Chapter 3: iAm Zim!!

Zim looked at the directions Freddy had given him back at the thing the humans referred to as an "airport". He was currently sitting in the back of a taxi with GIR in his lap to seem more dog-like, but his constant fidgeting was getting annoying. Plus, every time he shifted his leg, Zim got a metal kick to the knee.

"GIR!" Zim finally said, annoyed. "Either find a comfortable position for your leg or get off my lap!!"

"Sowwy..." GIR replied, and was immediately as still as he could accomplish without exploding.

"Well," the cab driver then said, "Here we are, the Hampton Inn. That'll be –"

He was interrupted as Zim threw a large wad of cash at his face. "YES, the fare, HERE!" Zim yelled in a way that simply said he didn't have the time to chat. He pulled GIR out of the car and suddenly stopped.

Zim had to admit, he was pretty impressed with the sight he saw before him. A much bigger structure than many of the buildings in the town he spent most of his time in, the hotel was almost normal-looking. He had to remind himself, though, that it was on earth; it wasn't normal.

He marched into the hotel and up to the counter with confidence. "Hello, stinkmonkey!" He greeted the random girl behind the counter. "Reservations for Smith." They had needed a last name on the phone, which Zim happened not to have.

"Ok, just a moment..." She said as she checked the all-important list. "Yes, here you are. Let me get your room..."

The receptionist spotted GIR in his disguise.

"...key. Uh, excuse me, sir, but we don't allow dogs in this hotel."

"What?" Zim asked, genuinely confused. "GIR? No, he's a – uh... on second thought... I'll leave."

With that, Zim left a perplexed receptionist at the counter and left the hotel.

He returned a moment later, pulling a wriggling, hopping suitcase behind him.

"Hello!" He said as if nothing had happened. "Reservations for Smith!"

She glared at him.

Zim left.

"Ugh..." Zim said to GIR, "I think we should follow these directions to the so-called 'apartments' Freddy invited us to. They should be just around the block somewhere."


Knock, knock, knock! "I got it!" Was Spencer's call from the kitchen. Wiping spaghetti taco sauce off his hands with a towel, he walked to the door of the apartment and opened it.

Nobody there...?

"Hello!" Zim said, rather annoyed.

Spencer looked down. "Oh!" he realized, "Sorry, there, shorty. Didn't see you."

"Uh, yes..." Was Zim's reply, still with a slightly ticked-off demeanor. "The one called 'Freddy' met me at the airport, and told me he'd be here...?"

"Oh!" Spencer said again, "You're the one Freddy told me about. Well, he's upstairs with Carly right now, so make yourself at home. Hey, any particular reason for the... uh... greenness?"

Zim, not phased by the question, glanced around the room a bit. It was full of the meaningless structural creativities the humans called 'sculptures', although there were clearly none in the room that were literally sculpted out of clay.

"An artist like you DARES to question an original creation of nature??!" Zim said with almost Sherlock Holmes-like skill. He may have been naive, but he'd always had a strong power for deducing.

Spencer gasped. "You're right! ... I've got to get back to work, anyway." On that note, he turned around and went back to work on one of the sculptures.

Zim made his way up the stairs, to find Freddy and two females that could evidently be Carly, all sitting in bean-bag chairs.

As soon as she saw Zim, the blonde female began laughing uncontrollably.

The brunette just stared.

And Freddy desperately tried to get their attention. "Guys – hey, guys, this is Zim! The one from the airport?"

"You – you look like a tiny frog!!" The blonde managed to spit out between gasps of laughter.

"Ignore her." the brunette said, although clearly fighting back giggles herself. "I'm Carly, and you must be Zim!"

"Ah, yes..." Zim realized, "You are the Carly person. And yes... I AM ZIM!!"

Everybody flinched, except the blonde, who was still giggling a little.

"Heh... sorry. So, who's...?"

"Oh, THAT one?" Freddy said with an air of disgust. "She's Sam. "

"Well," Zim replied, "Hello, Freddy, Carly and Sam!" Why did those names sound so familiar...?

Suddenly, a small green figure peaked out from behind Zim's suitcase.

Sam immediately stopped laughing. "Aaawwww!!!" She and Carly let out in unison.

Carly went over to GIR. "Who's this little guy??" She asked quietly as she patted him on the head.

"Oh, that's GIR..." Zim explained, "My dog."

"How'd they let you into the hotel with a dog?" Freddy asked suspiciously.

"Uh..." Zim pondered what to say, "They... didn't."

"Wait!" Carly realized, "So you – and your insanely cute puppy – don't have anywhere to stay?"

"Well, no."

"You can stay with us! Our couch can extend into a guest bed."

"Wow, really?!" Zim said, surprised. He hadn't expected to win this quickly... "Well... er... thank you, I suppose!"

"Oh!" Carly realized something. "Freddy, do you have the new layout for iCarly up yet?"

Zim gasped.

"Oh, no, thanks for reminding me." Freddy walked over to his laptop.

"You?!" Zim began frantically, "YOU are the creators of the iCarly?!"

"Yup!" Sam confirmed. "What, you didn't recognize us?"

Zim smirked. This was an interesting development.