Title: Busted
Characters: Ron/Hermione, Rose
Word Count: 280
Rating: G
Prompt: "If at first you don't succeed..."
Summary: Ron and Rose's attempt to make a birthday cake.
A/N: Thanks to tania_sings for another awesome job. Originally written for the Interim Competition 1 on rwhg_ldws
Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling, not me (unfortunately...)


"Daddy are you sure about this?" Asked the six-year-old girl, trying to break the eggs with not much suceed.

"Trust me Rosie-bud. After your mum sees our perfect, home-made birthday cake for Hugo, she will apologise for suggesting I'd buy one" Ron said with a smug smile, while throwing a fifth cup of flour to the bowl, already half full with milk and eggs.

"But...daddy...I don't think a cake has to be this colour before getting in the oven" Said Rose eyeing suspiciously the bubbling, liquid preparation.

"Oh f—" He stopped just in time, watching his innocent daughter staring at him wide eyed. "Ff...flower's...erm...potions! I mean...shoot!" He started desperately cleaning the mess in the kitchen and trying to make the sticky dough off the bowl with a spatula.

"Well..." Ron sighed, watching Rose with her arms and face covered in flour. "You know what they say sweety...'If at first you don't succeed...'"

"Try...try again?" Offered the girl with a small smile.

"No, 'destroy all evidence that you tried'" he whispered to her conspiciously.

"Actually..." A voice came from the stairs making both Weasleys turned surprised at being caught.

"Oh oh..." murmured Rose.

"Tes. 'Oh-oh'. Because, actually, this time, the saying goes: 'If at first you don't succeedd, do it the way your wife told you to'" Hermione said, coming to the kitchen and watching at her husband with a reprocheful look.

Second later, Ron could feel his daughter tugging his sleave. "I think she's right daddy" She whispered, giggling.

"She always is Rose-bud...to my disgrace." Sighing he returned to his task. "I'll clean this and then go to the bakery store."

"Wouldn't have it any other way love"