Who is Harry James Potter? A war orphan, son of James Potter and Lily Evans Potter, who due to the actions of the self-proclaimed Dark Queen, Beryl, and her followers, grew up alone in the world, with only Sirius Black, his godfather, as a companion.

As a statistic, he is a troubled soul, but no more important than anyone else... so when I met him during my first years in Hogwarts, I had no expectations of him. He was another face in the crowd. He was another Wizard on this world.

Of course, that is false. Harry James Potter is no ordinary Wizard. I have called him many things… a schoolmate, a juvenile, a criminal, a genius, an associate, once a friend, almost a lover.

Who is Harry James Potter? No one knows. Not even those who knew him.

- Susan Bones

Knockturn Alley. It has a rather dark reputation with good reason. For Muggles, a place like this is what they would call a black market. Black market, hah. For Wizards, Knockturn Alley was nothing more than Diagon Alley, except it was geared more to the darker side of Magic. Its narrow and darkened alleyways make it difficult for Aurors from the Ministry of Magic to patrol, and with a close-knit community, hiding contraband materials were easy as long as you had either an understanding or money.

Harry James Potter hated the place because it was stuffy. It had just rained heavily yesterday; the humidity reared its ugly head, and Harry wiped the sweat off his forehead for the umpth time, his rather pale skin looking somewhat bright under all the limited lighting. He just glared at his godfather.

"I hope this is better than last time, Sirius," he muttered softly, looking a bit annoyed.

Sirius Black laughed, ruffling the boy's hair with his left hand. The man was handsome, his long hair done in a ponytail, and though he looked jovial, one must not underestimate the man. He had been a fully trained and capable Auror on his prime, before the death of his best friend, the father of Harry, James Potter.

"It will be, Harry," the man replied. "Terry's pretty good at gathering information of oddities. The rarer the item, the higher the chance of getting said information. Of course, his prices are premium."

"We should have gone to him the first place," Harry said.

"You were getting short on Galleons, Harry. The others were cheaper."

"And ultimately useless," the boy countered. "Glad we didn't pay them. The only thing we had wasted is time. I hope this one won't be."

Sirius looked a bit sheepish. "Terry's my last option. If he can't help you, Harry, no one can."

"We'll see..."

The two walked around, the smell of stale potions and rotting carcasses of animal wafted through the air, each turn of a corner offering something new to the palette. Some alleyways were silent and empty, the others bustling with life. It took a while, but suddenly, a movement caught Sirius' eye, and his wand came out quickly, putting Harry behind him.

A figure emerged from a dark corner of the alley. Sirius tightened the grip only to lower it when a Wizard in a dark green robe flashed a smile at them.

"Hey, Black!" the man called.

"Terry... by Merlin, man, don't sneak around us like that! I would have hexed the living daylights out of you!"

"And risk losing the information you need?" Terry smirked. "Not the bloody hell likely. Come on, scoot here. I got what you need."

Terry called them on a narrow alleyway corner with a dead end. There weren't much people around, and the only few passing were too engrossed to talk to each other to overhear them. Harry took a deep breathe, and began to concentrate on keeping his face still. He was going to be conducting business. He didn't need to give the man any advantages in their negotiations.

"What do you have?" Harry asked.

"What you were looking for my boy was somewhat difficult to track. Very difficult," Terry began.

"Spare me your babble. I know how hard it was for you to find it," Harry declared neutrally. "That's why we pay you."

"Heh, cheeky kid," Terry looked at Sirius. "Bet he's going to be a hit at Hogwarts."

"If he'll attend," Sirius shrugged.

"Yeah, sure. Who wouldn't want to go to Hogwarts?"

"Well, this boy here just told me to burn his admission letter," Sirius replied, and the boy, for a moment, stared threateningly at his godfather. Sirius immediately raised his hands in defence.

"Well, I'll be," Terry chuckled. "Big plans, Mr. Potter? You know, there are some rumors you starting something big, costing you a lot of gold, and considering you are looking for this particular item, it makes sense."

"Let's go back to business," Harry quickly declared. "So... do you know where it is?"

"Yup. Apparently, the particular item you are looking for is locked in a Gringotts Vault Number 713. Very high security as well."

Sirius slapped his thigh with some exasperation, while Harry's face, if possible, hardened even more.

"Oh no worries," Terry stated. "I have it on good authority that it is going to be transferred to Hogwarts soon. Apparently, word was out that someone is seeking it."

"Us?" Sirius asked.

"Actually, no. Your involvement on this said item is very hushed. You two do good work in keeping your tracks hidden. The only reason why I even know you, Mr. Potter is because Sirius is an old friend, and I owe him my life," Terry shook his head. "No, I'm afraid a third party is looking for that particular item. And thus, the great Albus Dumbledore himself has taken the liberty of guarding said item."

"Sheesh…" Sirius shook his head. "Great. Goblins are bad enough, now we have to pass by Dumbledore?"

"Quite," Harry agreed. "Gringotts is already a very hard place to break in to, but not impossible. Hogwarts on the other hand… would be almost impossible to break into."

The school was pretty much its own autonomy. Magics so strong that not even the Ministry of Magic would dare try to interfere on it directly without at least consulting the Board of Governors first, who are probably the only authority for Hogwarts, and it is only for Staff, and not the school itself. If that wasn't enough, the headmaster of the school is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Chief Warlock if the Wizengamot, the highest body in the Wizarding Community of Britain. One does not try to make an enemy of the one who vanquished Grindelwald and the only Wizard the Dark Queen had been cautious to face.

"Sirius... pay the man," Harry declared after a somewhat uncomfortable moment of silence. He then turned and left their meeting area. Sirius followed after giving the man a pouch filled with gold.

Terry looked surprised, and opened the pouch, making sure that he was being paid for what he was promised. He then looked at the retreating boy, and asked, "That's it? No tests, no questions if my information is accurate?"

Harry looked at the man. "Your pupils rarely dilated, you also were calm and collected indicating you have given me no lies. I wasn't just looking at you for nothing. The possibility of you hiding yourself through Occulemancy is a risk, though you admitting you owed my godfather a life debt goes more to your favor. In any case that your information proves to be useless, or worse, treacherous, Sirius will find you, and will make you thoroughly regret it."

Terry just stared at the boy, and smiled widely. "When Sirius said you were a smart, I doubted him. Now… well…" he paused, and his face went serious. "Someone is going to get the item from Gringotts this week. Dumbledore is sending someone he apparently trusts to get it."

"Who?" Harry asked.

"The gamekeeper of Hogwarts, apparently," Terry shrugged. "I don't know the man. I think his name is Hagrid."

"Thank you for your information then," Harry stated as he continued his walk, his godfather walking beside him. When they were far away, the boy looked at the man, and stated, "Keep Terry as our business associate once his information falls to place. And give him our finest Firewhiskey for Christmas. I think your friend deserves it."

Susan Bones just sighed as she flipped the channel, somewhat bored. It was late afternoon, and her uncle, Thomas Bones was supposed to be on his way home. He called in through the phone just a few minutes ago, so she was going to wait for him.

Her uncle was a detective of a small town of Hampershire. Her parents died, an accident her uncle said, so she grew up under his care. He was a very kind man, and she had no doubts of his love for her. She was the daughter he never had.

She grew up with his stories. Most were quite overblown when she was young, but as she grew old, he began to fill in a bit more darker details of the job: office politics, the choice of the lesser of two evils, and paperwork. His uncle hated paperwork.

He told her she had good instincts. He would at times review some old cases with her, minus the gory details of course, and she would give pretty good insights. He told her she had impressed him, and that was no lie, nor a overestimation. She had quite a good head on her shoulders, and he would even begin to ask her for some time in his current cases. It was a system of well-constructed mind games and had sown the seeds of Susan Bones' personality.

Susan was a girl with a high moral fibre. She would get in trouble, going around the little neighbourhood trying to take on loiterers and vandals. Made her pretty unpopular with the kids at her age group, and had the adults smiling at her antics. She pretty much set herself to be a police officer.

Of course, that was until she received a very peculiar letter.

Hogwarts School

of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The letter was a bit too elaborate for Susan to dismiss immediately. The whole thing sounded silly, but for some reason, she felt, somewhere inside of her, that this was anything but a joke. Her 'good ol'' instincts were working once more; the little tugging feeling of her gut every time her uncle would tell her the details of his old cases, her mind suddenly connecting mundane facts that impressed her uncle so much.

It was back when she was five… she remembered it so clearly. Her toys suddenly seemed to pop alive, and floated around her. It scared the life out of her. Her uncle found her crying in the bathroom, the toys outside the shut door, waiting for her to come out.

Thomas told her it was fine, but never did explain. She didn't need any. All she wanted was a reassuring loved one near her, and so, she dropped any question she could have asked that day, and left the whole experience alone.

Until today.

Her mind began to formulate theories. Why were her toys floating around her like that, walking around as they were alive? There were no scientific explanations. Psychologically, it could be explained, but her uncle's actions in the aftermath of her experience made her think otherwise. Thomas seemed to know something, but didn't seem to want to say anything.

The doorbell rang. Susan's eyes narrowed. Maybe now was the time to ask questions.

"Dear, no, it's not like that," Sirius sighed, looking at the young Asian female face in the green fire. "Of course I'll visit you. And yes, your mom as well. No, Harry won't be coming… yes, apparently, he hates you too."

"But why can't you visit now?" the teenager complained.

"I'm just helping Harry with this job, and then I'll be free," Sirius replied honestly.

"Harry this, Harry that!" she growled.

"Now, dear, don't be like that," Sirius sighed. "One job… and I'll visit. Wizard's Oath."

"You better, otou-san…" she replied, pouting before she cut off her connection of the Floo.

The man sighed as he too cut himself of the Floo network. Sliding down the bed, he looked at the ceiling of the room they had rented in the Leaky cauldron for a moment before he sighed and stood up, exiting the room, and moved the room beside it. He knocked once, and opened the door, and entered.

Harry Potter was sitting at the floor in the center of the room, sitting crossed-legged, his eyes closed.

"You really ought to lock your doors," Sirius said.

"Hush," Harry muttered softly, his eyes still closed and his body still. For a moment, the two were silent, until the boy spoke up once more. "Okay, again. Who is this Hagrid?"

"Rubeus Hagrid," Sirius repeated. He had been saying this thrice already. "Gamekeeper and the Keeper of Keys of Hogwarts. Half-giant. Very mellow, though with the giant blood, that could change on his temper."

"Do you like him?" Harry asked. The question was new… for Sirius, it meant Harry had finally formulated a plan.

"Decent man. He wasn't very close to the Marauders, but he's a good man," Sirius stare turned a bit hard, even though Harry couldn't see it. "I prefer you wouldn't damage him permanently."

"No worries," Harry opened his eyes. "I doubt we could take him down with just the two of us. Giant blood will protect him from stunners, and also makes him quite immune to tranquilizers, even the strongest ones. I doubt you could beat him to submission as well. This will be more of guile than force."

"Well, I trust you, Harry," Sirius shrugged. "I'm ready anytime."

"Good," the boy nodded. "By the way, how's Amy?"

"She still hates you."

Harry couldn't help but grin. "That's good."

"I'm… I'm really a witch?" Susan asked.

"Yes," Thomas sighed. He had been expecting this since she made her toys float five. "You're mother and father were both witch and wizard as well. Remember the time you were five?"

She nodded.

"That was accidental magic, or that's at least what Amelia says."

"Aunty Amelia?" Susan blinked. "I thought she was an officer of the Ministry of Defence?"

"Sorry, pumpkin," Thomas grinned. "She's also a witch. Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to be exact."

"Oh…" Susan deflated the angry outburst welling from her. She felt a bit betrayed that the aunt she kept writing to had lied to her all these years, though hearing that she was someone who upheld the law did put an ease on her temper. Then, her mind suddenly began asking questions.

"Look, if I'm a witch, why am I here?" Susan asked. "Why haven't I been told about this? Why am I only finding it out now?"

"You tell me pumpkin," Thomas began, smiling slightly. "Why would we hide your heritage from you?"

The question was innocent, but like Thomas' questions to Susan was in the same tone he had every time they went down to review his old case files. Her mind began going on conjectures. Some were too silly to even be mentioned, while others were more noteworthy.

"You hid things from me… because I was not supposed to know until a certain time, yes?"

Thomas just urged her to go on, his smile widening.

"If I was not supposed to know, living quietly…" her eyes widened. "I was being hidden?"

"Good show," Thomas grinned. "Now, why would we hide you?"

"Something to do with my parents?" Susan asked, only to receive a nod. "Were they criminals?"

Thomas shook his head.

"Do they owe anyone a large sum of money?"

Another shake of the head.

Susan took a deep breathe. "Is… is it related to their deaths?"

"I'm afraid so," Thomas nodded.

"Whoever killed them… would come after me?"

"In a way," Thomas sighed. "Susan… please listen, and don't interrupt me, okay? Ten years ago, the whole Wizarding community was in shambles. A very dark Witch was terrorizing everyone. She killed your parents… and also gave you that scar."

Susan touched her lightning-bolt shaped scar in her forehead unconsciously. For some reason, her stomach turned as her uncle continued with the story.

Part of her found the whole story suspect. Her mother and father were Aurors, a Wizarding equivalent of a police officer and soldier, apparently, and this dark Witch Beryl, whom fashioned herself as a self-styled Death Queen, had come after their family. She had easily killed both her parents, but for some reason, when she faced Susan, she had disappeared without a trace, leaving only a lightning-bolt scar on the baby Susan's forehead.

Amelia and Thomas had both agreed in hiding her, and the Headmaster of Hogwarts suggested a hideaway in the Muggle world, which proved to be quite a fruitful suggestion. Thomas, who really was an Unspeakable, went deep undercover as a muggle detective in the quaint and small town of Hampershire, just a few outskirts of London, and had been taking care of Susan ever since.

Susan had questions now. Her uncle hadn't been much forthcoming to her nature, partly because he wanted to keep her safe… but no more. Putting Susan back on the Wizarding world without any information would just send her to the wolves. He answered her questions about the family line, both her maternal and paternal, and things a regular Wizard or Witch should know.

In the end, the conversation fell back to Susan's Hogwarts letter.

"Can we really buy all of these in London?" she asked.

"If you know where to go," Thomas nodded.

"Will you take me there then?"

Thomas frowned. "Sorry, pumpkin… but I can't leave my post yet. Tell you what… I'll introduce you to someone. He can tell you much more about the current events of the Wizarding world, and even about Hogwarts."

Perhaps it was time to retire his cover, Thomas thought. He'd be in a long haul when he's back at the Department of Mysteries for debriefing. It had been ten long years, after all.

Days passed. Sirius hated waiting. He was a man of action, so when Harry announced his plan was to stay in the Leaky Cauldron for the week, he knew he was in for the long haul. It also didn't help the fact that ninety percent of the witches in the establishment were all taken. He half-wished Harry was older so they could go to the Charming Jinx. He heard good things on the dancers there, even a metamorphmagus, if the rumours were true.

He must have said his plan aloud because Harry suddenly declared, "Sirius, you already gotten a Japanese witch pregnant because of your indiscretion. You really have to control yourself."

Sirius just grinned sheepishly, though he still put an unabashed front. "The old dog needs some good ol' snuffling. You'll understand when you're fourteen."

Harry just rolled his eyes. He doubted that. The whole mating ritual was just a result of hormones and an evolutionary urge to procreate and ensure the survival of the species. He knew he had no time for either. There were things to plan, gold to be obtained… like now.

Looking outside the window of their room, overlooking Diagon Alley, he watched the crowd bustle along, mostly kids of his age. They were most likely trying to buy their school things. Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions were full, along with Flourish and Botts, the bookstore.

Then, he saw him. A tall beefy man emerge along the street of Diagon Alley, accompanied by a girl.

"Got him," Harry declared. "Hmm… definitely Giant blood on him. Kindly face. Who is the girl he's with?"

She looked very lost, in Harry's opinion. That indicated she might be a muggleborn witch. Her eye had a wandering gaze, but in its curiosity was mixed with determination. What worried him though was the crowd seemingly gathering around them. Sure, it was strange to see a big man like that in the Wizarding World, but the fact the people pointed at the girl, it wasn't this Hagrid person that was taking their attention.

"Well, I'll be a Veela's lover," Sirius whistled. "It's Susan Bones, the Girl-Who-Lived."

Had Harry been older, he would have sworn.

"What in the world is she doing here? And with him?"

"Don't know," Sirius replied. "Rumour has it she was raised off the grid… probably by muggles."

Raised by muggles? That would make sense, Harry thought as he watched her look around with curious gaze. She definitely looked like a muggle-born witch, gasping at new sites as if the world was her oyster. Moreover, tactically, it would make sense to hide her in the muggle world, especially with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's followers were still around.

Not that it any of those tidbits would help Harry in anyway. He could only sigh heavily.

"Okay, so, he's here. Now what?" Sirius asked.

"Nothing. Plan failed," Harry muttered darkly as he went towards his trunk and began packing all of his things in.

Sirius looked confused. "What do you mean nothing, Harry?"

"The plan is gone. It hinged on the fact that the Gamekeeper would be alone, not have a celebrity at his side," Harry answered calmly, though Sirius detected a little bitterness in his voice. "Bloody Girl-Who-Lived…"

The man snorted. Harry had whispered the last sentence, as he rarely cursed. He always loved to act aloof and emotionless, but it were times like these where Sirius enjoyed being the boy's godfather. Plan a heist at Gringotts, or take on a dragon cave? Awesome. Seeing Harry act like a normal kid? Priceless.

"So, that's it?" Sirius asked. "No more going after the Philosopher's Stone?"

The boy was about to say yes, when an electrical current nibbled through his cranium. Like clockwork, his mind then began formulating new ideas and finally a new plan. It was shaky at best, and quite disastrous if anything went wrong, but this was the best way to get the Stone.

Sirius watched as Harry went through the motions. Unknown to the boy, his gaze lowered itself to the carpeted floor, and he began to pace, muttering, whispering amongst himself. Then, at a snap of a finger, Harry left his own daze, looking at his godfather.

"A new plan then?" the man asked.

"Quite. Its time to pull the most daring heist in the history of the Magical World," Harry seemed to smile. "Tell me you didn't listen to me, and kept my acceptance letter to Hogwarts."

It took a while before Sirius realized what the question meant. When he realized it, he couldn't stop grinning.


Author's Notes:

I took a stab at writing a Harry Potter flick. Any HP fans who want to know, I specialize in heavy AU stuff. If you don't like it, I can redirect you to many other well written and interesting HP fanfiction you may like better. Feedback's good. Thank you.

I have finally decided on the direction of the fic. I also added something fun (and a bit too easy if anyone got the right nudge). Hopefully this will bring a really good jump of quality for the fic which I found myself direction-less.