As soon as James sweeps in and takes down the 'vampire hunters', Victoria stands up and easily breaks the ropes as a cat scratches across someone's face. James throws her Private Johnson, she grabs him by the neck and screams:

"You fool!! Vampires don't have fangs!!!"

To prove her point, she turns him around to watch James open his mouth and bites into the neck of his victim and then she does the same to him. A double thud is heard as they both throw their victims down onto the ground and they smile as the humans lay dead around them.

After we had buried the dead bodies in a mass grave, I look at James, I throw down my shovel and go to him and I tell him in my softest voice:


Before I can say another word, he grabs me and kisses me. Hard with passion I have yet to feel from him, if I could cry, I think a tear would come from my eyes. His hands glides smoothly over my skin from my neck to where my heart should be beating.

He looks at me with puzzlement, pain and sorrow and he tells me:

"Don't you know what I would have felt if they had ….killed you? Taken you away from me?"

I just grab his hands in mine, put my cheek on them, softly kiss them and say:

"You won't ever have to know but James, I am truly sorry for how I have done you,

I guess I was just so scared I would lose you somehow"

He smiles then says:

"You won't ever lose me"

He kisses me again but this time deeper, stronger…it seems we melt down to the ground kissing, and then my hands find his shirt, I unbutton it and he unzips my dress then we make love again on that spot of land, under the trees and with the cold winds of war around us.

We left that spot a hour later after that, James was right, we should have left it earlier, I just wanted to stay there, keeping him a newborn…James has really adjusted to life as a vampire, more so than I. One of the first things we did before we left that area was that we went into town and bought some beautiful, new clothes, James did have a bit of trouble with the many, many scents humans can bring and his nostrils did flare up a time or two but he did control himself. I'm proud of him and…I love him more every day.

A few hours after we bought our beautiful clothes, we walked at a slow vampire speed down the east coast, a few hours away from the state we had called home for so long, we stopped at the pacific ocean and watched huge flagships come in and James said:

"I hear the French are coming to help the Americans"

At that very moment, we both smell a different smell…I recognized it as the scent of another vampire…James didn't because he wasn't used to running into another of our kind. It was a vampire but something….different. A man of olive tone skin, black hair, dark eyes said:

"Yes, we did come to help the Americans"

The vampire had a slight French accent, he looked at us then at the ships and James and I looked at each other then James asks:

"You're a vampire?"

The man smiles and says:

"Yes, I'm Laurent"

The man holds out his hand for James to shake, James looks at me and I smile nervously and James shakes it then says:

"Did you come by ship?"

The man smiles then says:

"No, I knew I would frighten the others, I followed by walking on the ocean floor and on land when I could"

We all fall silent then Laurent finally asks:

"I am alone in this country…may I join your coven?"

James looks at me and I just shrug my shoulders and he smiles then says:

"I never thought of us as a coven but yes"

Laurent smiles then asks:

"Who's the leader?"

James looks at me and my eyes look at James and he proudly says:

"I am"

We all turn our faces back to the ships and think of freedom.