I look at her across the hall, laughing with Alice, her face so bright, she looks over at me. She waves, and I wave back. She says something to Alice and walks over to me. My heart starts to race.

"Hey Blake!" She says

"Hey Juliet, what's up?" I say

Juliet; the gorgeous gothic chick of our school, Leventhy High. She's not hard core gothic, but enough where you can tell she is. She's totally cool and she's with Alice.

"Nothing much, you?" She says, breaking through my thoughts

"Waiting for Ellie."

"Oh, that's right! I was wondering what you were doing outside the General Chemistry classroom. Aren't you in Advanced Chemistry?"

"Ya, I'm in your class, remember? We were lab partners until that new girl transferred into our class."

"Oh, ya, duh, I knew that! Well, hey, I gotta run. Say Hi to Ellie for me!" She says turning and walking down the hall, throwing her arm around Alice

"Blake!" Ellie's voice calls from behind me

"Hey Ell!" I say turning

Ellie Cage, my best friend since pre-school.

"You're finally out!?" I say to her

"Miss me?" she asks pulls me in for a hug


"Come on, I'm starved!" She says

We start down the hall towards the Café. Ellie and I walk in and all heads turn. I can just hear the thoughts running through everyone's heads: Leventhy High's hottest troublemaking duo, Ellie Cage and Blake Davies!

I look at Ellie as she looks at me, and give her a devilish smile. We go our separate directions, both leading to the same place. But this is more fun. Her long, light brown hair brings out her blue gray eyes. I can feel the Freshman nervously eyeing us. It's a Friday, and the freshmen all watch their backs closely, for Ellie and me; Masters at Freshman Friday's.

Ellie and I meet in the far north corner of the Café, looking everyone over, choosing our first victims. That's when we spot two Freshmen; a guy and a girl, obviously dating, and look at each other. My devilish smile returns and is returned by the same smile on Ellie's face.