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Exorcist Suman Dark wore the mask of dedication to conceal his feelings of utter loathing for the Black Order. He hadn't asked for this life, hadn't wanted it, but then the higher ups of the Order hadn't' really given him a choice in the matter.

Refusal was not an option that those chosen by Innocence were given.

When they found a new Exorcist that person wasn't even given the option of saying no. Not that Suman would have been able to. He needed the money that they offered so that he could pay for the medicine that his daughter desperately needed.

For her Suman would continue to lead a life that he despised; a life that didn't allow him to see the child that he was fighting so hard to save.

He often wondered how his life would have turned out had he not been an Accommodator of Innocence. Suman knew that it was pointless to dwell on these thoughts but there were times when he simply couldn't help himself. Couldn't help but imagine himself as an ordinary man, as a father who could actually see his child. As a husband who was there for his wife.

Inevitably these thoughts led to a renewed resolve and a strengthening of the mask. Suman would do as he was ordered to by the Black Order because, in reality, he didn't really have a choice in the matter. All he could do was keep fighting for a cause that he wasn't really willing to give his life for.

His destiny had been decided by Innocence.

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