They could hear screaming as they walked closer to the door at the end of the hallway.

As Harry opened it Tonks and he watched in horror as Ron held Ivy in the crucio curse for more than a minute at a time.

He would levitate her, cast the crucio and let her drop. Who knew how long he had been at it.

Both Aurors felt a strong pang of guilt at that moment.

They emerged fully into the room and Ron turned.


"Expelliarmus!" (Tonks disarmed Ron) "Immobillus"

Tonks hurried to Ivy. She was barely breathing. She was sweating and her whole body was shaking.

Tonks also took note of the large amount of blood on the floor and in between Ivy's thighs.

Tonks stood then, looking at Ron.

"Remus is going to take pleasure in killing you Ron… and no one is going to step in to help you."

She paused and turned to Harry, "Is he under the imperious?"

Harry shook his head, "He was when he walked out of the house with me, but has been in his own mind since we arrived. He has his own dark side."

Ron started chanting silently while the two aurors spent their time talking about him. The spell dropped and he silently called deatheaters – sleeping with Mena had its privileges.

"Tonks…" Ivy's voice barely a whisper in Tonks' mind. Tonks whirled around and ran to her friend.

"Ivy… open your eyes, sweetheart. Open…"

"You have to leave. He's called others…" Ivy whispered in Tonks' mind.

As if on cue POPs were heard around the room and deatheaters materialized out of nowhere.

Tonks and Harry found themselves surrounded.

As everyone in the room took note of their surroundings, the door burst open and Order members flooded in to save the day.

Instead, chaos ensued and curses went flying everywhere.

Luckily they had managed to charm Severus and Hermione and some of the other vampires so that they were able to join the fight during the day.

Hermione came rushing in pulling Ginny with her. She knew they had to together in order for their powers to work as one.

When she saw the state of her sister she wailed and dropped to her side.

Severus and Remus heard the cry, but were currently unable to go see what was making the sound.

When the girls joined hands, Tonks and Hermione taking one hand of the unconscious Ivy, they focused on the deatheaters demise.

It only took a moment, sharp cries were heard around the room, and then the Order watched in fascination as deatheaters went up in flames…literally.


Remus looked around the room and his heart sank when he saw Ginny, Tonks and Hermione all crying over the seemingly lifeless body of Ivy, his mate… the love of his life, the mother of his children…

He stifled a sob and ran to her.

"Ivy, please don't go…. Ivy…" He couldn't control the tears and it was only making the other girls cry harder.

Severus came and picked up Hermione and still she cried into his shoulder.

Suddenly, she breathed in and her eyes fluttered open, "Why are you all crying like babies – who died?"

Hermione choked and Remus stopped, "IVY!" they said together.


"We thought you were dead." Ginny said.

"Right, you wish. I feel like I got hit by a bus, but otherwise still living. I did feel a surge of power; did we do something, all of us together?" Ivy asked the strain in her voice.

"Yes. We wiped a room full of deatheaters. We have arrived!" Ginny said with pride.

"Wow on the verge of death and I am still awesome!" Ivy said snickering.

{Eye rolls}

Ivy stopped and sniffed the air, looking at Remus who was smiling like a lovesick dope at her.

When she turned to look at him his face fell and he turned in time to see Mena Greyback in wolf form galloping towards them with her pack behind her.

Days earlier Severus had given Ivy and Remus the potion and the only side effect was it changed Ivy from a white wolf to a black one and Moony seemed to grow larger, so he was now a very large wolf.

Ivy immediately changed into wolf and headed straight for Mena.

Growling and snarling they collided in mid leap. Both she-wolves were large, graceful, menacing.

Moony had taken care of three pack members and Severus and Hermione were now casting silver curses their way. It was too risky for other Order members to engage unless they didn't mind the risk of infection.

As the last of the pack fought, Sirius noticed that Moony was currently tearing up Fenrir. Malachi was killed by one of Hermione's curses.

Once Fenrir lay dead attention focused on the two battered and bloody she wolves circling each other and panting from exhaustion.

Remus changed back into human form – he couldn't move, he felt so drained. He couldn't imagine what Ivy felt. She spent her day being kidnapped in the middle of a run, crucio'd for hours, almost dying, losing a baby and then now having to kill Mena.

He thought sadly about his baby. He just wanted to take her home…

Just then Ivy leaped towards Mena and caught her by the neck. Everyone heard the sickening snap of her neck.

Ivy shook the dead wolf for good measure and then dropped the body. It slowly turned back into the human form of Mena Greyback.

Ivy returned to human form. She stood over the body. She dropped to her knees, as she was unable to stand at that moment.

She turned slowly and looked around the room.

Sirius recovered from the general shock and started to walk quickly towards.

She held up a hand telling him to stop, "Where's Red?"

He looked at her and paused… then motioned in the general direction.

She rose to her feet, wavering a bit. Draco made his way to help her walk, but she pushed him off.

She walked to Ron and looked at Tonks, "Release him."

"You can't Ivy."

"RELEASE HIM!" Tonks jumped as Ivy's magic sent sparks and wind around the room.

This seemed to further tire Ivy out, she could barely think.

Tonks released him and Ron smiled, "you are making a big mistake if you think you can win in a duel with me."

Ivy snorted, "Duel you? You would think that you moron. Avada Kedavra!"

Rons lifeless body fell to the ground in a heap and so did Ivy's – she vaguely heard orders being shouted, but then she just faded to black.


She woke up to the delightful aromas of baking bread and coffee. She turned to look around; she was in her room at Grimmauld place.

"Good morning, love." Remus coo'ed

"Hi" she croaked.

It didn't take long for the weight of everything that happened to come crashing down upon her.

She looked at him and he knew.

"shhhh shhhhh. It's ok." he crawled into bed with her and held her sobbing trembling body.

"I ki-ki- killed him …and her…. And those deatheaters. Oh my god! I yelled at Tonks…."

She was still sobbing uncontrollably when 'the gang' walked in and listened to her rants.

"I can't believe I was so mean to Tonks…. Ginny will hate me … OH GOD I killed her brother… I have to leave, Remus. I love you, but I have ruined everything."

Sirius rolled his eyes at this; she didn't ruin anything, stupid girl.

"You didn't ruin anything and you aren't going anywhere. Tonks doesn't hate you and neither does Ginny – they all love you."

Ivy snorted, "Hermione has to we're sisters." She paused "I hate crying." After that was said she just stopped.

"I need to apologize… and oh yeah, prepare for prison" Ivy said looking up from where her face was buried on Remus' chest.

Ginny, Tonks and Hermione stepped forward and showered her with hugs and kisses.

"Noone is going to prison and you aren't leaving us." Tonks said.


"You smell different, Tonks." Ivy said suspiciously.

Tonks smiled coyly

"You're pregnant." Ivy thought it so only Ginny Tonks and Hermione could hear it.

All of a sudden they started screaming and jumping around – well Ivy wasn't, but she wanted to – much to the dismay of the males in the room.

"You are doing it again." Sirius accused them.

Ivy sat up with a groan and took his hand.

He couldn't stay mad, so at her beckoning he leaned in and she whispered in his ear that Tonks was pregnant.

He smiled, not only because he was genuinely happy for the couple, but because he knew something that everyone else did not – he could be very Slytherin when he wanted.

Then something occurred to Ivy, "How long have I been asleep?"

Noone answered at first, but the smiles faded and the mood changed.

Draco cleared his throat, "you've been in a coma for six weeks."

She was silent.

"We know that Mr. Weasely kept you under the Crucio far longer than we have ever seen and multiple times – we don't know how long he tortured you. The medi-witch said you may have permanent damage to your joints – trembling and weakened bones." Lucius informed her.

"Three hours, twelve minutes and 16 seconds" Ivy whispered.

"What?" Draco asked

"Three hours, twelve minutes and 16 seconds – that's how long I was in that room with him… "Ivy swallowed, "I was always able to keep track of time down to the second… its helps pass the time. Ha. Ha." She looked around at her friends and her eyes rested on Tonks.

Tonks looked down and whispered, "I'm so sorry, Ivy."

Ivy took Tonks' hand, "It's ok."

"How did you know?" Tonks asked almost afraid to know.

"I could feel it."

Tonks looked up at Ivy positively horrified. Ivy laughed.

"I had to focus on something… and wow, that was something to focus on…" Ivy snorted and winked at Tonks.

Hermione chanced a look at Harry, he was beet red.

It slowly dawned on the others what Tonks and Ivy were talking about.

"You two were shagging while Ivy was getting tortured?" Lucius asked incredulously.

All eyes on Harry and Tonks – They explained what had happened and apologized profusely. Most of the Order members were still very upset at what happened, but Ivy forgave them so they at least could move on instead of wallow in guilt.


That night Remus was running his fingers through Ivy's hair.

"Did you know?" he asked her.

She sighed, "Not until it went away."

"Are you ok?"

"No. I'm not, but I will be." She said and closed her eyes loving the feeling of him touching her.


Several weddings and babies later Hogwarts was again filled with Potters, Blacks, Malfoys, Lupins and Snapes. Strangely enough, the two oldest Potters – Jenna and James (twins) - and the oldest Black – Sarah - were sorted into Slytherin – the other four –MaryAnn, Krista, Regulas and James -were sorted into Gryffindor.

One Malfoy into Hufflepuff- Molly - and one into Ravenclaw - Narcissa.

The Lupins - Leah, John and Scarlett - and the Snapes –Arden and Sela -were sorted accordingly – no surprise there.

Ivy still gets the shakes in her hands and she had to stop running, much to her dismay and Tonks elation. Instead she started swimming and looks as trim and fit as she did 12 years ago. She did go through a trial and was found not guilty. She and Tonks now jointly own a book shop café named Elemental Books.

Hermione and Severus teach at Hogwarts. Severus was had a very difficult time trying to be firm and fair with his children and nieces and nephews – especially when it came to Leah calling him Uncle Spooky all the time. Ivy secretly got a giant kick out of Leah doing that, much to Hermione's chagrin.

Ginny and Draco married in a lavish wedding attended by everyone who was everyone. They are currently expecting their third child. Draco is hoping for a boy. Ginny knows the gender but won't tell him.

Narcissa and Lucius moved to Tuscany to get away from it all. They are wonderful grandparents and visit often, but enjoy their time alone.

Harry and Tonks are partnered together as Aurors after it was discovered that they didn't work well with others – more Harry than Tonks.

Sirius finally found love in a pretty muggle born witch that is not the anti-Ivy. The kindly red-head –Mairen- owns an apothecary that is frequented by the Snapes.

All the couples live happily, but keep a wary eye when darkness falls.

Once upon a time in a potions classroom…

"Uncle? Tell us about Voldemort."…

The End.