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Everyone in the world has a mask that they hide behind and Allen Walker was no different. Every day the young man put on a smile that was meant to hide the pain and fear that he truly felt on the inside. A smile that was meant to protect those that he had came to cherish as friends, to keep them from worrying about him. He didn't want anyone to suffer on his account and so he put on the smile to hide the tears inside.

There was insecurity; how could there not be? With the shadowy figure of the Fourteenth looming behind him and the knowledge that at any moment he could lose himself to the man whose memories he had been implanted with, the boy was in constant turmoil.

Who in their right mind wouldn't be?

His master, who seemed to know way too much about what was going on, had told him that he would kill someone he loved when he lost himself to the Fourteenth and this thought caused even more tension. Caused the boy a fear that was more difficult to deal with than any other that he had known.

Threats to himself didn't mean half as much as threats against those that he had come to care for so deeply.

And then, as though all of that weren't bad enough, there was Link and Leverrier to deal with. One constantly guarding his every movement, just waiting to report to the other should anything out of the ordinary happen. The two men who were awaiting the emergence of the Fourteenth it seemed with baited breath.

But he hid all of this behind the happy smile, which was his mask.

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