Hello to my long-time, uber-supportive, ultra-pervy Hummer fans! ::waves:: I know it's been for-FREAKIN-ever since I did anything with this one-shot, but don't you for one minute think that Carlisle left me alone. He was there, in the back of my brain, itching for some…shall we say, release?...all the time. And what, you ask, has come of it? Well, my pretties, what many of you asked for and yelled at me for teasing you with: The Hummer, but from Carlisle's POV.

I PROMISE this is NOT the exact same fic just from his POV, this is his back story, his torture that led him to that red chair with Bella. So, if that in ANY way peaks your interest, see the summary below and then go check out my new fic…

The Cassolette

The perfume emanating from her made me stutter, crazy with want. Not want to drain her dry - I wanted her alive, heart pumping, squirming in pleasure. I had long ago mastered restraint, but it was slipping. I had never faltered, not ever. Until her.