Ahh, its been long while but I finally have time to write properly again and this really helps. I'll probably do drabbles for now, see how it goes, but definetly enjoying this fandom.

Anyways, this will be a collection of five chapters, focusing on each member of the team and the subject of faith,

plus a little speculation and of course romance;)

This first one is rather fluffier than my normal stuff but its raining and I'm in the mood for some holiday cheer.

Disclaimer: as usual, nothing is mine but the plot

Hope and Grace

"So, what's everyone doing for Christmas?"

Her voice is bright and cheerful as she poses the question to the rest of the team.

This is her favorite time of the year and she's so exited she hardly notices the reactions of her colleagues.

"Family function," Cho says in a monotone and doesn't elaborate though she hears him afterwards grumbling halfheartedly about an 'ambush' and 'grandkids'.

"Dinner with the parents," Rigsby offers, describing his mother's cooking with a warm, slightly dreamy expression.

Silence from the other two.

As she expected both have escaped to their respective safe spots; Lisbon hiding behind the paperwork in her office and Jane feigning sleep on his couch.

It makes her sad knowing that they will probably spend the evening alone but to say something would be worst.

Her boss would just shut her down and the consultant retaliate with something hurtful.

So she leaves the office slightly pensive, wishing others could have some of the warmth she is feeling now. Naive as it may be.

Too nice, too trusting, gullible, she had been called all of those things but she doesn't care

Despite the ugliness she sees everyday

Despite all the bad things

She has hope

Walking along the street lined with twinkling lights, watching couples and families, she can't help but smile. This is why she does her job, to help people, to do some good, even if it seems foolish to the cynics of the world.

There is a small church close to her place and she joins the early crowd, sits in the candle lit semi-darkness, feels comforted, soothed, connected

A part of something miraculous,

In the morning before she drives to spend Christmas day with the family she stops by her work, shopping bag in hand. The place looks deserted but to her surprise there is still a light on in Lisbon's office. She peeks through the shutters and smiles. They are parked on opposite ends of the couch, hands only just touching, a wine bottle and two empty glasses on the table, both fast asleep.

Careful not to make a sound she places their presents by the door and the guy's by their desks and leaves, uplifted by the fact that for once she is right.

Grace is a sweetheart;)

I'll probably do Lisbon or Jane next. Reviews are always welcome!