What if Shades of white's Yagyuu Hinata transferred from Hyotei to Rikkai? Who would she be related to? What if she did have a weak heart but suffered from something else?

Would she still fall in love with the same person?

Atobe Enma has lived her life as 'Atobe Keigo-sama's younger sister', sick and tired of her brother's over protective behaviour and arrogant nature she transfers to a different school where she knows her brother's influence does not reach. There, she finds herself picking up a tennis racket for the first time in over four years, forging friendships with the strangest people and falling in love with the absolute worse guy in the school…

(I added chapter 1 to the end)

Darker than black


"En-chan! Where are you?" asked a mischievous but kind male, his black hair had a slight brown tint while his eyes were a deep shade of sapphire blue, he was a male of sixteen years no more. He pushed aside the branches of the large hazelnut tree to find a small girl no older than eleven curled up beneath it, tears staining her dress. "There you are," he sighed with relief. "Found ya!" She continued to sob and ignored him. "Okay, what's wrong?" he asked lifting her into his arms; she held onto him with her tiny hands and cried. "Okay, not that it matters but this is Prada, I'd appreciate it if you didn't cry on it…never mind actually, what's wrong?"

She wiped her tears on her sleeve and looked up at him, their faces were almost identical, possessing the same heart shaped face and blue eyes, her hair was jet black with a button of a nose. "Is it true? That we're going to Japan?" He laughed.

"Is that what you're worried about? Yes we are but heck; it'll be fun, you, me, Qiqiue and that snort Kei. Oji-sama and Oba-sama will be happy to see us," he assured her.

"But Hahaue is here," she whimpered. "Hahaue's grave is here!" She broke out into a fresh sob of tears.

"Okay, settle down there," he soothed patting her head. "You can still visit; we might be half way around the world but hell that's what a private jet is for!" She thought for a moment.

"Yeah…you're right, I guess."

"Of course, oh yeah! Here," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet box. "A gift for you," she opened it to reveal an oval shaped pendent. It was made of some kind jasper porcelain, the backing was black with the carving of a very beautiful female; her hair tied up and a white rose on her shoulder as she looked right; in white, the detail was exquisite, like a three dimensional black and white photo. Surrounding the oval ceramic piece were stainless steel black roses and dark silver leaves decorated with nine sapphires the size of a large pin head. The carving was of their mother wearing her favourite pearl necklace and a tiny rose pin in her hair.

"It's beautiful," gasped the girl her eyes watering, she threw her arms around her brother's neck. "Thank you." He merely laughed.

"I'm just glad you like it," he replied. "Let's go home okay? Everyone's worried." She nodded but said quietly.

"No they're not; they're busy fusing over you and Keigo-niisama."

"Don't make an expression like that, you'll ruin that pretty little face of yours," replied her brother rubbing his thumb between her eyebrows. "I was worried, isn't that all that matters?"

"You're the only person who even cares about me," said the little girl, her brother laughed at her blunt view of the world.

"Come now, I know the cook adores you as does the housekeeper and head butler, the maids… not so much since you swapped one of the maid's face cream with pigeon droppings."

"They smelt the exact same and looked identical!" rebutted his little sister. "She didn't even notice the difference until you made me tell her, I mean, how stupid can you get!?" she exclaimed, her brother smirked. "And the cook only likes me because I can cut an onion without cutting off my fingers and crying! The housekeeper puts up with me because I make no noise and the butler just likes to talk and I'm the only one who likes to listen!"

"Yes, well, let's go home, the cook made your favourite chocolate lava cake," her face lit up. "Then how about a game of tennis to burn off all those calories?" he offered, she nodded. "But man are you improving quickly, you managed to give Kei a run for his money and he gives me a hard time."

"Keigo-niisama had a cold," she explained. "And you're extremely slow when running left and right."

"Is that so? Never noticed," mused the male. "Let's go, shall I carry you?" he offered, she shook her head and climbed down.

"I can walk by myself," she said proudly and running off ahead.

"You little-" he muttered as he followed her, he only managed to catch up to her when they had left the park and waited for the pedestrian light to go green so they could cross. "En, hold my hand," said the brother holding out his hand, he noticed she had already put on the necklace without him noticing. She stuck out her tongue and shook her head, hurrying across the road the moment the light went green but the sound of a tyres screeching across the road caught her attention and she looked up to see a red racing car speed down the tar road but as it turned a corner it span out of control and headed towards her.

She was too terrified to move.

"Enma!" shouted her brother running towards her and knocking her aside, she landed on her side and had recovered from the sudden push in time to see the red sports car him and he was flung back and landed right in front of her. The car flipped and landed on its side, a bloodied male managed to get out before it busted into flames, the screams of a female quickly followed. But Enma paid them no attention; she was looking directly in front of her, her brother lying in front of her, his body still warm.

"Onii-sama?" she whispered shaking him. "Neh, Onii-sama get up." She shook him harder. "Onii-sama, neh Onii-sama. Get up. Open your eyes. Onii-sama." Tears were filling her eyes. "ONII-SAMA! ONII-SAMA! No…no, this, no…Onii-sama…" Enma removed her hand to discover it was now red, as blood trickled down his forehead, she screamed.

Unknown to her, the white rose on her pendent was no longer white, but red. Her innocent view of the world had shattered, her heart was now, darker than black.

Chapter 1

"Milady, we're almost there." Said the driver of a shiny black Volvo, it was the latest of its kind, bullet resistant windows, a carbon based body and able to reach high speed within seconds.

One of two passengers of this body armoured vehicle sat at the back and sighed in response; she wore a white polar shirt with diamond cufflinks and a black pencil skirt that started just below her breasts and ending just above her knee. They were tailor made and customized to fit her figure perfectly, a tuck there and a fold there made a tremendous difference. Black stiletto heels held tightly onto her feet, made of patent leather despite being a year old they were polished and gleamed as if they were brand new. One look at her clothes told anyone she was no ordinary female, on her left thumb she wore a silver emerald cut sapphire ring of a male design; too big to be worn on any other finger; large silver hoops graced her ears and a matching pendent around her neck. Her hair was jet black white her eyes the same colour as her ring.

"Milady is something wrong?" asked the male sitting beside her. He was of English descent, blonde hair so pale it was almost silver, he wore a turtle neck black sweater which flaunted his muscular build, navy jeans, black boots and a large black coat which concealed two guns and a knife, he had a third strapped to his ankle and another knife on the inside of his wrist.

"Nothing," she replied looking out the window with a pout. "I hate this." He felt a knot of sympathy form in his chest at her words. This was no life for a fifteen year old, this life of betrayal and mind games, the life of politics, and the life of the rich and powerful. It may have seemed splendid to the naked eye but the countless masks she had encountered since the age of five made her heart dark and cold, there was no warmth left in her anymore. She had changed a great deal from when he'd first met her, but his job wasn't to care for her mental well being but her physical state, as long as there wasn't a scratch on her, he had nothing to fear.

"Your grandfather's health is failing as is your grandmother's, despite his holding the title of president your father is the one making decisions now, you must endure Milady. He could cut you off from the family fortune with the click of a finger," said the blonde male, he spoke to her in English while she did the same, among the three of them only the driver had no idea what they were saying.

"I don't want his money," muttered the female bitterly, suddenly the image of a white hospital room appeared in her mind. "Once he comes back I'll be free, I'll no longer have a reason to listen and obey him…once he comes back…"

The knot in his chest tightened, she laid all her hope on one man, the chances of his returning were next to zero, only a machine was keeping his heart beating, if this was her only hope for freedom, it was futile, she was chained for life. The car pulled to a halt before an elegant office building, the front door was shielded from the sun by a balcony on the third and fifth floor, supported by stone pillars it gave off an almost imperial air, not counting the ground floor there were at least seventy levels.

"Milady," greeted a balding male in a stiff black suit as she stepped out of the car, her shoes clicked and echoed in the hallway. "It has been too long."

"Not long enough," she replied walking past him. "Is my father in his office?"

"Yes miss, but he's in a very important meeting right-" She froze and turned around, glaring at him. "I will go check to see if it is over yet." He said quickly running towards the reception desk.

"You should stop doing that," warned her bodyguard leaning in slightly to whisper in her ear, even with her heels he was over ten centimetres taller than her.

"I have to be in school in 30 minutes," she whispered back. "I can't stay here for too long."

"Milady, Atobe-dono will see you now," said the balding individual.

"Thank you," she replied but her words held no sincerity, the echoing of her footsteps rang through the hall.

"Who the hell is she?" exclaimed a female employee. "Acting like she's queen of the world."

"Shh! She'll hear you!" whispered her colleague. "I've forgotten that you're new here; she's the granddaughter of Atobe Kaname and daughter of Atobe Keisuke."

"Wait, what! I thought they only had one kid! You know, Atobe Keigo."

"No no, they had three, when the oldest son turned into a potato the Vice-president brought in the son of his mistress; he married her and made him the heir."


"He passed over her as the legitimate heir because she's female."

"Oh my goodness! The poor thing. What type of horrid man is he? Bringing in his bastard son into the same house as his daughter!?"

"That's not the worst of it; he has three children, guess which two are the legitimate ones."

"The first and the second of course."

"Wrong, the first and the third."

"He was bedding two women at once!? The, the…" But he never got to hear what she called the Vice-president as the elevator doors closed he looked down at his young mistress, her fist were clenched as she tried to suppress her anger.

"Milady, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to give me your gun," he suggested, with her short temper she might actually shoot him this time. She opened her mouth as if to protest but closed her lips, bending down she pulled up her skirt revealing a small silver revolver strapped to her inner thigh, with much reluctance she handed it over to him.

"I suppose you're right, it wouldn't be a good idea if I ended up holding the gun to his head, or even my own, how I would love to disappear from this wrenched world, " she added. Anger flickered inside him, slamming his palms against the elevator wall either side of her; he pressed her to the wall.

"You can never disappear!" he said quietly resting his forehead against her shoulder. "You if you disappear I don't have a place to die, a master to serve." Her eyes widened in surprise at first but narrowed as she smiled.

"With your skills I'm sure there are many who are willing to hire you," she remarked.

"You promised me, when you saved my life that you'd choose the place where I died, my Lady."

"…That's right," said Atobe Enma quietly raising her arm she rested her hand on his chest. "Your arms, your legs, your mind, your very existence, down to the last drop of blood you belong to me." She dug her nails into his skin but he showed no signs of pain. "You can never betray me, can you, Riffeal Raddcliffe?" Riffeal held her hand in his and kissed it.

"Never, my lady."

* * *

"Did you see her?" whispered a second year as he swung his racket.

"No, damn it, was she good looking?" his team mate whispered back.

It was Monday morning training at Rikkai middle school home to the infamous Rikkai middle school tennis club, they had just won the regional's yet none of the regulars seemed the remote bit satisfied, especially the vice captain, at other school it was cause for a celebration but here at Rikkai it just meant there was another task up ahead and another reason to train.

"I don't know, wasn't the face I was looking at," replied the first with a smirk, he raised his hand for a high-five when a round fluffy yellow tennis ball hit him in the head.

"You there! Stop talking!" shouted the loud and booming voice of the tennis club vice-captain Sanada Geniichiro.

"Yes sir!" they replied immediately and returned to practicing their tennis swings.

"Slackers," muttered the vice-captain under his breath. He was a tall male, broad shoulders with dark hair and eyes, he had a strong nose and chin shaded by the front of his black cap.

"What's got them all distracted I wonder?" questioned Yagyuu Hiroshi pushing up his oval glasses which hid his dark brown eyes, his light hair parted on the left, the front falling just above his glasses.

"A new student," replied the data master Yanagi Renji, his closed eyelids hid his dark blue eyes, hair cut into a long fringe at the front and short at the back, he possessed a lean build, the collar of his yellow jersey zipped up to the top.

"This time of year?" questioned Kuwahara Jackal, his skin was dark and tanned most prominent on his shaven skull. It was already halfway through first term and the new first years students had already settled in, the basic groupings were already determined.

"The parents must have paid an arm and a leg to get her administrated into this school," remarked Marui Bunta, his hair a vibrant pink after just being dyed the day before, it complemented his lavender eyes and slim frame a lot better. Although Rikkai was a public school, for a student to even be considered halfway through a semester was next to zero.

"No, apparently the Dean himself personally recommended her," answered Yanagi. The Dean was the owner of the school, one position higher than the chairman and two higher than the principle, he was in charge of scholarships, extra activities… well basically the entire school budget. "He's an acquaintance with her father."

"A she huh?" muttered Marui picturing a spoilt blonde female with a teddy bear.

"So basically she used her old man's position to get her a position here," remarked Niou Masaharu, he had bleached silver hair tied into a pony tail at the back and cat like golden eyes, his voice had a rough tone to it but it was seductive at the same time, proven by his constant flow of female companions. "Puri."

Marui sighed. "Just what this place needs, another spoilt brat." Eyes flew towards Kirihara Akaya, the only second year regular and a violet tennis player on the court.

"What!?" he demanded, wrinkles appeared between his emerald eyes as he looked around confused. "What?!"

"Nothing," said Yagyuu softly. "On a different matter, how is Yukimura-bucho doing?" Suddenly the atmosphere grew grim and Sanada's face became stiffer than it already was.

"Not good actually," said Yanagi quietly. "He's having trouble scheduling an operation date; the earliest he can get so far is three days after the national tournament."

"You mean we won't have Yukimura-bucho for our third straight win!" exclaimed Kirihara. "Won't there be a blind spot in our third consecutive victory!?"

"Fool," muttered Sanada hitting Kirihara on the head with his fist. "We will win no matter what! We will not be defeated."

"We'll find a way to fill the hole Seiichi left behind," said Yanagi calmly.

"How? It's a pretty big hole?" questioned Marui.

"We'll find a way."

I was going to make it a Rikkai version of Shades of White but I had too fun with the story line and it made a 180 degree turn =P…oops. I guess it's safe to say this story will be more…dark than the others

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