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"SSh you'll wake her.."

"You so didn't just shush me again! Haven't you learnt by now…?"

"Yeah, remember the last time we went through this? I shushed you, you asked me if I just shushed you, I shushed you again, you yet again, asked me if I 'seriously' shushed you and then I kissed you. The rest is history, babe, so you may as well get over it."

Grrr….grumble"….don't you...shush me you bastard…I'll give you shush…"

Where are the voices coming from?

I tried to pry my eyes, or even my mouth open, but found it rather difficult. Why couldn't I open my eyes? Where am..? Ohhh. The hospital. Right.

"Will the both of you shuttup? I've had it up to here with you and you've been in here, what, five minutes?"

Was that Jared? And Sass and Paul? O thank God she's alright. I wish she'd be quiet though…my body is killing me. Everything aches, and I just wish I could open my eyes…mouth…anything..

"Look boy, you may be the boyfriend, but I'm the best friend- for three years, yeah remember me? So I'll make as much noise as I bloody well-"

"Sass," I groaned, finally pulled from the darkness that had suspended me from reality, "shut. The hell. Up."

My eyes were still protesting, but I knew at once it was Sass squealing and hurtling towards the crappy hospital gurney I was lying on. The bed shook as she sat on the end, still squealing.

I lifted my hands up to protect my ears from the shrill squealing noise she was continually emitting, but was unpleasantly shocked and dazed from a swift whack that came to my right temple from the cast on my arm.


"What are you doing stupid? Do you want that arm to heal, or do you want to end up with a fractured skull as well?"

I blinked a few times, getting my eyes used to the harsh fluorescent white hospital-grade lights. "Well gee, I was going for the fractured skull, just in case I hadn't done enough damage- you stupid, I didn't do it on purpose. It was your squealing, I was trying to protect my ears!"

A nervous laugh and a pointed glare from Jared, "Right. I knew that. Sorry. How you feeling Kimmy?"

For the first time, I truly looked around. Jared sat in that uncomfortable looking armchair from the other day, Paul sitting in an equally uncomfortable looking plastic chair next to him, Paul looking much better than I had seen him in a while, but Jared, Jared still looked as exhausted as ever and a little gaunt in the face. Sam Uley and Emily were standing just behind the boys, looking relieved to see my eyes wide open, holding hands and looking as love-dovey as ever. Sass, showing off her ever-glamorous self, sat at the end of the bed, tight blue denim skinny jeans, a gorgeous cream lace top and her hair was artfully styled into some sort of up-do I could never manage. At that thought, I became frightfully self conscious and began to wonder what I looked like. It can't be pretty, I mean, I haven't been awake for…

"How long has it been since the carnival and the uh, incident?"

Five heads looked at anywhere but me, and I expected Jared to answer, but when I turned my gaze towards him, his eyes were cast on what must've been a particularly interesting string on the carpet. Wow. The floor was better to look at than me.

Sam Uley was the one to answer my question. He cleared his throat uncomfortably. "It's been a week, Kim."

Wow. I wasn't prepared for that one.

A week? That was a long time. What had I missed? Obviously a bit, if Paul and Sass together in the one room, with no body parts of Paul in disrepair.

I sucked in a deep breath, but was cut short halfway, as my chest was set on fire, so I settled for painful coughs wracking my entire body instead.

When I couldn't stop, and tried to suck in painful breaths unsuccessfully, they all looked alarmed, and Sass leaned over my body to press a giant red button on the wall.

Thanking E.R. for teaching me so much over the years, I wanted to stop her, I knew what that button was, but it was too late and I was coughing too violently anyway.

Jared stood up and came over to the bed, bringing me up into a half sitting position and allowing me to lean into his arms for support, as I all but coughed up a lung and anything else in my chest cavity. Nice. Really attractive.

Eyes watering, chest heaving and on fire, I barely noticed as all my friends left and were replaced with a man in a white coat and the same stern nurse as I remembered from the other day.

I tried to suck in smaller breaths as the doctor was coaching me, and after about five minutes, the coughing had subsided into irregular wheezes.

I chuckled, wincing as a pain shot through my chest. "I really know how to clear a room, hey?"

Jared looked solemn, and resumed his seat, but pulled the armchair closer to my side to allow me to hold onto his hand.

The doctor chuckled, and I took a good look at the man. He had to be in his early twenties, gorgeous bronze sex hair and a beautiful award-winning smile that I'm sure charmed most the nurses in the hospital. What was he doing in medicine? I'm sure his true calling lies within modelling…

"So, Kim, is it? I take it you realise now that deep breaths and laughing is out of the equation until you fully recover?" His voice was rich and velvety, musical and soothing. I laid back in the bed, nodding. "On that note," he continued, scanning a few papers attached to a clipboard, "Recovery. It's going to be long and hard. You took quite the, uh, beating from that bear."

This was startling. A bear? He thought I was beaten up by a bear? I moved to raise my concerns with his version of events and opened my mouth to protest, but was silenced with a look from both the doctor and Jared.

I was confused. The doctor in on it too? Am I the only one who was kept out of the loop?

He leant down and took my wrist in his hand to check my pulse. I jumped, almost imperceptibly in surprise- his hands were freezing! I noticed the covert look he exchanged with Jared. Yep. The doctor was definitely in on something.

"However," he continued, "I'm sure you and Jared can pull through this, it's just going to take a few months until you're fully healed. In any case, you can't start physio until that lung is a little more on its way to complete repair, so I'll come back with the physiotherapist at a later date, and we'll talk out the situation. For now, rest. No laughter, no deep breaths, no shocking revelations," his emerald eyes darted towards Jared at this, and Jared returned with a glare, "Or anything else likely to cause you to take in too much air too quickly, understand?"

I rasped out a quick 'thanks' and he was off on his way.

He was gorgeous, but nothing compared to my Jared. He looked completely exhausted, his face totally drained of all emotion, but still looked as if he was way out of my league. He really was something out of this world.


I spied the nurse, still busily pressing her way through numerous buttons and fluffing every pillow possible. When she eventually stopped making everything possible, absolutely perfect and left the room, I turned to Jared, who had his face buried in his large hands. I swept back the covers and went to hop out of bed, but stopped short when Jared all but sprang from his chair at the sudden noise and began to yell at me.

"KIM! What do you think you're doing? You have a broken arm, leg, ribs and whatever the hell else and you want to get up out of bed?" he yelled angrily, while I blanched at the vicious look adorning his beautiful features.

I was absolutely shocked. Never had I known Jared to lose his temper, or even yell, not at me or anyone else, that was Paul's job. I silently pulled the covers back over myself, and looked down in my lap. My breathing had become a little laboured, and I fought to stay in control to keep the burning chest pain, and tears, at bay.

"I- Kim, I'm sorry." His voice had quietened to a whisper, a heart-wrenchingly monotone voice form my once vibrant Jared. I couldn't take it, and silent tears streamed down my cheeks, spilling over onto the pristine sheets.

Sensing my distress, Jared came closer to the bed in the chair and took my hand again, bringing it to his lips and kissing it tenderly, over and over again.

'Please, Kim, I can't stand to see you crying. Please, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you, I just, I…" Jared was clearly at a loss for words. In an attempt to relieve some of his stress, I took a small breath and wiped my cheeks with the back of my un-casted left hand.

"Jared, please. Tell me what's going on. I know the basics now, just, I don't know, fill in the rest. That's all I really want to hear right now. I mean, I'm not going anywhere soon right? So I can't run away screaming in horror or anything," yes. That was my attempt at poking fun at the whole depressing and messed up situation we had gotten ourselves into. It was a fail.

Jared brought his head up fast, aghast at my words.

Shit. Big fail. Huge fail.

"Erm, sorry. That was probably a little bit inappropriate, more of a Sass thing to say really…"

My babbling prodded me into silence, and prompted Jared into speech.

"Right. Well, Kim, I'm so sorry for dragging you into this. It wasn't meant to be like this, I'm sure. No one else has had such a hard time with it and I just, don't know how to deal."

"Hey, stop with the apologies. That was is no way your fault. I chose to follow Paul and that creepy guy attacked me. I don't hold you at all responsible for this."

I could see he was about to protest, almost propelling him further into the depths of guilt.

"No, Jared, stop. I don't want to hear it. I'm right, you're wrong, just get on with the explanation."

This seemed to make him think twice, maybe not erase the guilt, but at least he was focussing back on the explanation he owed me. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, painfully.

"Okay, so you know about the legends of the Quileute tribe from school don't you? How our ancestors descended from wolves, allowing certain members of the tribe to, er, what we call 'phase' into wolves, so essentially they were shape shifters. They were the protectors of the tribe because they were the strongest warriors. It was said that when the larger population of our shape shifter descendants died out, the shape shifting gene only became active when the tribe was in danger, danger that came from their one mortal enemy; the cold ones…aka vampires. Well, the danger's present, and all those overgrown, shirtless boys you see running around, they're shape shifters, the protectors of the tribe. I'm one of them. And before you say anything, no. Of course it's not a drug cartel.

Our generation of shape shifters came into being around four years ago. I know Emily's given you the edited version of her and Sam's story, but it's a bit different when you know the truth. Sam was the first one to go through it all. When it becomes time for you to make the shift, it's incredibly scary for the first time. I know I freaked out, getting angry all the time, running a much higher than average body temp, shaking violently when something upset me, just little things. Then one day …poof. At least I had Paul and Sam though. Sam had no one, and God, it would've been so much worse. He was on his own, didn't know what was happening and could only be directed by Quil Ateara senior, one of the elder's in the tribe whose grandson is nearly ready by the way. He met Sam, shook his hand and nearly had a heart attack on the spot. Boy was he surprised when Sam's hand was hotter than boiling water and really tall and buff too, all the attributes that pointed towards Sam becoming the next shape shifter. He was dating Leah Clearwater at the time and the council told him, though he already knew he'd have to, that he couldn't be with Leah. He could lose control so easily and hurt her. So he broke her heart and lived life as the huge, shady, mysterious guy on the rez who broke poor Leah's heart. His rep was tainted, because of his sudden long absences, constant meetings with the council and telling Leah he couldn't see her anymore. It must have been hard for the poor girl, but I bet it was worse when her cousin came down from the Makah rez…"

Ahhh. Now this I could put together with what Emily told me that day I came to her place…

Flashback Emily

I was instantly jealous of my cousin for finding such an amazing guy. He was gorgeous, tall dark and handsome to a T and it was obvious he was head over heels for her. Before he could catch sight of me, I hid further into the shadows, I know, pathetic huh? I caught my breath and held back the green monster trying to escape from inside of me. I mean, this utterly gorgeous guy had both stolen my cousin and my heart. It was painful, and I was so jealous, but I walked in and grabbed Leah. I listened for a whole hour while she gushed about how amazing Sam was, Sam this, Sam that, Sam her soul mate.

They lasted for a while, but nowhere near as long as anyone expected- they all thought Sam was going to pop the question, but he left her, without an explanation, nothing. Her heart was ripped to shreds and I felt so bad for her. He was obviously too good to be true.

I came down to her the summer after, and happened to run into the son of a bitch that ripped my precious cousins heart out and trampled it with dirt. However, I was shocked and horrified to find him down on his knees within ten minutes of listening to my litany of how nasty he truly was, proclaiming his love for me.

I didn't know what to do, so I ran into the woods, and y'now," She gestured to her deformed face at this point..


Jared nodded. "So you know that part. How Sam fell in love with Emily at first sight and then she got mauled. Well. Again, not exactly true. You know the legend of the third wife? Well, we call it imprinting. When a wolf finds his soul mate- the one special lady he's meant to be with. Sam thinks it has something to do with passing on strong wolf genes. And it's a lot like love at first sight, only more powerful. Paul calls it the penultimate step to being totally whipped. Haha. IT's more like, gravity moves, the whole earth stops, everything suddenly revolves around her and her happiness. As long as she is safe and content, you are too.

Oh my goodness. Has Jared imprinted? On who? I don't think I could bear it.

And before you say anything, it's not an obligation, it's more of a push in the right direction. Sure it's the wolf gene that shows you the light of your world, even if you've known her, her whole life, but you would've realised eventually. Anyway, Sam knew he couldn't be with Leah because he could lose his temper so easily and phase with her there, and he had yet to imprint. Everything about us, the shape shifting and all that, only shifters and imprints can be told. You don't just get in on a free pass, it's like the reservations biggest kept secret.

So what, now that I know, they'll have to kill me?

So he knew he and Leah weren't meant to be together forever, that there was still a special somebody even more right for each of them, so he had to let her go. I feel for the guy, I mean, every time someone gets told that story, it's the human perspective version and 'ooh poor Leah'. Leah's moving on, Sam is stuck with this until fate decides to stop us. In any case, that day Emily got 'mauled by a bear', it was more like Emily tried to rip into Sam about his love declaration after dumping her cousin, and Sam got angry and actually, ripped into her."

I gasped. Sam did that? Sam and Emily were like the perfect couple. How could he have done that to the love of his life? Really? He seemed so…kind and gentle.

"Kim, I know what you're thinking, but it's so easy to lose it and phase. Emily was just standing that little bit too close when Sam lost it. She was yelling, accusing him of betraying her cousin, and god knows what else. He didn't mean to, and he will continue to feel guilty and responsible for it for the rest of his life. Trust me, we know. Another wolf thing- we can sort of read each other's minds when we phase. It's more like, hearing thoughts, but it's a cool communication tool that comes in handy. There are the more positive parts of being a shape shifter too- the power, strength, speed. The fact that I can walk through the snow in winter and not have to wear a shirt because my own body heat keeps me at a temperate forty degrees higher than a normal human, is pretty okay too. However, mum's still not happy about the amount of clothes and shoes I've gone through these last few months. Clothes don't shift with us. If we phase in anger, or if it catches us off guard, everything is ripped to shreds, and I have to go home and tell a very angry mother that I need the twenty-third pair of jeans in six months."

So now I knew. I asked for it to be explained, and he did. But that question was still clouding my mind; who did he imprint on? I don't want to lose Jared.

Jared pulled in a deep breath and let it out, seeming to let go of all the tension and anger he was previously bottling up.

"I think that's about it. Was there anything else that I missed out that you wanted to know?"

Okay Kim, broach the subject delicately, don't just barge in and tell him every feeling and accuse him of anything..

"Jared, I-that is, well,"

Eloquent Kim. Real classy.


Nice and gentle… "Who did you imprint on!"

That was real gentle. Very delicate. Subtle Kim, subtle.

To my horror, he laughed. He flung his head back in that plastic armchair and laughed, his rich, baritone voice echoing off the bleach white walls.

"Jared. This is not funny. I'm on the brink of hyperventilating again and all you can do is laugh at a serious matter? You think you can just walk off into the sunset with some blonde bimbo and I'll be all okay? I'm not Leah, Jared. I can't deal with it. So just tell me right now and I'll tell my parents I'm moving to Amish Pennsylvania to finish off my senior year." I finished with a small sob, a lone tear escaping out the corner of my eye.

Jared's laughter immediately cut off.

"Amish Pennsylvania, Kim? Really?"

"They don't have to deal with crap like this. They not even allowed boyfriends. Hell they're not even allowed electricity. Life'll be a hell of a lot simpler churning butter and milking cows the rest of my life."

"Kim," his voice and face sobered now, completely filled with honesty and earnest devotion, "you silly girl. The only girl I plan to walk off into the sunset with has rich, glossy raven hair and a tanned complexion, and I know you're not Leah, thank God. She's a bit of a- well, she's not particularly nice since Sam left her- sworn off men for the moment. And you'd never make it through a week without electricity in Amish Pennsylvania, plus, I think they only educate girls bare minimum over there- you're so much more than milking cows for the rest of your life. I was kind of hoping you'd be sitting down to my nice home-cooked meals every night, telling me how much you love your job in the paediatric wing of the hospital in Forks, while our kids tug on our shirts asking for ice cream."

He cooks? Thank-you Mrs Thail.

Our kids?

The only words I could form at this revealing time, "you remembered I want to be a paeds doctor?"

"Kim, I listen and take note of every word that passes your lips," He scooted the chair closer, bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it tenderly, "and yes, of course I remembered and took note of the fact that your grades are good enough to follow your dream, so I won't be holding you back by asking you not to go to college."

Tears were now pouring from my eyes, but I was careful to keep my breathing steady, taking small, slow paced breaths.

"You want kids with me? And, and you'll cook me dinner?"

"Kim, how much more obvious do I need to get? I imprinted on you, really, we're going to have to work on your common sense…"

My breathing hitched, my heart stopped beating and I ceased to exist in this world altogether.

I looked deep into those gorgeous hazel eyes, and reached forward to grasp his neck, pulling it and his lips towards mine….


We jumped apart, startled at the bang of the door, almost crashing the wall behind it. The harried, nasty nurse had a wild look in her eyes as she rushed over to the monitor.

"What are you two doing? Is she alright? She's meant to be resting, young man. Move so I can check her heart rate."

Disappointed at the break of the moment, I sighed and let Jared's neck slip from my grasp, trailing my fingertips across his cheeks and he sat fully back into his chair and pushed it back for the nasty nurse to bustle her way to my heart monitor.


"Kim, I'm almost finished with dinner, so if you'd like to hobble your way over to the table...?" Emily kindly helped me up, handed me my crutches and allowed me to hop awkwardly on the crutches to take my seat for dinner.

She was so kind, everyone was. After the incident, and Jared's explanation, Emily had practically become my second mother, always having me over, cooking for me, taking me shopping...

Not a moment after I settled myself on my crutches, in the least uncomfortable position possible with two funny stick things sticking under you armpits, I heard the front door swing back on it's hinges and in an impossible second Jared was at my side.

"JARED! Don't think I didn't know it was you. You break that door and you're buying me a new one, boy!" Emily loved that door. Sam had handcrafted the wood for their wedding anniversary.

Jared and I exchanged a guilty look, then he swung me up into his arms, bridal style and carried me to the table, settling me in my seat, then swiping my plate from Emily's hand and setting it in front of me, by which time, the two other boys had walked through the door and were sniffing out their own portions of dinner.

Dinner was a pleasant affair, and I had grown accustomed to the company, even Paul. I was used to spending dinner with my parents exchanging reports on the stock market, but I found wolf business much more interesting.

When mum found out Jared had saved me from the 'bear', she had practically swooned over him for days, calling him a 'fairytale hero, right out of my mills and boon romances'. He was becoming less and less embarrassed by the title by the day! Me on the other hand, I pleaded my mother to desist, and when she didn't, I'd go to dad to try and switch the topic to stock exchange.

I was drawn back to the present as the boys' hearing picked up the footfalls of a young girl, of maybe seventeen, gorgeous model length legs, wearing strappy black heels and numerous bangles clinking on her dainty wrists.

Paul stood up and practically ran to the door, so no guesses as to who that was.

My best friend walked through the door, her hand held in the large palm of her new boyfriend who was trailing like an awe struck puppy behind her.

Paul's manners and temper had improved a hundred fold too. I smiled knowingly to myself and he pulled out her chair for her to take a seat, while he then went to the dinner and fetched her plate, being kept warm by the oven. I sent a questioning glance at Sass, who in return, laughed her deep throaty laugh, knowing she had the boy, hook, line and sinker.

Sass had poor Paul whipped. The other day, Jared took me for a walk, or rather a piggy back, and I saw him emerge from the dry cleaners, no fewer than five cocktail dresses in one hand and a shopping bag with a box of tampons in the other.

But they really did love each other. I always knew those college boyfriends weren't for Sass.

"So Paul," I began to tease, "about that girl we were gonna get you..." I trailed off, sending a pointed glance in Paul's direction, noting the discolouration of Sass' face.

She gritted her teeth and turned her whole body to Paul, who had paused mid forkful, chicken nearly in mouth and was looking frantically between her and me.

"WHAT was that about a girl for you, hmm?"

Paul looked lost for words.

"I- Well, before...um, Kim, ARGH! Jared's fault!"

Poor Jared looked wildly around, "How is this my fault!"

"YOU are the one dating miss 'I need to know everything so I'll follow Paul into the woods'..."

Jared slammed down his fork, and I intervened, knowing this could go bad.

"Jared, sit down and eat. Paul I was joking. I think I did a pretty good job of finding you a girl, didn't I? Sass is a good catch, and you're lucky Jared is with me or you wouldn't have even been given a second look without my help!"

Paul looked humbled. "Sorry Kimmy, lost it there for a mo'.."

Sass then launched into a tirade of just how lucky Paul was to have her that lasted for around twenty minutes, by which time we had adjourned to the lounge to lay in front of the TV and talk about all things wolfie.

"You know," I directed at Sass, "I feel really bad not including Emma. She's not in on the whole wolf thing and..."

Jared laughed and stopped me with a finger pressed to my lips. He place a light kiss on my mouth and settled me further into his lap.

"Guess who we have sitting outside right now?"

"Oh my God, what have you done?" I screeched, jumping to conclusions left, right and centre.

"Hey, hey don't freak. It's not really anyone you know..."

I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing at least that they hadn't kidnapped Emma, or worse, made her sit outside during dinner.

Psssh. What was I thinking?

I knew my boyfriend wasn't that rude.

"Seth Clearwater, Jacob Black and Embry Call."

"They're at school aren't they? But a few years younger than us...?

"They're only a year younger, but yes."

"Hang on, Jacob Black? I thought only imprints could know about the secret. Jacob is just Emma's cousin.."

"Why won't you let me finish woman?" Jared laughed, frustrated.

"sorry," I squeaked. He leant down and kissed my forehead, as I snuggled into his chest.

"In about half an hour, when she finishes her shift at the cafe, Emma will call you and relay an epic story to you...something to do with a half naked boy in the grade below us staring at her for ten minutes while she poured coffee to the patrons of the shop. Upon after said ten minutes, she walked over to police chief Charlie Swan, interrupted his well deserved coffee and asked him to remove said half naked boy from the premises for fears that he was stalking her..."

Sass and I both looked at each other, and squealed.


"Who was it!"

"He imprinted!"

"Emma's one of us now!"

Sam chuckled from the love seat he was sharing with Emily. "Poor Seth got the shock of his life when Charlie Swan came to tell him he'd have to escort him from the premises, especially since Charlie is his godfather."

I started up form Jared's lap, but he held me down.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Sass and I stared at my boyfriend and Sass answered for me.

"To find last year's yearbook, duh."

Jared, Paul and Sam all looked puzzled. Emily's face, however, was omniscient. She looked at the three of them and threw her hands up exasperated.

"To see what he looks like, to find his contact details so they can accost him at the next possible chance..."

All the boys looked slightly scared at this prospect, but left the comment well alone and started to clear the living room so we could have 'girl time'.


Sure enough, by nine o'clock, we had all the goss and had seen Seth Clearwater for the first time in this new light. Of course, we had to be devious and extract info and give advice without revealing the whole 'I'm a shape shifter, but don't follow me into the woods like Kim did' thing, and I must say, we were pretty successful.

Sass and I drove over to Emma's for a face to face conference.


Jacob opened the door.

"Wolf girl one, wolf girl two, come in, almost wolf girl number three is upstairs, trying to understand why I've just finished beating up one of my best friends who was also escorted off her work premises because she thought he was stalking her."

"Oh my God, Jacob, you beat Seth up?"

"Just his face."

"Why! Is he okay?"

"Clearwater is fine, he heals quick just like the rest of us. I just, lost control a little when he said he imprinted on my cousin. But don't you go telling Emma I was gallivanting around the country protecting her virtue and all that crap, right? Or I'll beat up your boyfriends."

"Pssh, Paul has a quick temper, he'd do you in a minute." Sass taunted, a little.

"I thought you'd want him to 'do' you, but if he's less than a minute, I guess it's understandable..."

Sass grew red and began shouting. Here we go again.

I hobbled past Jacob who was talking a few calming breaths in between laughing his ass off at his new brothers girlfriend and her choice of words. I awkwardly hopped up the stairs and made my way as fast as I could to Emma's room, which opened when she realised she could hear Sass yelling and Jacob laughing, an often funny but dangerous situation.

I leapt into her arms, upon which she seemed to forget her feuding cousin and best friend and launched into how Jacob had beat up Seth, and yadda yadda yadda.

"Kim," she began as we were settling down on her comfortable queen sized bed, "He was staring at me, I mean, like intensely, and it was scaring me! What was I supposed to do?"

"Well, you could've-"

"Yeah I suppose you're right, I should've talked to him...I mean he's suddenly appeared in my life and I haven't even spoken to him, but damn, he's a fine piece of ass! I mean, he's a Greek God, don't you think Kim?"

"Well, yeah and-"

"I know, he's gorgeous. And he's smart too, he's on the honours list, I checked, cos you know I hate stupid guys..."

"Yeah, but-"

"But there's something different about him, in the last two days, I've seen him more than I've ever seen him, and I didn't even know his name until Charlie Swan told me, did you know Charlie's Seth's godfather? Yeah I was surprised, but their families have been friends for like ages, have you ever talked to him before Kimmy?"

"Well, I did-"

"No, of course you haven't, or you would've already told me. I mean, he's a year younger than us...Oh my god, does that make me a cougar Kim? Please tell me I'm not a cougar!"

"Emma, you're-"

"It's only a year. Of course I'm not a cougar. But there is something different about him, he's not like other guys. And he's huge! Like Jared huge. I wonder if they're related. Maybe they have the same genes as our ancestors did, you know the shape shifting ones..?"


I felt, rather than heard my body land on the floor of Emma's room. I tried to catch my breath and wiggle all body parts to make sure they were still in function, particularly with my recent accident. Then I heard two pairs of footsteps thumping up the stairs, when the door was thrown open by Jacob and Sass, and Emma sat peering over the edge of the bed, down at me.

"Emma, Jared's gonna kill you."

"Oh, shit. I didn't mean to, hang on, I DIDN"T! Kim just fell off. I did jack all. Jared can't kill me for something I didn't do!"

"I'm good." I said, trying to sit up on my right hand, ignoring the dull ache of my leg, still in its blasted cast, and my left hand squashed underneath me, freshly out of its cast.

The three of them came rushing to my aid and once I was safely reclining on the bed, Emma rushed down to grab an ice pack.

I turned to the other two.

"She knows something's up," I whispered, surprise and shock showing on their faces, "She feels the pull too and knows there's something different about him. She reckons that Seth and Jared have the same genes- the one's of the ancient ancestors, I quote, 'you know the shape shifting ones'. You know she'll find out, and it's gonna happen soon and-"

"What are you lot looking all so serious about? She hasn't hurt herself again has she?"

Oh god, she didn't hear too much did she? She doesn't look surprised, so she probably wasn't listening, I mean, we were whispering, right?

"So anyway, Jacob, if you'd like to leave the room, I'm really not happy with you for beating up my stalker slash your best friend I never knew about, particularly his face. I rather like it."

Jacob growled, looking like he could go for round two with poor Seth Clearwater's face.

Jacob left, grumbling, "bloody Clearwater, slash best friend, more like best friend no more, I'll rip him to shreds, little stalker..."

And so, we spent the night, helping Emma analyse the situation and listen to her gush over Seth Clearwater until we finally crashed on Emma's bed, still fully clothed and absolutely exhausted.


Tap, tap tap.

I woke with a slight start. Listening hard in the silence of the night for what had woken me from the depths of sleep.

Nothing? I was confused. Whatever I had heard must have been a part of my rather overactive imagination.

No! There it was again...

Tap, tap, tap.

My breathing quickened, my heart racing, I sat up slowly so not to disturb the others and grabbed the closest weapon I could find...

A paintbrush?

Great Kim, a vampire is possibly outside the window, waiting to suck your blood, or drag you off to its cave to have its wicked way with you, or whatever it is those sadistic creatures do to poor innocent seventeen year olds in leg casts with crutches, and you grab a paintbrush.

Real badass.

I stepped cautiously over to the window, trying to silence the dull thunk of my cast against the floor board, which seemed to be louder than a NASCAR racetrack in the silence of night.

The window was slightly open, but locked in position, about six inches open at the bottom. I bent down as best I could in the cast and looked out into the dark night, but caught quite the fright when two golden eyes peered back at me.

I gasped silently and rammed the paint brush through the open window, encountering a squishy surface as I moved back from the window, preparing to call for Jacob, when a very warm hand grabbed mine through the six inch opening of the window and pulled me towards the window again.

A grunt came.

"It's Seth Clearwater, Sass, Emma, Kim, whichever one of you it is, open the window, I think you just blinded me!"

Oh shit.

My heart slowed down at this revelation, and I reached with my free hand to unlock the window.

I cleared my throat quietly. "Ahem, my hand? May I have it back now?"

"Oh, right," the voice came.

I leaned out the window and tried to motion to Seth Clearwater to keep it down while we chatted.

"So, Seth Clearwater. You imprinted on my best friend. What the hell are you doing outside her window at this time of night when she's never even met you?"

Seth, sitting on a branch of the huge oak tree, right at Emma's window, cleared his throat nervously.

"Ahem, well, yes, about that..."

"Stop. Don't worry. I've done this before."

"You've done what before?" Seth asked, probably puzzled as to my meaning and resigned tone.

"How do you think Paul landed Sass after spilling a jug of water down her top and practically squishing her to death? Me. I've decided to title myself the unofficial matchmaker of the pack. And you're new to both romance and wolf life, so I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, to take you under my wing and help you get the girl."

"Right, so you're Kim. Jared told me you'd be like this.."

"Never mind Jared, boy. What you need to do is get the hell back to bed and stay there the rest of the bloody night. Don't go sneaking up on her, she won't like it. Hell, I don't like it...it's almost voyeuristic, what were you thinking!"

Poor Seth looked lost for words.

"Anyway. she's working tomorrow, and if you stalk her there again before she knows you, she'll call your godfather, who also conveniently happens to be the police chief and ask him to escort you off the premises again, and probably take an AVO out against you. At school, on Monday, you need to bring a bunch of flowers, not red roses, just something nice, with a card saying something of likes, 'Sorry about Saturday, I'd really like to get to know you' perhaps with something witty tagged on the end, like 'Stalk you later', or perhaps not...I don't know, come up with your own, then she'll initiate a conversation, thank you for the flowers, she says, 'see you later' or something to that accord, and you yell, 'wait! How 'bout dinner Friday?' and the rest is history."

"Wow. You have it all mapped out."

"Seth. Go back to bed. Do what I say and you'll be set. I'm rooting for you boy, I want Emma to be included in all this crazy crap."

He leaned in swiftly, and kissed my cheek, a sweet gesture, sure fire evidence of what I was sure was his usual sweet demeanour.

"Thanks Kimmy, I owe you one."

As he swung down the tree, I growled at him.

"Only Paul calls me Kimmy, bucko. Don't push your luck!"