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This is one I've had in my mind for about a year. I wrote down this first chapter a while ago, but I'm only now deciding to post it.

This story was inspired by a website called sleeptrip dot com slash 300 love letters.

I'll link to it on my profile and write an LJ about the entire inspiration progress soon. Basically, this woman decided to write 300 love letters to random people, they were about different subjects, and several people received more than one. She sent them out anonymously, but documented them all. I thought it was such a beautiful idea, and of course, as I would, also thought 'what would happen if Bella did that'

So here it is.

Chapter One: Bella

"Bella I'm going to stay over to Jasper's tonight, you okay with that?"

"Sure Alice, it's no big deal," I said with a smile before turning back to my book. My housemate, Alice smiled widely at me and leaned over the couch to give me a hug before she grabbed her bag and coat and ran out the door.

Being herself she ran back in immediately after and stepped into the bathroom, reassessing her choice in wardrobe. She washed her face again and began applying her make up all over.

My friends and I had grown up in a small town in Washington called Forks. It rains more in that infinitesimally small town than any other place on the west coast. Alice, Rosalie and I had known each other since we were babies. It only made sense that we'd rent an apartment when we moved to Seattle for college. We'd been in the same place for the past two years, and I felt more like I was a permanent residence in the apartment than they were. They spent the majority of their time with their boyfriends; Jasper to Alice, and Emmett to Rosalie. Sure, they were all ridiculously cute together and just plain perfect for each other; but being a fifth wheel for the past two years was not fun.

I looked at the time and figured now was as good a time as any to run out and get some lunch. I put my book into a small messenger bag and grabbed my keys from the counter. I slipped into my converse and was about to open the door when it was pushed open, nearly hitting me in the face.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry Bells!" Emmett chuckled as he stepped inside. Rosalie walked in behind him and smiled warmly at me.

"You going out for food?" Rosalie asked, kicking off her shoes. Alice threw her heels into the closet and pulled out a pair of flats, posing for Rosalie to see if the outfit was alright.

"Yep, talk to you guys later!" I said with a smile. Alice walked outside with me, gave me a peck on the cheek and then we were both on our separate ways. Our building was surprisingly close to campus, and in my second semester first year I had found a small, cozy cafe nearby that I'd made a habit of eating at. I spent nearly every lunch there with a book, enjoying the easy going music and the quiet people that sat there.

I stepped inside and the woman working at the counter looked up to smile and wave at me. I'd seen employees come and go, and they were all very familiar with me. I was one of the few regulars. I placed my bag on a small round table near a window. I walked up front to pay for a sandwich and a large tea before I carefully walked back to my spot to avoid tripping. I settled in with the book lying open on the table while I ate until all I had left was my tea which was cooled down to a satisfactory temperature.

I took a moment to look up at the other people in the cafe. There were only three people there besides myself. There was an indie couple sitting in a dark corner, their heads close together as they whispered to each other. Then there was just one man sitting next to a wall. He had a text book open in front of him and a picked apart muffin sitting on the table. There was a cup, similar to mine with steam rising out of it, but all of his attention was devoted to the text he was poring over.

I had to admit from where I was sitting he looked quite attractive. He had a strong back and shoulders, and a well defined, square jaw. His hair was unruly, sticking out in all sorts of directions. It was an unusual colour, similar to bronze. His eyebrows were furrowed and I noticed how long his fingers were when he reached for more food.

My cheeks filled with heat and I looked back down to my book. When I'd finished with Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy's happy romance I felt more bitterness than I had at home. Even the people in my books were leading happier lives than mine. That might sound a bit melodramatic, but considering my only experience in a relationship was a friend of the family for two months in high school, I was a little miffed. Not one guy since. Everyone who'd asked me out was clearly creepy.

I had this problem where I desperately wanted to fall in love. Ignore the fact that I'd never felt that strongly for someone before in my life, but being constantly surrounded by it, I became a dreamer. I wanted someone who would do the little things for me, who'd know me better than my best friends.

I was tired of sleeping alone at night, of not having someone to go to when I had something to say.

I was tired of feeling like nobody's somebody.

I sighed in frustration and packed up my bag. Alice and Rosalie would be gone out all night, and what was I to do? Sit alone like the pathetic single person that I was. Maybe I'd see if Angela wanted to do anything tonight. I picked up my garbage and went to dump it. The guy sitting by himself looked up at me when I moved closer to him. It was then that I saw how brightly green his eyes were. They were beautiful to say the least, and my eyes scanned him over quickly, noticing the way his grey t-shirt clung to his chest.

When I threw everything into the trash I turned back to grab my things. Being who I am of course I tripped in my own feet. It was never a shoelaces fault; it was always my awkward incompetent body. I barely caught myself on the edge of a table, causing it to jerk greatly and make the most awful noise as it bumped the chairs around it and screeched.

I heard soft, musical laughter behind me and looked over my shoulder at the guy sitting by himself. He was smiling beautifully, small creases forming at the corner of his eyes. He had his tea raised up to his mouth, but I suspect it was more to hide the fact that he was laughing.

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "Are you okay?" My heart nearly thudded out of my chest at the sound of his voice.

"Yeah, sure," I stammered. "I'm fine. No harm done." He nodded and kept the easy going, happy smile on his face as he turned back to his book. My cheeks were so furiously red that I'd bet they were hotter than the sun. I pushed my things into my bag and slung it over my shoulder before walking past him towards the door.

He smiled at me and I found my heartbeat picking up and I tried weakly to smile back. Except... I think I might have grimaced at him, so I turned around and walked quickly outside the cafe. I hit my forehead as I walked across campus towards the bookstore. I should have said hello. I should have anything, since he looked like he would have been up for a chat. It didn't matter now. I probably wouldn't see him again except in passing around school.

I picked up the next book for my classic literature English course and walked towards the cash. I passed the woman the book and my eye caught a stack of postcards. I picked one up, and I'm not exactly sure why but I passed it to the cashier as well.

I walked home to the sounds of cars and people and the wind. I saw no green eyed, bronze haired, square-jawed boy when I glanced in the window of the cafe, so I went home to sit on the balcony of the apartment and started the new book.

Of course the first thing to be mentioned was the fact that the protagonist was in love. I groaned and shut the book immediately. I looked at the post card that I had started to use as a bookmark already. There was a picture of the largest building of the university, silhouetted with a big bright blue sky. University of Washington, Seattle was written across the picture in big loopy letters.

So what was I going to do with it? I let my head fall back and stared out over the lot of the apartment building at all the people walking, enjoying their sunny afternoons. I felt that if I had someone to share this afternoon with, maybe I would be having a better day.

I picked up my pen and wrote eight simple words on the back of the postcard before signing with my name. They were words that I wanted my own perfect guy to know, words that I wished would come true.

I packed up my things and went back inside, pulling the phone book out of a drawer in the kitchen and opening it to a random page in the Seattle section. I ran my finger down the page with my eyes closed and stopped.

"Masen, E," I murmured, writing down the address on the back of the postcard. I decided that I wanted to let someone know that I was looking for my perfect guy, and I wanted to tell this E Masen everything about him. But, I would start out small. This was my start to coming to terms with something I was never going to have.

I peeled off a stamp and slipped into my shoes to walk down to the sidewalk and drop the postcard into the mailbox. It seemed final now, and I had a mild sense of peace of mind. I could concentrate on my work, not feel so bitter, if at least one person out there knew what I was looking for.

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This is going to be very similar to Across the Ocean, firstly because each chapter will switch point of views, so Edward's is next.