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"What the hell are we doing tonight?" I yelled to Alice. Please tell me it is going to involve large amounts of alcohol. It had been almost a year since we had ventured the bar scene, since the accident.

"We're going to your favorite spot; Rosalie will be here around 8 to get ready with us!"

I was so ready for a night out with the girls, a night out of this apartment to have fun. I was tired of being so depressed. I needed a release. Alice Brandon was my roommate and best friend. I have known her since middle school. We have practically been inseparable since 6th grade. It was now our junior year of college at WSU. She has been there for me through the best and worst of times. Alice was my rock after that dreadful night, the night I lost one of my best friends, Jacob Black.

It was late November last year, and Jake and I had a huge fight at a bar downtown. He was jealous of the men who were hitting on me and the girls. Jake and I had been friends since we were little. He was one of my best friends, and I had a love for him that was indescribable. We tried dating in high school but decided we were better off as friends. But Jake never stopped having feelings for me, feelings that I could not reciprocate.

I am a flirtatious girl, when the moment arises. It feels good to be wanted. Jake was not a fan of that. Alice, Rose and I had been doing shots and that night we were overly flirtatious. The attention was warranted. Then Jake walked in and all hell broke loose. Blame it on the Alcohol came on and we hit the dance floor running, as did most of the testosterone in the bar.

We were dancing quite seductively when I felt these large, sstrong hands on my hips. As we began grinding on each other, his lips grazed my neck. But then his hands were gone. As I turned around, he was on the floor; Jake had knocked him out. I flew over to Jake and grabbed him. He pushed me away and I fell into the crowd around us. I started screaming at him as he continued to wail on him, blood flew everywhere. The bouncers ran over and pulled Jake off him. They quickly escorted him outside and I chased after him.

"Jake, what in the hell are you doing?" I asked him.

"I am protecting you from those creeps, Bella."

"We were fine, Jake, geez! Why can't you just let me have fun and be a girl?"

"Bella, you looked like a slut, and that guy wanted to do so much more than dance with you."

"Jacob Black, how dare you call me a slut? Fuck you. And maybe I wanted him to do so much more. Did you ever think of that? Why can't you just be my friend? We tried dating and it just didn't work. Remember? But we work as friends, Jake. You know it and I know it." I was screaming at this point. "You have to stop doing this. Just go home!"

"Fine, Bella, have it your way. I am leaving. Go whore it up with your girls." he stormed off to his car.

I ran back inside to check on the poor guy. The music was thumping so loud I could hardly think let alone hear anything. I could tell immediately though that Jake had broken his nose. One of his friends was still with him trying to stop the bleeding.

"You sure you're alright, Edward?" his friend asked. He mumbled something about being worth it, I think, but I couldn't really hear. Bloodied and bruised, he got up to leave with his friend. I pushed my way through the crowd to try to apologize again but he was already gone. We never got the chance to even speak.

Rosalie dragged me back inside. She and Alice agreed it was time for more shots and more dancing. And sure enough, we closed the place.

We then headed back to our apartment in Alice's car. Rose noticed a car following really close behind us. Alice proceeded to speed up. As she increased her speed, so did the car behind us. The next thing we knew, the car was next to us in the oncoming lane, honking and yelling. It was Jake.

I screamed for Alice to slow down and that's when it all happened. We were approaching a curve, Alice slowed the car down and Jake increased speed. An eighteen wheeler was headed straight for him. Jake attempted to swerve and when he did, he went crashing into the guardrail and flipped onto the embankment.

We pulled over immediately and Rose called 911. We ran to car and that's when we realized Jake had been thrown from the vehicle and wasn't breathing. Alice began CPR, while Rose held me as I screamed. Although it seemed liked hours, the police and paramedics arrived within minutes. Jake was rushed to the hospital. We followed close behind with a police escort. But there was too much damage. Jake was pronounced dead in the emergency room.

A part of me died with him that night. I loved Jacob. I needed him back here with me. It shouldn't have ended like this. All I could think of is the fight outside the bar and the harsh words we exchanged. I just wanted to hug Jake; I just wanted to tell him it would be okay. But he was gone.

He was all I ever wanted in a friend; he was all I ever needed. I had the chance to know him. I had the chance to share a piece of my life with him. He was always there for me and I could tell him everything. Jake was a dream come true.

He's the one who put the nightmare I was living in to an end. I never imagined my life without him. I never thought, not even for a second, that tomorrow he could be gone. With him there was always something to do. He was always up for a challenge, and with him I felt fearless. I knew I shouldn't have let him go but now it's too late

Neither one us thought it would be the last time we would see or talk to each other.

A week after the accident I opened my cell phone for the first time … I had a new voice mail. It was him… telling me how much he wished he could hold me in his arms and how much he wished he would have been with me as more than friends. As he was saying how much he loved me and how much he missed me, all I could hear was his screaming and a BANG. He left me that voicemail as the accident occurred.

Since that day all I've been doing is remembering the things he and I have done together, from the day we met to our last goodbye. Every day when I think of him, I can't keep the tears from falling from my eyes.