A/N: So, I could not resist but write a little piece on Tony and Tim's time in the big house from last night's episode. I thought that was just too funny. Their faces… Oh, and I love how in s7 Tony likes Tim so much more. Truth or Consequences was proof of that.

Tony grinned wickedly, lounging backwards with his hands behind his head as he sat on the hard bed in the jail cell. "It smells disgusting in here. Haven't you guys ever heard of Febreeze?" he asked, earning a glare from the officer who had apprehended them in the impound lot.

His partner glared, smacking Tony in the arm. "Don't make this any worse, DiNozzo!"

Tony sat up, glaring at Tim who sat in the chair next to the cot. "Last names. What'd I do, McFearful?"

"That! You played that dumb recording because I'm scared of dogs. If you hadn't, we would not have been caught!" Tim protested in a forceful whisper.

"Do not blame this on me when you couldn't run fast enough!" Tony hissed.



They broke off in a short slapping fest on the other's hands, leaning back wide eyed to glare at the other. "Gibbs is going to kill us," McGee finally said dejectedly.

"If Sportelli doesn't first," Tony muttered as the Metro officer in question stalked over.

"This is exactly why I did not want NCIS working this case," Sportelli growled. "You people have no respect for the rules."

"That's why we're cowboys," Tony quipped.

"If you'd given us the evidence in the first place we'd never have broken in," Tim added smartly.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

"You reap what you sow."

"Sharing is caring."

"You steal ours, we steal yours."

"You hungry?" Tony asked Tim, out of the blue.

"Yeah, I could really go for some of that pastrami," Tim replied.

"That was good pastrami," Tony agreed. "Hey Sportelli, could you get us some lunch and a harmonica?"

"SHUT UP!" Sportelli roared. The two NCIS agents turned their attentions back to the officer. "I have called your superior, and he is coming to pay your bail as we speak."

"Gibbs?" Tony asked. Both agents looked at each other in terror.

"Director Vance."

Tim grimaced. "Was bail that expensive?"

"Gibbs has all that boat stuff to buy."

"Or we're special."

"I like that one."

"I hate NCIS," Sportelli grimaced as he stalked away.

"Don't we all?" muttered the officer who'd brought them in, who was trying to pretend his computer was the only thing that existed. Tony and McGee just grinned. This could be a fun day, after all.