Beta'd by my superhero enviousxbeauty

Nick Chopper
To the Beat of My Heart

Every heart beat that I have,
Every sound that I make,
Everything that I work for,
Is all for you to take.

My heart beats for you-
My blushing bride,
I keep chopping away so
I can be with you for all time.

Home is where the heart is,
And you're in my heart.
Even if my ax should slip
And I start to fall apart.

At first, it's just my leg,
Then it's my left arm,
My ax betrays its promise
To keep me from harm.

I grew up learning how
To use my father's ax.
I don't understand why
Its suddenly starting to react.

Add another limb to me,
Just build me anew.
It's just a little tin nothing
Could change that I love you.

It's just another arm.
It's just another part.
But suddenly they're
Tinkering with my heart.

I've got work to do…
I've got places to move…
I don't even think I'll miss
The beat they removed.

.:The End:.