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Summary: "The worst scar of all is the loss of innocence." When Peter becomes a victim of a senseless attack, he puts his entire faith and, even his life, in the hands of his hero: Nathan Petrelli.

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Three Days Grace - Get Out Alive.

Rise Against - Savior.

Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.


He watched the man's limbs as they thrashed about uselessly, his already airborne body smacking hard against the opposite wall before falling still. The other hooded one followed suit, landing in an unceremonious heap next to his companion, either unconscious or dead.

I don't really care which.

A cry of rage, although it sounded rather pitiful to his ears, made his head snap up and his dark eyes narrowed. He would have made the attempt to raise an eyebrow had he managed to see the comical side of this entire situation. The attacker's broken nose was still rather amusing in itself, but the knife he brandished wildly took away any outright amusement.

Saying nothing, he raised a hand. The broken-nosed man stopped literally in his tracks, held back by an invisible force. The intimidating look he had previously tried to bear slid off his messed-up face, terror aptly replacing it.

The man who wore all black huffed, unsatisfied with the lack of courage he was witnessing. "Is that it?"

His voice was bitter, as if he'd seen too much that had tested his once gracious nature. The broken-nosed man's lip trembled and he became even sourer.

Sometimes I wonder if this world is even worth saving…

With a careless flick of his wrist, the lowlife was sent flying, already broken nose going for another round with a sturdy brick wall. He too slumped and left the waking world.

Exhaling deeply through his nose, feeling the violent raindrops carve out a course down his face, the man wearing black rounded swiftly on the only conscious man remaining. He paused for a moment, studying how the bald head bobbed up and down, trying to scramble away through the growing puddles.

Like a sewer rat, he reasoned, advancing with steady steps. Except that no sewer is good enough for you.

With an eerie grace, he leant over, grasping the back of the man's jacket tightly. He straightened, dragging the now squealing creature with him and thrust him hard into the nearest wall. Pinning him there with a look, the man in black moved closer, the wide terrified eyes that gaped at him invoking rage, pity, and most of all, disgust.

"You made a grave mistake tonight."

"I'm sorry! P-Please, just d-don't…!" He was silenced, his jaw being cracked shut by yet another invisible force. His teeth were forced together, grinding and mashing and he screamed; the sound muted behind his locked mouth.

The mysterious man shook his head, dismissing any words or noises that were left to give. He didn't say anything. He simply gazed at the thin scar that the bald man had somehow acquired, snorting humourlessly.

He'd seen worse.

The clamp on the scumbag's jaw was released and he drew in a shuddering gasp, whining and sobbing. "P-Please…"

He didn't care about his pleas. He wanted him to suffer for what he had tried to do. Ever since… everything, the loss of naivety and innocence had plagued him and things like this… this is where it would always start.

It was senseless and it was a constant scar, marring what should be a peaceful life.

The worst scar, he surmised, noticing Baldy gazing at his own in wonder and fear. It will always sting the most.

"The world is changing again. You have no idea what is about to happen here," he finally murmured, fixing his victim with another spine-tingling glare. "And for that…"

No smile rested across his thin lips as he took a step back, the suspended man redoubling his efforts to break free. He lifted a hand, watching it as it began to glow a deep blue, small sparks of energy flitting on his finger tips.

"… Be grateful."

He forced forth his hand, electrical energy raging out of his palm and incinerating the man in seconds. He listened to the screams, relishing that the cruel weather gave aid to his torturing methods. The flames dancing across the man's skin lit up the cold eyes and he watched, unblinking, as flesh was steadily devoured.

Watching the life fade out of the body satisfied him and he relinquished his hold, letting the hunk of charred meat splash down onto the ground. The smell of burning flesh tingled in his nostrils, but he breathed it all in.

Death was forever a constant in life: fact.

Turning, he looked to the skies, his mind reaching outwards in concern through the storm. His lips drew into an even tighter line, no comfort offered to him at what he heard. A strand of hair fell irritatingly in to his eye, but he ignored it, making brisk steps towards the street.

His justice had been served out satisfactorily for the moment.

The night swiftly enveloped him, his black attire providing him with the cover he needed. He left the three figures and a corpse behind him, vanishing into the darkness.

It was as if had never even been there at all.

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