I think it's going to be one of those days. You know, when you can't find a pair of matching socks, dog eats your homework, you're late kinda days.

At school, I'm they quiet and shy girl. You know the stereotype, moved here after the beginning of high school, after everyone else had already bonded in the sandbox since their parents, and their parents parents and their parents parents- well you get the idea, had known each other. I never ended up fitting in with anyone but my two best friends and had an A in every class.

Well, except English.

I've ruined- no, he's ruined my chances of getting straight A's through the past three years.

Though, I suppose it's nothing new to me. Why complain now? He has been messing with my head ever since I moved here and he said those fateful words to me,


"Sorry, I didn't see you." Said in haste to get to the mornings' first class as I stepped awkwardly out of the car, my mother waving frantically and telling me to 'play nice with the other kids, hun'.

It was from then on, I was completely, irrevocably and deniably in love with Jared.

[Of course, I didn't even know his name at that point. ]

I simply stood there as his retreating form, complemented by a fantastically shaped butt encased in dark denim, giant in comparison to my 5"6, towards the battered doors of the school, with the same institutional wear and tear of hundreds of teens milling through them each day of the week, as my last school.

My mother, was still leaning over to my side of the car from behind the wheel, rambling on, promising yet again that 'this will be the last school you have to move to'.

End Flashback

And interestingly enough, it has been my school for the past three years.

Although, I might just keep on my guard, 'cos I still have a year left.

So here I am, trying to cram in all that I can before my time at this tiny school on the reservation is up and it comes time to leave my unfamiliar and unfriendly peers.

But I still have a bone to pick with some of my teachers. Even though I was being assured of topping the teensy grade filled of my fellow dumber than average classmen, I thought that you were supposed to come out of school with both intellectual and practical smarts. What am I going to come out of high school in La Push with?

A mark of 99 and unrequited love.

Thanks Jared Thail.