Okay so I've been reading Ten/Rose fluff like all night and so I decided I would make a Ten/Rose fluff fic as well. And now since it's waaaaay past my bed time, I think I'll go to sleep. Peace out you dudes. :3

Running, that was all I could do in a desperate attempt to stop the monster from chasing after me. The Doctor was no where to be found as I continued to run fearfully from the beast. No matter how fast I ran I could never seem to outrun the monster. He looked human, aside from his pale, scarred skin and his completely black eyes. His razor sharp teeth bared at me as I ran, screaming for the Doctor's help.

I was tackled to the ground, I felt my body being ripped apart. Bones being snapped, flesh being ripped clean from my body, my blood flowing out onto the frozen ground. I scream in pain yet no one seems to hear. The terrible pain finally stops and I can feel the darkness start to inter my mind. I was dying all alone, there was no one there to comfort my dying body. I was all alone...

Waking up in an ice cold sweat, Rose Tyler jumped up into a sitting position gasping for air. Soaking wet sheets tangled around her body like vines. Rose could feel the tears uncontrollably stream down her cheeks almost like a faucet. Clamping her fingers around her golden, blonde hair tight, Rose fought the urge to scream as she cried still shaken up from the constant nightmare. Her chest heaved painfully as she struggled to breathe.

"Rose?" A voice asked questionably. It was the Doctor as he slowly opened her bedroom door, a stream of golden light from the TARDIS halls making the harsh darkness brighter. The light passed over her tear-stained causing the Doctor to rush over to her in worry. "Rose, what's wrong?" He asked, his tone filled with worry.

Rose blankly looked at him, the shadows under her eyes so much darker now. "Nothin' 'm fine." She said while moving to the edge of the bed, her bare feet touching the cold, wooden floor of the TARDIS. Rose shook her head slightly before sighing slightly, she could still feel the tears damp on her cheeks.

The bed shifted a little as the Doctor sat down beside her wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "You don't seem fine." The Doctor whispered into her ear, wiping some of the stray tears away. "D'you wanna talk about it?" He asked softly.

"It's just a stupid nightmare." She mumbled, the feeling of complete exhaustion washing over her.

The Doctor intertwined their fingers together and gave her a soft smile. "Tell me about it." And so they talked about the terrible nightmare Rose's head on his chest, the Doctor playing with a strand of her hair.

"It...it scares me to think that you wouldn't be with me..." Rose said into his chest, tears starting to fill her blood-shot dark eyes.

The Doctor kissed her hair softly and whispered, "I'll never leave you. Now you need to sleep." He pulled her closer to him and she almost clinged to him like a lifeline. "I'll make them go away, promise." The Doctor started to hum an old Gallifreyan lullaby, sending calming waves to Rose. Within minutes she was asleep, her mind finally peacefully resting.

Whenever Rose awoke in the morning, she was greeted by the Doctor's classic smile in which she smiled back at. Feeling gracious of the nightmare-free sleep Rose reached up and pressed her lips to the Doctor's cheek. A blush crept up from his neck to his ears. "Thank you." She said softly almost in a whisper.

The Doctor kissed her lips softly and felt her smile against his lips. "Like I said, I'll never leave you."