"You okay back there?" Keiichi asked conversationally, rather glad that Mion couldn't see his expression as he shifted gingerly so that she was resting in a more comfortable position. He was wearing a rather goofy-looking smile as he carried her on his back along the road, it had seemed like the only way to get her to the Watanagashi festival, as she couldn't walk very far before her wound had begun to ache. She'd protested halfheartedly but in the end she had accepted his offer and clung wearily to his back and held on for the ride. They had been like this for almost ten minutes of comfortable silence, both teens too embarrassed and sheepishly pleased with the situation to really speak anyway.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Are you?" Mion asked coyly, also glad that he couldn't see her expression. This had gone beyond everything and anything she had ever hoped for. She had been kissed twice by him tonight, given a present and now she was being carried by the teenage boy she'd fallen for so long ago. Part of her was completely certain that she was dreaming, the other was happily content to remain in the dream, if that's what it was. Resting her chin on his shoulder when he didn't answer, she pursed her lips and crinkled her nose as she tried to get a good look at his expression but was foiled when he turned his head away from her. "Hey, no fair! I just wanna know if you're doing alright, you're carrying me for heaven's sake!"

"I'm fine, I carried you downhill before, this isn't a stretch." Keiichi answered her rather breezily, though his grin was giving away his laughter. She was blushing, he could feel the heat of her face against his neck when she hid it there and it did wonders for his mood. This was so much different from that moment though, he had been running then, driven by fear and anguish as she clutched weakly to him, gasping for air and groaning with pain at his every step. This was a complete opposite, she was awake and content, holding onto him gingerly and sheepishly while they kept up a steady and cheery conversation. "Just tell me if you want to go any slower or something, I don't want to get your stitches reopened. Dr Irie will murder me."

"Murder you? He'll murder me for getting you to take me out." Mion disagreed, shaking her head and trying not to grin with mischief as she thought of it. Her sister had warned her many times not to leave her room, let alone the hospital, she was breaking so many rules that it was a high in itself to be doing it. She mused thoughtfully, voice inquisitive, "I wonder how Shion will react when she sees me..."

"Stay away from her right, she's got a killer arm." Keiichi advised, flexing his jaw to prove his statement. Not enough time had passed since she'd hit him for his face to bruise, but he had no doubts that he'd be sporting lovely colours in the days to come. Though she'd given him an abashed apology, he knew that he'd be watching his steps around her for many months before he dared to let his guard down. Mion didn't giggle, and he realized at once that she was still rather annoyed with her sister for hitting him. Letting out a sigh, he gently reminded her, "If you were Shion and I was Satoshi, would you have punched me?"

Mion bit down on her lower lip to stifle a laugh at the thought, trying her best to be serious and give the idea some merit. 'After everything Shion went through, if I saw Satoshi-kun again I could actually give him a few punches just to punish him for leaving her like she was. It might not have been all his fault but I certainly could let loose on him for awhile all the same...' With a bit of an exaggerated sigh and some annoyance, she allowed, "I guess I can sorta understand where Shion was coming from... but she didn't need to hit you so hard seeing as I was perfectly okay..."

"Well she couldn't tell that, so do you honestly blame her?" Keiichi shot back, turning his head just a little so he could let her see the disbelief and challenge in his eyes. She rolled her own but didn't answer him, and the boy couldn't help but smile when she looked somewhat embarrassed. He was rather getting attached to the blush she had been sporting since he'd caught her on the roof, he admitted inwardly that he'd like to see it much more often. Hoisting her just a bit higher up on his back, he mused lazily, "She really loves you, y'know? I think you mean a lot more to her then she lets on."

Mion smiled rather tenderly at his words, and self-consciously, she nuzzled against his neck as her face warmed with pleasure at the thought. 'It scared me... To think I lost her back there, underground. A lot of what happened scared me.' The warmth in her face had spread to her entire body, and she was thoughtful as Keiichi fell into silence, walking along with her. It all seemed so new yet so familiar, this feeling of contentment and abashed pleasure. Musing mostly to herself, she murmured into his ear, "I love her, but I don't tell her that as often as I should. I guess I just assume she knows that, or I'm too stupid to say it to her... I should work on telling her that I love her more, especially after all that happened. Who knows when I won't be around to say it again, or when she won't be here to hear me tell her?"

"Don't think like that, you got shot yesterday." Keiichi grunted unhappily, wishing he could look her fully in the face to let her know how annoyed her words made him. He didn't want to think about the deaths of any of his friends, especially of the twins, especially of the one he carried on his back. It was just too real for him, he had nearly lost her once already, he wasn't sure if he could manage actually having her slide from his grasp for certain. "You're going to live a long life Mion, everybody is. No one's going to die young."

"Heh, I gotta admit though, dying young sounds good if I'm facing off ending up looking like my grandmother sixty years down the road." Mion jested playfully, nudging her nose against his cheek in an effort to coax a smile from him. Pleased to see that it had worked, she added cheerfully, "Though I guess the consolation is knowing that if I end up looking like that, so will Shion!"

"Pfft..." Keiichi couldn't help it, he started chuckling at the mental image she'd drawn him. The two twins just seemed so lively and young, much too different from their aged grandmother and the idea of the two of them becoming like the woman was outlandish. He stopped laughing abruptly when he realized how far they had come during their conversation, the lights of the festival were shining brightly just a few feet away now. "Wow, time flies... You want me to carry you in?"

Mion blinked several times, then squirmed a little inwardly when she savoured the offer. It was rather tempting to just stay where she was for the rest of the night, but she knew that rumours would fly quickly if she made her entrance on the back of a boy. Worse still it was the boy that her parents knew she was very fond of, and she could only imagine how much trouble she would be in if word got out. Her smile grew mischievous and she happily tightened her arms around his shoulders and announced cheerfully, "Well, seeing as I'm gonna be demoned away by my demon granny the second she finds out about everything I've been up to, I might as well celebrate our victory in style. If you're up to it, I'm totally game."

Keiichi heard the devilish quality in her voice and he couldn't help but be spurred on by it. She truly could be fearless when she decided to be, and it only made him want to par his skills. His hands loosened on her legs but before she had a chance to touch the ground he awkwardly managed to turn his hips so he could move her into his arms. She squeaked and he grinned brightly, carrying her bridal style and setting his chin on top of her hair. "Well if you wanna go down in style, I certainly can help with that. It's a pity I don't have a swimsuit on me, then you really could rock this festival!"

"I love your thinking Kei-chan!" Mion crowed, pumping her fist into the air as she laughed outright at his blatant enthusiasm for her gatecrashing. She could only imagine the tortures she was going to have to endure, but at the moment all of her family protocol had slid into the back of her mind. She was with Keiichi, her teammates were somewhere in the festival celebrating a beautiful victory, and she was in a great mood. Nothing was going to keep her from having as much fun as she could. "Let's do it and get our asses kicked in the process!"

"You got it Captain!" Keiichi laughed loudly, snuggling her close to his chest and whisking her rather smugly towards the array of tents that was the festival. Many of the residents in the crowd gave them both second looks, but Mion, for her credit, grinned and waved cheerfully at the ones who outright stared at them. Her face a brilliant shade of pink, she seemed completely at ease in his hold and made no movements to make it look as if he was simply carrying her instead of holding her to him.

She giggled at his jokes and playfully elbowed him when he made too many lewd comments, almost as if it was nothing more than another club activity, as if he hadn't kissed her twice and she hadn't taken a bullet for him. He was surprised at how normal things still were between them, but there was a hint of a deeper 'like' that he hadn't felt before in her smile and her laugh. She cuddled up to him occasionally and it felt so natural to have his arms around her like they were now. He rather enjoyed this new dynamic.

"Aww, that's no fair, you're way better with guns than any of us are Shi!" A very familiar voice griped from their left, and Keiichi halted automatically, turning his back and peeking over his shoulder with Mion to avoid being seen. Mion peeked over his opposite shoulder, grinning as she saw the backs of her friends who were surrounding a shooting gallery.

Shion smirked at the grumbling Rika, playfully dangling the small bear charm she had won from the gallery. Rena was practically drooling as she watched it swing from side to side, unmistakable lust in her face as she began to squirm. Hanyuu, sheepish, was also staring at the charm with envy as Satoko tried her luck, resolutely ignoring the bickering behind her. The younger twin's smile softened at Rika's little huff of sadness and Hanyuu's pout, and she handed the charm over to the two and announced, "You guys are really hopeless, you're almost as bad as Sis is at this game! Here Hanyuu, I'll win another one for Rika if you promise to stop pouting like that."

"Au-au-au, thank you Shi, thank you!" Hanyuu clapped her hands and immediately danced away from Rika's glare as she held the charm to her heart. She couldn't stop laughing, and when Rena's eyes set on her she almost fell to the ground with the force of her giggles. "No, no, no, you can't take me home Rena, I'm having too much fun!"

"But you're so c–" Rena stopped mid-sentence, having whirled on the young transfer student to chase her when she spotted a very familiar pair of green eyes peeking over a shoulder from across the aisle. Her lips parted with a pop as she recognized the back of the boy those eyes had hidden behind and she pointed to them even though they were no less then a few feet away, "Keiichi-kun, Mi-chan! What are you two doing here, I wonder, I wonder?"

"Oh shit." Mion whispered rather loudly, knowing that they'd been discovered and not in the way she had been hoping to be. She wasn't even sure why they'd hidden anyway, but it had been amusing at the moment to spy on their friends. Keiichi had turned white as a sheet, and she glanced up into his eyes and asked weakly, "Is it too late to take back everything I said before and just run for the hills to escape with our lives?"

"Kei-chan? Mion!"

"I think we're too late for that option." Keiichi answered her hoarsely, and he turned around before Shion or Rika could get any ideas about murdering him from behind. He would have raised his hands in surrender if he hadn't been holding Mion, but she seemed to be having the same idea anyway. He tried to grin sheepishly as he took in the positively murderous face of the younger twin, and only Mion stopped him from trying to flee like she'd suggested.

"Okay, now I'm gonna kill him." Shion growled and took a threatening step forward, only to be stopped by Satoko's patiently restraining hand on her arm. Rika looked to be in the same state of mind, but Hanyuu had hugged her by the middle as dug her feet into the ground to hold her from lunging at Keiichi's throat. Her twin's eyes flashing bloodlust, she snapped, "What the hell are you two doing here?"

"Dying in style?" Mion halfheartedly suggested, wincing when Shion's eyes turned to chips of jade coloured ice. Rena was giggling as Satoko now held onto Shion with both hands, and Rika began to viciously try to pry Hanyuu's arms from her body. Hands still held up protectively in front of her face, the young woman squeaked out, "C'mon, you know me Sis, I can't be holed up in that stupid clinic! I convinced Kei-chan to sneak me to the festival, just for an hour or so! I wanted to catch Rika-chan's dance!"

Rika stopped struggling almost immediately, but her face still promised violence so Hanyuu didn't release her. She tapped her foot on the ground, looking for all the world like a scolding parent even while her face pinked a little. "You snuck out of the clinic just to see me dance, Mi? Why? It's not that important..."

"It's important to you, and so it's important to me too." Mion answered simply, rather pleased to see that her words had put out the flames on the shrine-maiden's anger. Hanyuu seemed to think it safe now to release her, but she held an offensive stance, completely prepared to tackle her best friend if she made any sudden movements. "Seriously Rika-chan. I wanted to see you, and everybody else too."

"Mii..." Rika murmured softly, her face pinking a little bit more and she absently rubbed at her nose in embarrassment. She hadn't expected this, and she turned to a smiling Hanyuu which only seemed to worsen her awkwardness. Swallowing hastily and attempting to salvage her pride, she pointed accusingly at Keiichi, "But that doesn't excuse why you let her out! Did she promise you something perverted so you'd take her here?"

Keiichi swallowed, hard, as he realized that he was once again in trouble. Mion has successfully saved herself from Rika's wrath, though with the way Shion was glowering at the both of them, he doubted that either would be unscathed from her fury. Rena was stifling her giggles by pressing her hands to her mouth now, and he could only shake his head rapidly from side to side to answer Rika's question. Still, he kept on wondering if kissing Mion counted as a perverted promise when in reality it had been a punishment game gone awry.

"Rena knows why he brought her here, she knows!" Rena piped up after she managed to quell her giggles, and all faces turned to her in confusion. Her smile was absurdly gentle and smug, and she clapped her hands for emphasis, hopping from one foot to another. Satoko made a 'go on' gesture with her free hand, still stopping Shion from outrightly attacking Keiichi while he held Mion like a shield in front of him. Rena, smiling so brightly she was sure she might just take off at any given moment, explained with a new sweetness, "Keiichi-kun is making up for his guilt for what he thinks he did to Mi-chan. He's kinda being like her slave, but Mi-chan doesn't want that, right Mi-chan?"

Mion blinked, honestly startled by Rena's sudden intuitive leap. Then she smiled wryly, she should have come to expect this over the months of learning about her friend. Behind her outrageously cute mask, she truly was a girl of surprising intelligence and intuition. Smiling sheepishly, she looked up shyly at Keiichi and murmured, "No... I don't want him to be my slave... I want Kei-chan to be Kei-chan, that's all..."

"Keiichi-san, doesn't your back hurt from carrying Mion-san the entire way here?" Satoko asked, effectively derailing the conversation for the time-being, though she still was holding tight to Shion. Keiichi looked startled and confused by her concern, and the trap-master grinned brilliantly and flashed him a thumbs-up to prove she had no malicious intent whatsoever in her words. "It's okay, I'm not going to push you into a pothole or something tonight. You did a good thing today by bringing Mion-san here, even if some of us think you should've left her behind. You did what made her happy. So your reward is a few safe days from me. Come on and sit down so you can get some rest."

"Ah... I... I guess..."

Satoko grinned and clapped her hands together, whirling around to look at the remaining members of the group as Keiichi carried Mion silently and obediently to a nearby bench. Knowing full well that Shion was waiting for a chance to kill the boy for bringing her sister out, and to kill her sister for coercing him into doing it, she burst into a command mode. "Nee-nee, Hanyuu, get some food for Keiichi-san and Mion-san, I'm sure the both of them would like some treats! Rika, you're going to be performing in half an hour so you ought to get going to the stage, Rena, keep an eye on 'em while I get Rika to the performance! Alright team?"

"Gotcha ma'am!" Hanyuu sprung to a crisp salute, waving to Rika before grabbing the mystified Shion by the hand to tug her into the crowd. She could hear Satoko and Rika's laughter following her, and Rena's obedient exclamation as she too hurried to follow her orders. She let the younger twin go when they neared the food vendors, and looked up into her slightly annoyed face and asked hesitantly, "Au-au... Are you still angry with Keiichi, Shion? Satoko was right though, he made her happy..."

"They're both idiots." Shion griped quietly, but she had to admit that the young student had every right point and that annoyed her too. She knew her sister was blissfully happy, and she knew that something special had ended up happening between her and the boy who'd carried her here. 'I wonder if she told him how she really felt... It'd make a lot of sense, seeing as how comfortable she suddenly is being with him... She used to be a stammering mess for hours if he even rubbed her hair...' Sighing with some resignation when Hanyuu continued to murmur with anxiety, she reached absently into her pocket to take out her wallet and explained, "I'm not really angry at Keiichi, I know that Mion was behind the plot, I'm not that stupid. What really annoys me is that Mion just refuses to care about herself when she knows she should."

Hanyuu smiled just a little, and walked silently alongside the physically older female towards a vendor. She could vividly remember the world where Mion hadn't been so selfless, the only world where she had seen the girl take the lives of her treasured friends. 'She learned from that world, and became the true friend she is today... She'd never make the same mistake again, this I know for certain about her... I'm glad that Keiichi managed to realize her devotion to him, it was such a source of pain for her in almost all of the worlds.'

"I guess what it comes down to is that she's happy, so I can't be too annoyed with the idiot." Shion sighed under her breath, placing her order before turning her back on the stall. Leaning casually on the back, she spotted her sister and Keiichi on the bench, talking animatedly with Rena. The conversation brought blushes and nervous giggles from the couple, but Rena seemed honestly pleased and that drew a smile from Hanyuu. Chuckling to herself, she brushed back her hair with her free hand and said softly, "They all look so happy, it's like nothing's changed for them."

"In a way, nothing has, but everything has changed too." Hanyuu agreed, smiling into the affectionate expression of the younger twin. Shion was watching her sister protectively, but the love in her eyes couldn't be hidden as she admired them from afar. Folding her hands and pressing them to her chest, the goddess closed her eyes and murmured softly, "I am so happy... So much has happened, after so long and so much suffering... happiness is within everyone's grasp and everyone can finally take a hold of it."

"You sound a lot like Rika-chan when you talk like that." Shion remarked with a small smile, avoiding Hanyuu's startled gaze by turning back to the vendor and retrieving her orders of takoyaki. Handing a boat to Hanyuu, she added playfully, "I can see how you two are related, you kinda look similar but it's all in your personalities. The both of you look like children, but you're very wise for your age."

"Au-au-au... I never thought I sounded very wise..." Hanyuu mumbled to her feet, dutifully holding the boat of food that had been handed to her. Shion's giggles warmed her face, and despite herself, the goddess found herself smiling. 'It feels so good to be seen by them, after a near century of watching over them all, I can finally walk among them myself.'

Shion raised her eyebrows when she came to the bench, noticing with some satisfaction that Keiichi had dropped his arm from her sister the second he saw her approaching. Mion seemed annoyed by this and took his arm from his side, wrapping it around her shoulders herself, scowling in Shion's direction. Snorting at this behaviour, she handed over her box to Mion while Hanyuu gave Keiichi his, remarking, "Hey, did I tell your boyfriend to stop hugging you?"

"Boyfriend!" Keiichi and Mion chorused in alarm, turning to look at each other before realizing how close they were sitting together. Both teens went red in the face but didn't try to pull away from the other's grasp, instead they focussed on the food in their laps and fell into a rather embarrassed silence.

Rena, having overheard the last remark, was immediately on her feet and grinned from ear to ear. Hopping from one foot to another, she tilted her head and gazed brilliantly at her blushing friends. "Ooh, Keiichi-kun is dating Mi-chan? So cute, so cute!"

Mion wasn't sure what was hurting her more, the gunshot in her side or the heat in her face. She was hyper aware of Keiichi's hand on her shoulder, the absent way his thumb touched her neck as he held her protectively against his side even while he blushed. She could see the satisfaction in Shion's face, her sister had wanted this to happen almost as much as Mion herself had. Looking at Rena, she was surprised to see the glee in the auburn-haired girl's eyes, she was bouncing with happiness, once again combatting her urge to scoop the two of them up and take them home.

"Wow, I leave for maybe five minutes and Keiichi-san is already dating Mion-san?" Satoko's voice chimed in from behind Shion, and the green-haired girl immediately hugged her to her side out of impulse. Giggling as she returned the embrace, she held Shion's hand with her left, smirking rather smugly at Keiichi as he announced, "So, as nee-nee would say, both Mion and Keiichi-san are grown-ups."

"Satoko–" Keiichi growled warningly, getting to his feet as she skipped backwards, releasing her grip on Shion as she did so. She stuck out her tongue at him, just daring him to begin the chase and he did with a growl of annoyance. Shrieking with glee or fright, the young blond fled the scene with Keiichi following close behind, roaring his plans for her if he managed to capture her before the end of the night.

To Mion's surprise, Shion sat down beside her, nicking one of the takoyaki sticks in Keiichi's boat and taking a rather relishing bite of the meat. Rena had fled with Hanyuu to ensure Satoko's safety, and the twins were rather certain that he'd give up after a few long minutes of chase. In the meantime, Shion nibbled absently at the food, silently persuading Mion to do the same. After a few moments of silence, the youngest sister said casually, "Did he ask you out?"

"No, he didn't."

"Pity. You wanted him to." Shion chuckled knowingly, ignoring her sister's glowering scowl. She was used to this treatment whenever the boy was involved, and she had come to enjoy her role in pushing them together. Nibbling a little at the end of the stick she had stolen, Shion leaned back on the bench and stared up peacefully into the night sky. "It's peaceful. You ought to take advantage of it and ask Kei-chan out."

Mion didn't reply to that remark, but she didn't need to for her feelings to be seen by the girl who knew her better than anyone else she knew. Rubbing absently at her side, she frowned to herself as she let herself think aloud. She knew that Shion would understand, though how she knew she wasn't sure, but she trusted her twin enough to let her innermost secrets come tumbling through her lips. "I nearly died today... The weird thing is, I didn't even think twice about standing in front of Kei-chan and everyone else when Takano threatened to kill us. Part of me felt like I was doing what the leader would do, but... I wanted them to be safe, like I wanted you to be safe... but I can't stop thinking that all I really wanted was to keep him safe above everything else. I kept seeing Kei-chan on the ground, dead, and I only knew that I couldn't stand to see that, it'd kill me if he died. It was the only thing I could actually see..."

Shion smiled tenderly, and leaned over to press her head against Mion's, wrapping her arm protectively around her shoulders. Her twin ducked her head in embarrassment but didn't pull away from the embrace, something Shion was grateful for. Letting out a breath, she murmured, "I know how you feel, sort of... After so long of believe that Satoshi-kun was gone forever, when I had the chance to see him with my own eyes, I didn't think twice about it. It might take years for me to finally see him open his eyes, but I've decided that I'll wait for him... We're both idiots in love, it's a wonder we actually managed to survive all this time."

"I'll eat to that." Mion giggled softly, tilting her head back to take in the perfect view of the night sky. She could hear Keiichi yelling angrily as he ran after Satoko while Rena and Hanyuu attempted to stop laughing long enough to subdue the duo. The sounds gave her an odd sense of comfort and familiarity, and she turned to Shion who was busy watching the stalls with a maternal smile. "You're not chasing after Kei-chan to make sure he doesn't go too far with Satoko... Something change your mind tonight?"

Shion smirked as she thought of her answer, it was a relatively simple one but she was enjoying teasing her sister. Especially now that he had so much material that was simply begging to be used. Resigning to be the respectable younger sibling, she instead nodded towards the sight of Keiichi taking hold of Satoko and dashing off with her unceremoniously thrown over his shoulder. The sight, at one point, may have terrified her, or angered her, but now she could only feel a tender amusement and comfort. She knew him better now, she had seen his devotion to her sister, the ferocity that he had to protect those dear to him. She couldn't think ill of him now, especially considering that her sister's heart lay in those protective and capable hands.

She didn't say any of this aloud however, she knew better. Time would mature her two teenage comrades and hopefully they would discover it all for themselves. She'd happily play the commentator and referee in the meantime, though she couldn't promise to not nudge them in the proper direction every once and awhile. Changing tact completely, she answered Mion's question honestly, "Yeah. Kei-chan changed my mind. I decided to start giving the idiot the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the things precious to me, after all, he kept you alive, didn't he? I need to trust him more, besides he's going to wind up being my brother-in-law a few years down the road anyway."

"Sh-Shion! Don't talk like that!"

"What? It might wind up being true for all you know–" Shion cut herself from her playful tirade when she heard the ceremonial drums beginning to echo over the festival. Her grin broadened as she realized that Rika's dance was about to begin, and she realized that the rest of the club had figured this too and had returned to the bench to join them. Satoko was beaming like the sun, her cheeks red and eyes bright with enthusiasm, something that made Shion smile with tenderness. 'I was right to trust Keiichi with her.' Taking her by the hand, she nodded towards the stage where Rika was soon to begin, turned towards Mion who had just gotten to her feet and questioned pleasantly, "Alright then sis, this is your show. What are our orders?"

"Last to the stage faces the punishment game from hell!" Mion announced evilly, grinning widely from face to surprised face. She wasn't disappointed with what happened next either, Rena nearly flew from where she had been standing, dragging poor Hanyuu behind her like a flag. Satoko and Shion took off next, laughing fit to burst as the watched the newest club member learn how to fly against her will. Snickering, she turned to see Keiichi standing beside her, wearing an affectionate smile that nearly made her lose her composure for the fifth time that day. "Wh-What are you grinning at? It got them away, didn't it?"

"Rika-chan will curse you for using her dance as an excuse to be alone with me." Keiichi teased warmly, but he extended his arm to her anyway and let her hold it in her own. She smiled gently and shuffled close, and they walked slowly towards the crowd that had assembled to see the age-old miko with a face of a child. He enjoyed the feeling of her fingers pressing tenderly against his skin, it all seemed rather right in this moment. Chuckling to himself, he enjoyed her touch and mused aloud, "Wonder what our punishment is going to be..."

"We can always get them back later, so forget about it. Just have fun in this moment Kei-chan." Mion reminded him with a wink, standing on tiptoe to kiss him gently on the cheek. Her own face was pink as she made the move, but she couldn't take it back now and she was glad that her courage hadn't failed her. 'Still, I think I'm always going to say it was easier to take a bullet then it was to look Keiichi in the eye and tell him I loved him... But he said so before... There's plenty of time left... for all of us. Besides...'

There's always next year.


Don't know why it just seemed right to end it there, lol. I guess it's because they're all really kids at heart and despite what's gone on with them, they still are children. I worried about getting Shion's attitude right here, lol, but in the end I found myself satisfied. Shion can be the older sibling in a lot of respects when I think about it, lol, but then again there's just so much in Higurashi that can be taken many ways. A reason why I fell in love with this series, lol. I know I left it open for a lot more to happen, (meheheh), but that's the fun part of fanfiction too, you can stop and start wherever and whenever you like! (Or I'm just sadistic) XD But this ain't the end of my Higurashi work, oh boy no! I've got two other ideas in the works, one is a oneshot and the other is a mini series kinda like this. Romance will follow in both, because I'm a fangirl and I like it like that. Hehehe.

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