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So, finally, Jane. This was my favorite to write; there is a very human contradiction in this character. He's dismissive of the 'other side' yet he admits to talking to his dead wife. Rational skepticism vs. emotional need are always interesting to explore.

Anyways, don't mean to ramble;)

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As a child, he knew he had a gift.

Saying what people wanted to hear came naturally, all you had to do was pay attention.

Charming, with golden curls and a wicked grin, he was a favorite everywhere he went.

Desperate, lost, grieving they would come back to him again and again looking for answers.

He made them cry and he made them smile and they gave him things, money...

Money that his father used to gamble with.

As he grew older sometimes his conscience would get the better of him but never enough to quit completely.

Lying was what he was good at and if you deal in lies you don't fall for them yourself.

Eternity, forgiveness, salvation...

Life is chaotic, a string of chances, a few simple pleasures, that is all.

He comforts his latest victim, smiles for the cameras, secure in his role, in his own intellectual superiority, proud of everything, everyone he has.

Until, in a flash it is all taken away and he finally knows what its like to lose your mind in grief, to crave for something, anything to give you peace.

Things have changed, he no longer lies for his own personal gain.

A good guy now, still a skeptic.

Yet no matter how many times he mocks it in public, or confronts others on their beliefs,

There are moments he longs for the certainty,

Alone, in the dark bare room, watched over by the gruesome smiley face, the rational mind crumbles. All thats left is a broken man and the life he lost.

So he plays at make-belief...

Speaks to his wife, pretending she can hear him.

Pictures his little girl, asleep in his arms

Pretends that maybe, just maybe they are not really gone.


Years pass and for the first time he has the strength to visit their graves. The anger is gone, the grief has all but faded.

A small hand in his. Warmth after a long winter. Always there.

Places the golden band into the soft earth, silently says goodbye.

No need to lie anymore.

I wanted to end it at the stars but couldn't help myself. Maybe I'm getting over a sad faze;)

So little add-on for the happy-ending shippers.

I'm going to finish with Rigsby. The first one was fluffy so the last will probably be too. Thanks to all who've been reading so far!