Chapter 1

It was in autumn time of the year 1692...the air was crisp and clean but I wasn't really enjoying it because I was running, running for my life. I had been accused of witchcraft, why I don't know. Oh, it was probaly because I was 23, still not married, I have no desire to be, I did not wish to be some simple minded dolcile person tied to some man and oh! I remember Lord Patterson's wife saying only last week :

'Oh! you have the flaming red hair of a witch! how I envy you!'

Did she think I was dolt? she accused me because I saw that look that her husband gave me, just like every other man with good eyesight!

I was running as hard as I could away from the mob when I fell up against a old tree and in trying to catch my breath, I heard a elderly man's voice say:

"Are you okay lass? why are you running so heavy?"

I jump at the words then I see the man of 55-60 standing in front of me, he does not look familiar but I say:

"Oh! I'm just running from them! the people of my town has accused me of being a witch!"

The man chuckles at my words then says:

"Are you?"

My eyes go in horror at his words then I yell out, louder than I should for a person in my situation:


Then he just looks around then says:

"Would you like to make fools of them?"

His words interest me so then I take a long look at this man and I ask:

"How would that be?"

He shrugs his shoulders and says:

"Like this"

He leaps at me so fast that a mere heartbeat has not gone by and I feel something bite the skin of my neck then all goes black.

My eyes opened I think but I see nothing. My hands feel for the wall and it's hard


I think to myself then I realize I am in a cave.

'A cave?' I was with that…that person by a old tree, now I'm here? What is going on?"

I sit up, my hand goes to my forehead and I realize, I feel different. How? What?

Then I realize there's some light and my hands go along this rock/bench where I lay then I somehow realize that it's not light! It's my eyes! I can see in this darkness!

Why is my throat burning like a parched river? How many days have I been here?

I get up and go to the front of the cave…at least I think it's the front, my instincts have taken over….I see the sun and I smile because at least I see something I know but as soon as I hit sunlight, I can't believe it! My skin on my hand! It sparkles ! Like the jewels on a crown!!!

"What am I?"

I scream to nobody but the burning is still in my throat and it is so intensifying with each passing second that I can't stand it then I see him. My new eyes can see things SO clear, that I can easily see a person at the edge of the woods, just coming in and before I knew it, my feet were almost floating on the ground faster than I ever expected to be and I was there before I knew it. I now recognized the person, he was one of the men who had chased me into these woods, accused me of being a witch! What was that odd man's words? 'Would you like to make fools of them?' the words echo in my mind and I say silently: 'Yes'

I take up my courage and say:

"Mister Hameliton?"

The man turns to me and asks:


The sun comes out at that very moment and he screeches like a fool banchee:

"I knew you were a witch!"

I just smile and say:

"I am not a witch"

He just snorts and says:

"Oh? Then what are you?"

I just smile and jump on him and my teeth go automatically to his neck, my teeth penetrate his neck and a smooth liquid enters my mouth and goes down my throat

Then after a few minutes, I throw his body on the ground and I know what I am and I smile.