Summary: Stranded in a car, she was raised by Godric and his nestlings. But an incident caused her to be returned to human hands after she was glamoured to forget them. Five years later, when Godric decides to meet the sun, she appears. GodricXOC.

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Heartbeat - Prologue

He sprinted towards the smell of blood as he arrived at the scene in an instant. There was a wrecked car, with a few drained bodies laying around, it was obvious to him that there had been a fight between vampires, humans and something else he couldn't identify. Angry rose in his throat at the thought of a murder being carried out within his territory as he growled of annoyance. Just then, he heard a sound, he heightened his senses, the killer might still be around.

He ripped opened the cover of the car door with his bare hands as he grabbed the creature by its neck lifting it up in an instant. Looking closer, it was only a little human girl. She neither cry, nor made any noise, but her lifeless grey eyes just stared at his face, dried tears streaked on her pale cheeks. He carried the small child with one arm, "Tell me your name, little one, I will bring you back to the humans."

The child stayed silent, and her eyes never leaving his own face. It did not look like the child will be speaking anytime soon. He seemed to have thought of something as he held her by her waist, much like a luggage and hastened back to his place.

He didn't bothered using the keys as he jumped over the fence of a high-end bungalow, and entered through the garden's sliding glass door. He dropped the girl onto the sofa without a care and went to the phone for a call. In the next few minutes, there was a knock on the door as a beautiful black haired woman walked in. "Where is she, Godric?" Hearing that, Godric pointed to the little girl as the female vampire suddenly appeared next to the child and scooped her up. Unlike before, the child struggled, pushing the vampire away.

"What is wrong, Isabel?" Godric asked, he was standing quite a distance from the two. As much as he tried to see humans with equality, he didn't like the idea of having a child near him. He would probably be too old and tired to take care of a wailing child.

"I think," Isabel paused as she looked at the child with interest, "She wants you, Godric."


"This child showed me." Isabel said without a doubt while Godric stared at the child, still maintaining the distance. "Let her touch you."

Godric went nearer to Isabel as the child reached her hands to his fold arms. Something flashed in his mind, it was the scene before when he held the child. He took child from Isabel's arms as she stopped struggling and stayed put. Isabel had the both of them seated, so that she could examine the child for any injury. Godric seemed tense with the child just sitting beside him, and staring.

"She doesn't have any injuries. I think we should get her a human doctor, this child should be of age to speak already." Isabel said as she left the room to get a doctor, leaving the two to stare at each other again.

"Were you not educated that staring is rude?" Godric said before breaking eye contact with the child as he pushed her away with his elbow. "This child cannot stay here for long…" Godric said to himself as he thought of ways that he could 'deposit' the child, and then he remembered something.

"Little one, do you understand that your parents may be gone?" Godric asked, waiting for a response for the child. She was kneeling on the sofa, with her hands on her knees. She looked Asian, with deep black straight hair with piercing silver eyes. She touched Godric's hand, showing him what she wanted to say. She showed him what happened before Godric found her.

She was tied up with thick robes with two guys sitting on her side.

"I'm sure we can sell her for a lot of money, the black market loves things like this kid." The one on her right laughed as he held her face with a hand roughly, "We never thought the dragon girl would be alone in the forest, made things so much easier for us. We even brought poison for the whole lake!"

"I hate supernatural creatures… They are like vampires." The other spat with disgust as he slapped her head hard. The girl's mouth was taped, as she made a muffled scream, "But for the rich people who refused vampire blood for medication, the girl can make us millionaires!"

Then, there was a bang on the car roof, causing the car to slam violently to the side of the fencing. The backseat of the car was crushed as another one of the kidnappers, the driver was suddenly dragged out of his seat. Under the confusion and impact of the hit, they were unable to fight back and the first casualty was seen. The kidnapper who was dragged out of the car was thrown onto the car windshield, blood spattering in all directions. The young child watched as three figures appeared and dragged the others out. The tape was tore off from her mouth as her attacker licked his lips hungrily, and fangs protruded out suddenly.

A scream escaped from her mouth when the attacker sunk his fangs onto her neck. Being only a child, there was no way she could do anything to defend herself. She was feeling faint and limp, and suddenly, there was a gush of wind, bring her attacker away from her. It was a full length black dragon with red details. The girl fell to the ground as she looked at her father, fighting hard to save her life. Her sight was foggy as she leaned against the car, having little strength to even breath.

There was cries, followed by a long silence, as she felt familiar arms holding her gently. She opened her eyes to smile at the dragon, who had took on a human form, with long black hair and crimson red eyes, "Otou-sama…"

He hushed her as he sat on the backseat of the car, with her in his arms. He was bleeding, from almost every exposed skin. "Child, you saw that the kidnappers was going to poison our home and decided to let yourself be capture. I know you are brave, but that was not the right way, you endangered yourself…"

He hugged her closer to closer to his chest, "I cannot lose you after losing Unohime. After I'm gone, wait for grandfather to get you. Don't leave this car." After saying that, he exhaled a shining red pearl from his mouth and caged it into a translucent pink shell. Tying the shell around her neck with his red hair string, he kissed her forehead gently, "Stay safe, my jewel." She had tears in her eyes as she knew it was the end of her father, she called his name over and over again, watching him disintegrate into silvery dust and scales as they floated away in the air.

"Then do you know what I am?" Godric asked softly as he brushed her cheek gently. The little girl shook her head, causing Godric to feel guilt.

It had been a full day since the child was here. The doctor said that she lost her voice due to the traumatic experience, and it would only recover if she puts in effort. This child, neither talked, nor moved, all she would do was sit, playing with her necklace occasionally and following him with her eyes.

Isabel had helped him greatly, bathing the child and changing her into new clothes after much struggling. She instructed that a human child was much more fragile than an adult that he needed to be gentle.


He was an old vampire, although he had companions before, but never a human, all the more not a child. "Little one, tell me your name." Godric asked again, but the girl made no response but just looked at him with those lifeless eyes. "I prefer calling someone by name. Should I name you, little one?"

The girl continued staring at him. He walked towards her and pointed a finger to her forehead. "Inathe… Veronikue le Godric. You shall bear my name as well, for I will bind your future to my life. As an apology and redemption, I, Godric, will not let you be harmed." The little girl's eyes lit up a little as she held Godric's hand to her small face and replayed the naming process in Godric's mind again.

A soft growl broke the emotional silence between them, as Inathe put her hands over her stomach. "You are partially human, I presume." Godric went to the phone as he dialed a number, "Isabel, what does she eat?" Isabel told him that she would get food for the child.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and Isabel entered with a few bags in hand. She placed a takeaway on the coffee table, "I heard that human child likes junk food." It was a burger with chips as Isabel went to the kitchen to pack away all the food she brought, "Godric, you got to feed the child, she can't eat from the whole burger."

Hearing that, Godric picked up the burger with his hands and stuff it to her small mouth, "Eat."

"You need to cut the food into smaller bites first. Feed her milk in a cup later. And the child has to eat every few hours." Isabel reminded before leaving the room. Godric looked at the child with his furrowed brows as he cut the burger roughly.

"Such a meddlesome child." Godric muttered as he poked a piece of the burger with the fork to feed her, "Open up, Inathe." The child ate the food that was fed obediently at first, but she refused the food about halfway through her meal. Godric looked at the clock, it was about time for him to turn in already as he kept the dishes. Again, he carried the Inathe by her waist at her side and put her in the bathroom. He doesn't have a habit of brushing teeth daily, since it wasn't really necessary with his diet. There was two toothbrushes provided by the hotel, he put on toothpaste on one before passing to her.

Inathe took the toothbrush in her small hand and stared at Godric, not knowing what to do. Godric sighed as he prepared the toothbrush for himself and began brushing, to show Inathe to way to do it.

'A human child is really peculiar. She neither talk nor is capable of doing anything independently. Is raising a child really this hard?' Godric thought as he unconsciously used to towel to help Inathe wiped her mouth after the rinse.

It was almost dawn and he felt lethargic, needing sleep. Isabel seemed to have taken a liking to the child as she already prepared a wardrobe for the child without him knowing. He thought about how he could help the child change into her night wear, she was after all a young lady. "Inathe, come here."

Inathe tottered her way to Godric and stood next to him, where he was kneeling down in front of the wardrobe drawers. Godric showed Inathe a few night dresses and asked her for her opinion. Inathe pointed to the pink long sleeves babydoll sleeping dress without hesitation. "You need to learn how to change on your own, Inathe."

Godric took off his own shirt, telling Inathe to do the same. She took off her outerwear, leaving her underdress on as Godric helped her pulled on the sleeping dress. He carried her the usual way, by the waist and went to the room which was supposing the bedroom, with a coffin laying there. However, Godric lifted up a hidden cover in the room, showing a flight of stairs down to the basement. It was a fairly well furbished room with a large bed, lamps, air-conditioned and equipped with sound system. Although the whole house was completely built to not allow any sunlight to enter, but Godric built the basement for better security in his bed, being the old vampire he was, he didn't really enjoyed sleeping in the coffin all the time, some few centuries ago, he fell in love with the concept of sleeping in a bed. Godric climbed into the bed, tucking Inathe beside him. "I'm going to sleep long. If you wake up early, go sit in a corner and read some book, don't wake me up. Good night." Godric concluded as he covered her under the blanket. Inathe held onto Godric's hand as they closed their eyes to sleep.

"Godric." The tall vampire, Stan Davis, was one of Godric's underlings, "There's something that requires your attention." Inathe was laying on the bed, reading some books, while Godric was seated next to her. Isabel and Godric had decided against putting her in a school due to her inability to talk and that they would not be able to look after her. Godric stood up and went to the door with Inathe tottering beside him.

In the past few days, Inathe had been following Godric like a chick, her hand constantly tugging on Godric's pants. She seemed to have accepted Isabel into her new life, but it was the first time she met Stan.

"Lady Inathe, I'm going to borrow Godric for a while. Stay with Isabel." Stan said while smirking, causing Inathe to be a little uncomfortable.

"Inathe, I missed you." Isabel said as she carried the child in her arms. It was probably her motherly instinct that made her so fond of Inathe. "Give Isabel a kiss, sweetheart. It's sort of a greeting." Inathe kissed Isabel's cheek lightly and touched Isabel's face, showing her Godric and Stan's faces. "They are just out for some businesses. I do not think I should tell you about your Godric's other face."

Isabel poured Inathe a cup of milk, Isabel refills the fridge with human food now that Inathe was staying there. "Have you been eating properly? Godric is not really sensitive to human routines." Inathe nodded as she took a story book from the bookshelf and sat beside Isabel on the couch. Because of Inathe inability to speak, she enjoys hearing people talk as she always had Godric reads her learning materials to her even though he was unwilling.

The two returned soon after as Inathe ran to Godric's side quickly. She tilted her head when she saw that Godric had some red substance on his tee. Godric followed her line of vision, as he excused himself to the bedroom.

"Hello again, Lady Inathe," Stan said with his ever so arrogant voice. Inathe noticed that his chest was injured as she stared at the wound. "It will heal soon." Inathe touched the wound gently at first then with more strength, her whole palm pressed on the wound.

Stan had an expression of mixed feelings as Isabel carried Inathe. Inathe was coughing slightly as she seemed really uncomfortable while Isabel carried her. Godric came into view at the sound of her cough, with a new shirt, "Is she sick?"

"Godric, are you sure she's human?" Stan asked while Godric seemed really concerned about Inathe with his eyebrows furrowed. "First, she can penetrate minds. Now, she can even heal wounds."

Isabel rolled her eyes while Inathe reached for Godric, making him carry her. "You are not human. You heal fast."

"Isabel. Do I look like I'm joking? The place where she touched became warm and the injury was gone."

"You tend to joke." Godric said as he turned to Inathe, "I presumed she isn't fully human. Did you do something to his wound, Inathe?" Inathe nodded slowly as she showed Godric her past.

Inathe was sitting in a historical shrine, where she was dressed in traditional Japanese priestess costume. There was people bowing to her and offered food, most of them were in their old age as they addressed her as the Dragon's Child. She could heal their injuries, but the results were often herself being injured in the end.

"Stan was right." Godric said to Stan, before him and Isabel left the room. "Don't you want to return home? Your father mentioned that your grandfather would be finding you, but he hasn't been turning up…" Inathe kept her eyes away from Godric and it was probably the first time she showed an expression, a very much disturbed one. Godric decided to drop the topic as he threw the girl onto the sofa and went to prepare food for the child.

"Isabel likes you here. You can stay as long as you want, Iku." Godric gave Inathe a small smile as an encouragement for the child. He thought about the pet name for some time, it was a portmanteau of her first two name, Inathe Veronikue as he felt that her first name just couldn't fit her. "But you need to study well and be good. I'm a strict baby-sitter."

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