blades, such as a specific type of feindfire, it would not affect the blade but if someone were cut with the blades while they were on fire the fire would not stop until the original caster ordered it to. There were spells that prevented the disarming charm and the summoning spells, the blades were charmed to be able to cut through just about anything when necessary, they could also hold up a shield spell by using their wielders magic like a wand, but it took a lot of power to do so and drained a persons power quickly.

Once everyone had divided up the group began practicing. Harry was up against Blaise. Once bowing they faced off, Harry and Blaise both set a simple 'incendio' spell through their blades, Blaise was using a Katana and Harry his favorite daggers. Blaise and Harry were the best with blades and could match Sensai so the two of them dueling was a beautiful sight. As they moved, using their whole bodies to twist and thrust and dodge it looked like they were dancing. They fought with martial arts and blades in a dance few could equal, the grace like that of their powerful familiars.

Slowly people gathered to watch, not that either of them noticed. They dueled for over thirty minutes non stop, neither tiring. Harry had a fine sheen of sweat on his back, soaking through his tight t-shirt and Blaise was no better and still they moved, thrust, dodge, twist, kick, spin and jump. The sound of metal on metal ringing through the air.

Finally Harry spotted an opening and went for it, he swung towards Blaise's legs in a distraction and when Blaise jumped up to miss his leg he pushed off the ground in a flip and landed on Blaise with one knee on the arm holding his sword and the other on his chest, his left hand dagger at Blaise's neck. Sensai called a halt to the duel, declaring Harry the winner and a cheer went up through the crowd.

Harry climbed off Blaise and offered him a hand up. Laughing and congratulating each other on a great duel the headed up to the castle to shower and get breakfast. The group made it to their common room and split up to shower and change. After a quick shower Harry dressed in a pair of soft black leather trousers and a tight long sleeved black t-shirt with the Merlin crest on his left shoulder.

Using his metamorphagus ability's he turned his long hair that was normally disheveled due to his Potter genes into shirley temple corkscrew curls, he kept it its natural black and waist length but pulling a jeweled hair piece out he pinned the top half back so it would stay out of his face, he knew that the twins would likely have it all down by lunch but he could at least try. He pulled on a pair of knee high dragon hide boots with a two inch heel and slipped his daggers in to them. His wand went into his holster on his wrist and he sat and waited for the twins to finish showering and dressing.

They were both dressed similarly but pulled their red hair back in single thick braids and carried one of their swords on their backs. They were already taller than most others their age and with their workouts had filled out well. He could clearly see six-packs under their shirts and the rest of their muscles were emphasized well. If he hadn't been able to see it he would have said it was not possible for twelve year olds to be built like them. They made their way to the common room to wait for everyone to finish getting ready.

Everyone had chosen all black wardrobes, Tonks being the only girl not in a dress. The year before a seventh year girl had approached the school board with a new dress design in hopes of making the dresses less plain. After putting it to a vote through the school Harry had allowed the change. The dresses like before came white but once sorted they changed to the girls house colors. The dresses were designed like celebration dresses, they were well fitted in the chest and torso with laces up the back, the solid part of the dress stopped just past the girls back sides,about the length of a mini skirt, so as to always be decent, and then the skirt was made up of floor length strips of fabric that would alternate between the two house colors. The girls dresses were black with white ribbon for the lacing in the back and with back and white strips of fabric for the skirt. They wore black satin ballet slippers that laced up their calves.

Once everyone was ready they headed down to breakfast. Severus brought over their time tables over and spoke to Harry.

"They decided that since there are so many of you and that for the past few years the members of Merlin house have been so advanced that your year shall have base classes with just Merlin."

"Um, Professor Snape, what do they consider base classes. I know that we study everything but here it will be different." Neville asked, making a face and calling Severus professor.

The group as a whole had never called him that before, it had been sir at first and eventually evolved to Severus as they all grew closer, just like the others were Lucius, Sirius, and Remus. They had all spent so much time together and even the adults had learned stuff that they simply moved past professional titles and onto names.

"Hogwart's claims that basic classes are considered charms, transfiguration, and potions. The other classes while necessary are not seen as nearly as important. I will be handling your potions class because I know your levels but the other teachers will be testing you for the first class to gage where to start." Severus drawled in his silky voice.

"Thank you for the warning Professor. Will we see you today?" Hermione asked.

"No, I do not have you until tomorrow. I will see you then." he said as he handed out their schedules.

They had transfiguration that morning, followed by wizarding history. After lunch they had charms and warding followed by martial arts. The next day was potions, lunch, basic healing, and an elective for an art, like music, painting, tapestry weaving, and carving. There were others that could be taken but only if you showed a talent for them. On Fridays they had the whole day for electives after herbology. They could take languages or one of the artisan classes or go into advanced study in one of the classes like healing or warding. Their flying and equestrian studies would be Friday afternoons for the first month.

After breakfast the group headed off to Mcgonnigal's class. Harry almost laughed when they went in to find a tabby cat on the teachers desk. He decided they would give her a show since she was trying to catch them off guard. He had warned them all of her animagus form so they all knew what he wanted and with smirks complied after he spoke.

"Hey guys since its just us lets make ourselves more comfortable yea?"

"Sure Harry, hey do you think she is going to want to see our animagus forms?" Draco asked as they transfigured the two person desks into one big square table and eight counter height chairs.

Harry noticed the cats eyes get bigger.

"Of course she will Draco. I heard Remus talking to Sirius about having us help him with his animagus lessons. After all multi animagus are hard to do, and all of us are. I just hope she does not have us show her all of our forms." Hermione said as she and the girls transfigured what was left of the furniture into large pet beds for their familiars.

"I wonder if we will be tested on conjuration?" Blaise asked as he and Neville conjured up a tea set and began passing out cups. Apparently that was Mcgonnigal's limit, she transformed quickly and looked at them all in respect.

"Hello professor, I hope you do not mind us making it a bit more comfortable since there are so few of us?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Young Lord Potter, I must say I am impressed with you and your friends. If it is not to rude of me, may I ask how far you all are along?" She asked as they all sat around the table. She accepted a cup of tea and studied the intricate designs.

"All of us could pass our OWLs today, professor. We are all capable of about half of the six year work and some of us could pass NEWTs." Harry said calmly.

"You said that you all had animagus forms?" she questioned.

"Yes professor, all of us are multi animagus. We all have four forms but Harry, he has a few more. We each have a feline and some type of canine and some type of animal that fly's and one other. We have all registered one of our forms simply because the law says we must. The law thankfully is worded with the assumption that being a multi animagus is so rare that it is pointless to register more than one animal so we used that loophole to only register one." Susan stated calmly.

"How many people know you have more than one form?" she asked.

"Everyone in Merlin house, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, and the Lords Malfoy-Black. We ask that you not spread this information as it might save our lives one day. We would be glad to teach you the process if you like so long as you promise not to register your other forms and only inform those you must." Harry said.

She thankfully agreed and then moved on to testing them. After seeing how far they were she was very impressed. She quizzed them on theory and had them show her their forms, by the end of class she declared that she could have everyone of them ready for NEWTs by the end of the year. She had them turn her room back and the showed them to an unused room just down the hall that they could set up however they liked and she would use it just for them.

After discussing it she allowed them to use it for their other lessons that were just for their house if the teacher was willing to come and teach them there. After setting up the room how they wanted it they headed off to history and customs. They discovered they again had the class by them selves and were again given an aptitude test. They again managed to shock the teacher and he declared they were all OWL level. He agreed to teach them at the level they were and that when if they passed their OWLs they could simply test out of the class if they wished. After a voting session they all decided to allow him to set up a time for someone to come and administer the OWL test. None of them would need an NEWT level grade so they would all test out.

They made it to lunch and ate while visiting. While eating his sandwich Fred stole his hair peen and he and George began tugging on the curls and making them bounce. Harry simply allowed it. He knew he looked feminine and dainty but as it caused people to underestimate him and let him look more innocent he did not mind to much.

Charms went much like transfiguration and Flitwick was ecstatic they were all so advanced. He asked if they planned on testing for their OWLs or NEWTs early. They said that they might take the tests next year but that they all wanted to remain at Hogwarts for the full seven years and if they took the tests they would be remaining so they could get masteries.

Bill's class was a lot of fun. He agreed to teach them in their special classroom and for practical work had them ward the room so that only they and the teachers could enter. They all had basic warding knowledge so far because of all that they had learned but Bill had trained with the goblins and a few masters in curse breaking and warding and was at mastery level. He would be taking the Mastery test during the yule holidays that year.

He would not be leaving the school until one of the others was ready to take over as House master so he would be there for the next few years and during the holidays would work freelance for Gringots. He would be going to Egypt that summer and most of the group would be tagging along. For a week or two.

The last class of the day was martial arts and they all sparred with Sensai. The next few days passed in similar fashion. After the History teacher told all of the other teachers about them it was decided to test them in all of their mandatory classes. They had all tested out of basic healing with an offer to continue into introductory healer classes, they had taken the OWL in history and all gotten an O. After proving that they could all speak more than the required two languages fluently. The ministry testers were shocked when they learned that they could speak creature languages as well. They poor man almost wet himself when he learned that that they could speak parseltounge.

They brought in a goblin to verify that they were speaking gobeldigook and tested them down by the black lake for mermish. They had also shown that they could all play at least two instruments well and some of them could play more than two so they no longer had to take a music class either. They all showed skill in household charms and spells so the wizarding life class was passed as well. When the students in the higher grades from merlin heard about the testing they decided to take the tests as well. Finally they board of governors and the teachers called a meeting to discuss what should be done. So that Friday evening in a large empty classroom the students from Merlin house and the teacher and board met.

"Hello ladies and gentleman" Dumbledore said as he called the meeting to order. "We are here to decide on the educational needs for the remarkable students from Merlin house and how we can best help them. They have shown in just the first few days that they are well above their peer age. The ones in the upper years are all ready to take and pass their NEWT level exams. It is clear that they need a different type of curriculum so we have William Weasley, warding professor here to speak on their behalf. I give you the floor Bill, help us help your students."

Bill walked calmly to the front of the room and spoke to the group as a whole.

"Hello, as the headmaster stated I am Bill Weasley and I am a former Merlin house student. I am the current head of house for the Merlin house and I know each of the students very well. As you no doubt know every Merlin student currently at Hogwarts has passed their OWLs with outstanding's across the board. It can also be said that many of them are ready for their NEWT tests. I have heard several times from several of the teachers that they should simply be allowed to test out and leave school since they are so far ahead, the problem with that is that once sorted into Merlin house the students are bound to attend the next seven school years. It is an unbreakable vow made between the hat and the rule was allowed to be disrupted for any student who was transferred from a different house over first year but only them. After speaking with the students in my house I believe we have come to a respectable solution. I suggest that the Merlin students be allowed to have independent study. From here on all Merlin students will do self study as long as they take their OWLs at the end of fifth year. What this would mean is that once a week they would have a class with the instructors for each class other than potions, which they should have the regular classes do to its volatile nature. This would satisfy the magical contract and allow the student to spend seven years here with out becoming bored and would allow them to work at their own pace." Bill finished and sat down.

After a whole lot of debate it was decided that all members of the house must attend the first week of lessons for their first year and then each week they would write a two foot paper for each of the classes they had not passes their OWL in on what they have learned. Once they had passed their OWL in a subject they could either stop the class or continue to turn in two feet of parchment on what they were studying until such a time as they passed their NEWTs. Once they had passed their NEWTs they could study independently or apprentice with one of the teachers for a mastery. When they turned in their paper at the end of the week they would show the teacher the practical work they had learned.

Since the whole house had taken their OWLs they began studying for NEWTs. Those that were ready took them and went on from their. About a weak before Samhain on Harry met up with Severus, Remus, Sirius, Lucius, and Bill.

So I think it is time to start working on gathering Voldermorts horcruxes. We have the locket from the old Black house in London and the Diary that he gave to Lucius, I know where the Diadem is and we know where the cup is. Niagini is not one yet and my scar is not one anymore. With the purifying rituals we have preformed over the last few years it was slowly purged from my body. It took about four rituals before it was gone. I have spoken with Ragnarök and after lots of debating it has been decided that if I claim full founders rights then they will hand over the cup. The only issue is that by doing so I will become headmaster of the school. I will not have a choice. What should we do?"

"Well, we need to destroy the other pieces first and when that is the only one left then we can talk it over with the headmaster. How are we going to destroy them is my question." Sirius asked.

"Well I thought about during Christmas break we could go down to the Chamber of Secrets and kill the Basilisk. I want to do it when the students are gone so that they are safe. Does that sound good?"

"But how do you plan on killing it? You said it was huge so what do you plan to do?" Remus asked.

"Well to be honest I was just gonna take a few rosters down there and make them crow. Why? Did you think I really wanted to battle a sixty foot Basilisk?" Harry asked with humor.

Remus blushed and looked down. They talked a little while longer on how to go about collecting things and on what to do about Voldermort before it was decided that it would be necessary to allow him to tack over Quirril and come to Hogwarts the next year. If everything went as planned then Voldermort would be over in just over a year.

They finally set up a plan to get all of the horcruxes by that weekend and deal with them that weekend. Bill was taking Severus and a group of Goblin curse breakers that weekend to collect the ring and Lucius would just floo home and grab the diary and hurry back. The locket was in the war room under blood wards at the 'lair' and they would get it right before they destroyed the others. They all headed together to the room of requirement to find the diadem. It took most of two hours before Sirius spotted it. Bill held out a warded bag and Harry levitated it in. the problems started as they left the room. Dumbledore was in the hall waiting for them.

"Why hello my boys, how are you today?"

"We are fine headmaster. What brings you to thins part of the castle?" Remus responded.

"Well as you know the castle wards are tied to me, about five minutes ago they alerted me to a surge of dark magic coming from this area. Do you know what it was?" he asked.

They all shared a look before Lucius spoke. "Headmaster there is something you need to know. If you could follow us to the Merlin classrooms I think its time we let you in on a few secrets." They led him to the classroom that Merlin house used.

Harry quickly sent out a patronus message to the common room trusting them to all be there. Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at that but said nothing. The 'orator patronum' had been created in the last war by his mother. She had found a way to use a persons patronus to send a message within just a minute or two, no matter how far. Dumbledore probably thought he had learned from Sirius or Remus.

Once they made it to the classroom the others were already waiting. Dumbledore quickly conjured his own ghastly colored squashy armchair and sat waiting. Bill sat the bag with the diadem on the table, the dark magic from it pulsing through the air. Once they made sure the room was warded Harry began speaking.

"Albus, I need you to listen to what all I have to say before you interrupt. First I will tell you what is in the bag. In the bag in Rowena Ravenclaws Diadem. Normally this would be a wonderful find but, unfortunately, Tom Riddle found it first. Riddle, while he was still in school, began practicing and studying the dark arts. He found a rare piece of magic called horcruxes" Harry said. Dumbledore's eyes lost some of their twinkle at that.

"I suspected he did something of the sort. I do wonder how you know this though." he said in a conversational tone, as though he were discussing the weather.

"I know quite a few things actually. I know that he had planned to create seven of the blasted things and he almost succeeded." Dumbledore suddenly looked very old, as though the world was on his shoulders.

"Do you know what the objects are?" he asked wearily.

"I know what and where, by Saturday evening all but one will have been destroyed. The only issue with the last one is that it is in an Gringots vault. Now I can claim the item but in order to do so I have to take on the full Founders rights, meaning I would have to take over as Headmaster of the school. I am still young and while one day I would greatly enjoy being Headmaster I had no wish to take the position for several more years. If we can think of no other option by the beginning of the year staff meeting next year then I will have to."

"Why that time limit?" Dumbledore asked.

"Next year Quirril will be attending the first staff meeting as the new DADA teacher. He is currently in Albania and by the time that he returns he will be possessed by Voldermort. My plan is to have that be an ambush and to defeat the bastard once and for all. That can only happen if all of the horcruxes are destroyed." Harry said, determination in every word.

"I will do what I must to insure that he dies, if that means taking over the school then I will do so."

"Buy my boy, you are so young. If you tell me where the horcruxes are I will get them and destroy them. You should enjoy your childhood." the aged headmaster said.

"Headmaster, you can not complete my destiny for me. It is my fight, one I plan on winning. There is change coming to our world Headmaster. The time is ripe. The Fates have demanded that I act and so I will. I am not a child sir, I have not been a child for a long time. I do not require your help, but if you like you way accompany Bill to retrieve one of the horcruxes on Saturday. He will be going with a team of curse breakers to collect it. On Saturday when he returns we will be striking each item with the sword of Gryffindor. As you know it is a goblin blade and as such is coated in basilisk venom. You may join us as we destroy them but I will be the one to do so. I ask that you not try to interfere, you will not like the consequences." Harry said sternly.

Once again the headmaster asked how he knew all that he did and so he was told. He was told how Harry's life was the first time around. When told of the Sorcerers Stone he realized why Quirrilmort would be at Hogwarts next year. Harry said that they would need to speak with the Flammels as soon as possible as well. When told about the Basilisk he was shocked that suck a thing resided under the school. He tried to get up to send a not to the department of animal control but they stopped him and told him that it would be dealt with during yule. He was told of the dementors that had been after Sirius, and the triwizard cup. As I told him of Cedric's death I cried, I told him of fifth year with Umbridge and the DoM, of sixth year and Draco switching sides. I told him about the attack on Hogsmead that stole his life and seventh year under Mcgonnagal and Snape being named as spy. I told him of finding his pensive at the end of seventh year and discovering the horcruxes. He was told of the three and a half year hunt for the damned things and of the final betrayal that was so unexpected. Finally he was told of the duel that ended Voldermorts reign of terror.

"When it was all over there were only just over a couple thousand wizards left in Brittan. Everyone was gone, he had killed them all. Severus and I came back to stop him from rising again. Since we have come back my destiny has been changed again, Luna is a Fate speaker and a seer. Apparently unless we succeed in bringing peace back and reestablishing the old ways then magic shall die." Harry finished.

Everyone sat in pensive silence until Luna's bell like voice spoke in the echo of fate.

"Already the path of man has altered, with tradition standing strong magic is beginning to thrive. With prejudices falling to the past, those of strength can again join with those who have none. Once the broken soul has gone magic shall be safe. Take heed, Avalon comes riding. Once the snake lord is gone one last battle shall be fought. Magics oldest enemy shall wake soon. Greed for power shall drive your enemy. Stand with Avalon and save your world, Avalon's riders shall bring the final part for peace. Be not swayed by smooth words and cunning visage, you have not faced this enemy before. The child of destiny knows many names but shall soon know the name of king. Do not hide from your destiny for it shall take you whether ready or not. Avalon's rides shall bow to the King and so shall the world."

The glow in her eyes faded and her voice lost its echo as Luna existed in the here and now again.

"Luna, what does it mean. Avalon has been lost to wizards for a millennium. It has been lost since merlin. Who are Avalon's riders. Who is to be named King." Matt asked.

"Avalon has not been lost it simply faded to those who forgot her secret. Avalon's riders are known to legend as the knights of the round table. The descendants of the original knights and any who are worthy are know known as Avalon's riders. They have hidden themselves since the death of Arthur caused by the witch Morgan Le Faye. Before his death he managed to cast a spell to lock her in an endless sleep. Legend says she will rise and can only be truly defeated by a King named of the fates."

"That is nothing like the muggle legend. And Luna who is the King. That blood line died out centuries ago. How will the knights know who is meant to be king?" Hermione questioned.

"It is not my destiny to name the king. You all know who it is. Who do we know with many names including Child of Fate. We know who it is but until Avalon's knights bow to him it cannot be proven. Legend says when the knight bow the world will as well. The King shall face Morgan Le Faye in the battle for magic but he will only win if he accepts his place." Luna said while watching Harry.

Harry simply looked at her for a moment. "Luna, shall my destiny ever be peaceful?"

"Harry your destiny is meant to bring peace. You were chosen by magic and by fate, you shall have peace when you create it. Once you bring your world to balance you may rest. Be at peace now my friend, for fate has declared your victory over Voldermort. He shall be finished within the year." she said serenely.

Harry groaned and simply transformed into a small pure black fox and crawled into George's lap. This led to Remus having to explain that they were all multi-animagus when he stated he was under the impression that Harry had a feline form not canine. They discussed a few other things and then everyone parted with Bill telling the headmaster to meet him in the entrance hall at six am if he wanted to accompany them.

George carried a sleeping fox back to their room and they all slept through the night.

So next chapter is going to cover getting the horcrux from the guant shack and the others. I might cover Samhain as well it just depends on how much the retrieval and destruction of the horcruxes takes. I need to know if I should kill off Dumbledore. Should he be cursed by the ring or not. Just putting it up for vote so let me know.