Mirror's Edge – The Novelization.

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Authors Note: A few additions here and there, but what would a novelization be without them? Apart from this, I have used only original characters and story plot. The first few chapters will be slightly reflective, as I'm trying to give a feeling of the city and the characters, and will be recounting the events that lead up to the story in Mirror's Edge.

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Her hand raced furiously across the page, delicate blots of ink, her thoughts personified, drifting along behind.

'Let me paint you a picture,' she began. It was a tentative beginning, so unlike her when she ran. But this was a different experience. Faith never was one for expression, only for action.

She didn't know what persuaded her to sit down now, perched on the edge of the rooftop, her boss' hollowed out AC lair framed behind her against the city skyline. The afternoon breeze danced in her short hair, whisking it up around her. She sighed, rubbing her eyes, and focusing on the page again.

Maybe she was trying to grasp the past. Isn't that why people recounted their memories? To get that feeling again, to look through at the world the same way they had before?

Let me paint you a picture of my City…and what it is now, what it was…

What was it now?

She looked out, gazing across the white, gleaming city, with its towering sky-scrapers, patterned and organized, highlighted with dashes of red, orange and blue. It was crisp, fresh, and she knew somewhere in her, it had come to occupy its own space…

The city used to be dirty and dangerous, but it was alive and wonderful…Now, well…it's 'safe.' Crime levels are virtually zero, but you could easily say that everything else had gone down to zero as well…How much would you sacrifice to achieve that?

Painful memories shivered through her: images of the November Riots.

Everywhere you look now, you see CCTV. Everywhere, everyone, everything is closely monitored and covertly harassed if it doesn't meet the standards…How can the City maintain the status quo? Take a look around…random postal checks, tightly controlled elections, an ideologically tailored educational system impressing on young minds, to name a few…

She sighed, rubbing her temples, aware that she was becoming fired up again. She didn't know how many political discussions she had had with Merc, but the rhetoric had obviously imprinted itself on her mind.

What happened to music?

She wrote this with Merc lingering in her mind. These were his words, his indignation now. A little smile flickered on her lips as she remembered his passion. He always said little about what bothered him – preoccupied himself with his pizza, or his Chinese takeaway, or a new computer program he got installed – and always dodged the big questions.

Society is sterile – the main outlet of activity is consumerism – 'take a trip down to the New Eden Shopping Mall'…where all your possible whims and desires are catered to…the very whims and desires imposed upon you by your oppressors…

But when he didn't talk about those things, he went on about other things…

How does a government become the hero? Create a problem, and then solve it.

As she wrote, whenever she wrote, it always hit her brilliantly, like lightening, the reasoning behind her living. Why she was a Runner.

So I do this because I want to preserve individual freedom…intellectual freedom…the liberty to read the books you want to read, to view the art you want to view, to lead the life you want to lead, without Big Brother telling you how you can, telling you if you can…

She took a deep breath in, feeling the energy course through her veins. She wrote these things because it clarified things for her, made the reasoning understandable – made her remember. And yet she knew, as she finished off the last sentences on the page, that the City was the reason for her very existence. Celeste had always warned her about this significant detail…

"There's more to life than surviving Faith…"

But that was a question for another day. Suddenly, Merc's voice boomed out from behind her.

"Hey, kiddo! Pizza's here!"

She smiled, rising up, closing the notebook and shoving the pencil in her pocket. She turned her back on the brilliantly lit city, with its complexities and questions, instead slowly limping back to the small, shabby but homelike AC. For now, this was home, and that was her only concern.