I WILL TAKE THE CHALLENGE!! In response to KeyLimePie14's iCarly/Invader Zim crossover thingy. Hope you think this is good!

Disclaimer: I don't own Invader Zim or iCarly. I mention some stuff actually on the iCarly website a little later in the story, and I feel I should inform you that IT'S NOT MINE.


Chapter 1: iGo to Seattle!

"SEATTLE??!" Dib practically screamed at his father, Dr. Membrane.

"Why, yes, Dib, Seattle." Dr. Membrane replied. "I'll be there for a week at a nuclear physics convention."

"But that's so close!" Dib argued. "Well... it's not THAT close, but it's not the other side of the world. Why can't I come?"

"Well, don't you have school to worry about?" The scientist, whose mouth still didn't show behind his collar, said.

"Dad, school ended three weeks ago." Dib guessed he was too wrapped up in his scientific breakthroughs to pay attention to unimportant dates.

"Oh, yes... Well, then I guess I can't object. Of course, Gaz will have to come, too. Gaz!" He called across the room to the corner of the couch that Gaz was obsessively playing GS2 in. "How would you like to come to Seattle for a week with me and Dib?"

"Whatever." was her non-responsive... response.

"Well, that's settled, then! Better start packing, son, we leave tomorrow."

"Sweet!" Dib exclaimed.


Zim listened to Dib's conversation through the headphones, picking up the signal from the spy listening device he had placed in the Membrane living room.

"Seattle?" Zim spat the word out like... like something he would spit out. "Computer! Where is this... Seattle?"

"It would appear that Dib is talking about a major city on the western coast of this continent." Zim's rarely reliable computer explained.

"Hm... And Dib is going to be on the other side of this continent for an entire week?" Zim noted. "Perfect! No Dib-monkey for a significant amount of time. Maybe I can finally get something done around here..."

"OR!!" GIR dropped from the ceiling and screamed the first word in his sentence. Zim practically fell over as GIR landed in his lap. "OR, he could plot to stop you the whole time he doesn't have YOU to worry about!"

Zim gasped. "You actually have a point! Computer! Run an internet search for further information on this city."

"Processing..." The computer stated. After a moment of searching, the gigantic computer monitor displayed the first web page it came up with. It was bubbly, over-decorated, and filled to the brim with colors that hurt Zim's eyes.

"...?" Zim pondered, slightly disgusted at the frilliness of it all. Zim took a seat at the computer control panel and put his hand on the track-ball. Scrolling down the page, it seemed that this was a website dedicated to the primitive earth "videos". Or at least he figured they were primitive. Zim seriously doubted they projected holographic imagery.

He scrolled back to the top, where there were several sections to choose from... iBlogs, iSnaps, iNews, iVideo, iPlay, iSongs, iNeed Help, and Send Us Stuff. What was this mysterious "i"? "How am I supposed to understand this Earth gibberish?!" Zim asked angrily to no one in particular.

Suddenly, one sentence off to the side of the page layout caught Zim's attention. "Over 1,000,000 visitors!"

"WHAT?" Zim yelled. "Amazing! This 'iCarly' website seems to have the support of a significant amount of the human population. I must find out how they do it! And I can't leave Dib alone across the continent. What if he did something SMART for a change? GIR! Ready the ship! We are going to Seattle!"

"YAAAY COFFEE!" GIR exclaimed, then jetted off to prepare the Voot cruiser for flight.