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This past week had been crazy busy, and here we were about to board the jet for Forks. Edward had gotten Carlisle to let him use their private jet since Forks is a short trip. Edward grabbed my hand and gave it a light squeeze. We moved to the gate and made our way outside to the jet.

As we climbed aboard the jet, Edward greeted the pilot and thanked him for his services. After storing our luggage we took our seats and buckled ourselves in.

"I love you Bella," Edward whispered as he kissed my forehead.

"I love you more than anything, Edward," I said as I nestled into the crook of his arm.

The pilot came out of the cockpit and said that we would be taking off in about nine minutes. I grabbed my phone and texted my mom. I let her know we were taking off and we should be arriving on time.

I quickly took notice that there was no flight attendant with us. It was just Edward, the pilot and I.

I closed my eyes and thought about this past week's events. And to say it was eventful is an understatement. Being caught by Emmett at first was embarrassing, but then I realized that it turned me on even more. I had moved Edward and I to his bedroom and I rode him like fucking Zorro. I saw Emmett the next morning in the hall, and I think I shocked the shit out of him.

"You're not as innocent as I once thought you were Bella. Telling Edward to blow his load down your throat was pretty amazing," said Emmett as he stopped in front of me.

"I never claimed to be innocent. I am a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. Or the kitchen." I said and winked.

Emmett's jaw dropped slightly as I continued to walk by. "Just sayin'."

I had spent that afternoon trying to finalize Edward's Christmas present. I called Cash and he confirmed everything was a go. Edward would have to wait to receive his present till the day after Christmas. But I knew he would be fine with that because he doesn't care about material things. And this wasn't exactly material, more of an opportunity.

The jet began to move towards the runway, aaand I decided to have a little fun with Edward. I was burning with desire from my head down to my toes.

I slowly stood and turned to face Edward. Edward made eye contact with me immediately. He began to speak and I leaned forward, pressing my index finger to his lips.

"Ssshh baby."

I had on tight stone wash jeans that hung low on my hips; I matched it with a blue loose cowl neck sweater. I slowly pulled my sweater over my head, revealing my white bra with emerald green hearts. I began to run my fingers over my hard nipples, lightly pinching them through my bra.

Edward leaned forward and I immediately pushed his chest back with the heel of my Knee-high BCBG Suede boot. I turned so my back was to him and unbuttoned my jeans. I slowly pushed my jeans down, bending over so my ass was in Edward's face. I rubbed my hand over my white lace boy shorts that matched my bra and gave my ass a light smack.

I heard Edward release a low growl, and I felt myself moisten.

I slipped my jeans over the top of my fuck me boots, stepping out of them. I slowly sat on Edward's lap and leaned against his hard chest, pressing my ass onto his rock hard cock. I rocked my hips, grinding against him.

Edward pushed my hair to the side, granting him access to my neck. He started moaning as he is sucked on my neck down to my collarbone. I slipped my hand into my boy shorts and began to rub myself as Edward watched me. Edward moved his hands to my breasts and caressed them slowly.

I inserted my greedy fingers into my pussy, swirling them around as I grinded myself against Edward. He massaged my tits and pulled and pinched my erect nipples. I moaned and quickened my movements.

"Don't stop baby. I want to hear you make yourself cum," whispered Edward against my ear.

"Unnngggg Fuck. I'm cumming….oh god, Edward!"

"That's it baby, cum all over those fingers."


I pulled my fingers covered in my juices out and traced my lips with them. Edward grabbed the back of my head kissing me, trapping my wet coated fingers between our mouths, licking them clean.

Edward picked me up and pinned me down on the ground, grinding his cock into my pussy.

"I want your cock in my mouth, Edward."

He groaned as he pulled off his shirt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled his cock out slowly stroking it. I licked my lips from top to bottom, desperately needing to taste his cock. Edward straddled my chest, pushing his cock into my mouth, and I moaned in appreciation.

He slowly fucked my mouth, pushing his cock down my throat. I grabbed his ass pushing him further down my throat, causing Edward to moan even louder.

"I want to taste you," he growled

Edward jumped off me and moved between my legs, licking my soaked panties lifting my boot covered leg over his shoulder.

"You're so fucking sexy in these," he moaned, moving my panties over as his tongue moved over my folds.

I arched my back off the floor, grabbing a handful of Edward's hair as I grinded my pussy into his face. His tongue worked over my clit and pussy, slipping a finger inside me, making me cum on his face.

"Ed…waaard. Yes. Yeeeess. Yessss."

Edward moved up my body peppering kisses against my skin, the peaks of my breasts, my neck and my mouth, slipping his tongue inside, letting me taste how sweet my pussy is. I wrapped my arms around him and he stood up, pulling me to my feet. He bent me over the chair so my ass is sticking out; he slowly rubbed my ass, hooking his fingers in the sides of my panties slowly pulling them down. He placed small kisses along my ass and thighs as he removed them.

My legs stood straight as a board with my ass out, my sweet juices dripping down my legs. I reached my out holding onto the back of the chair as Edward ran his fingers over my pussy coating them, using my juices to stroke himself.

HHHe looked at me in front of him, I watched him over my shoulder, slipping myself up and down and playing with my pussy as he watched me.

I took my coated finger and moved it over my tight opening, slowly teasing it. He couldn't take it anymore; he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock into my pussy. I dropped my head as I moaned at the feeling of Edward filling me, making me cum instantly. He slammed into me harder and harder as he felt my pussy clenching around him. He reached down and grabbed my hair wrapping it around his hand and wrist, pulling me against him.

Edward sucked on my neck as my hand moved to his head holding onto him. He kissed me hard, slamming into me harder and harder.

"Cum on my cock baby, one more time. I want your pussy to milk me baby," he moans.

I can't hold on anymore and I came hard again.'; His mouth moved over mine swallowing my screams, pinching my nipples hard, as he thrust inside of me.



Three times.

Filling my pussy.

Edward held me close to him, kissing me passionately. "So I take it you like the boots?" I ask causing him to laugh.

"Yeah you could say that," he said as he slapped my ass.

We walked out of Forks Municipal Airport, and I spotted my parents immediately.

"Bells! Look at you baby!" cried my mother.

"Mom. I have missed you!" I said as we shared a tight hug.

As my mom released me, I looked over at my dad who was eyeing Edward up and down.

"Dad!" I cried as I ran up to my father.

"You look good Bells," he said as he kissed my cheek.

"Mom and Dad, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Edward."

"Mr. and Mrs. Swan, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Please Edward, call us Charlie and Renee," pleaded my mother.

"Let's get your bags in the car and head to the house," said Charlie.

The ride to my parent's house was somewhat quiet. Edward kept our fingers entwined and his eyes on me the whole way. Renee attempted small talk with Edward, however there is no such thing as small talk with her. She asked him about his family and where he grew up and by the time we got to the house, it felt like the Spanish Inquisition.

We made our way into the house and set our bags down in the living room. Renee headed straight to the kitchen, which made me kind of nervous. I quickly followed behind her.

"Are you guys hungry?" asked Renee

"We should probably eat something, you aren't cooking are you?"

"I picked up some cold cuts and hoagie rolls at the market earlier. "

"Perfect. I will whip up some sandwiches for Edward and I. Did you and Dad eat?"

"Yes we ate at the Diner before we picked you both up."

Edward and Charlie walked in the kitchen laughing.

"What are you two laughing at?" I asked as I approached both of them

"Your Dad was telling me how Renee once burnt the kitchen out trying to cook. "

"Bells, you'd be proud of your mother. She took a couple cooking classes and is starting to improve."

I looked at my mother in disbelief. This woman couldn't cook an egg without burning it.

"Well I hope to see you put your new cooking skills to use this week mom." I said as I began pulling the meat from the refrigerator.

I made our sandwiches and we ate while Charlie and Renee watched baseball in the living room. Edward reached out for my hand as he looked me deep in the eyes.



"What about me?" I ask as I move to sit in his lap.

"You are what I never knew I always wanted," he whispered into my ear.

I ran my hands up into his sex hair and pulled his face to mine. The moment our lips touched I could feel the electricity I felt the first time we touched. Our kiss was not rushed; it was slow, soft and sensual. It said so much without words being spoken.

Hearing Edward say those words made me fall even deeper in love with him. He was my heart, my love and my life. These past couple months he had given me so much and I was still amazed he is mine.

I slowly pulled away from Edward, needing to reciprocate words of adoration.

"No one has ever loved me the way you do, Edward. I feel so alive when I am with you. You helped bring me back to life and I thank you. I love you. Always."

We joined Charlie and Renee in the living room, and we noticed Charlie had passed out in his recliner. I kissed my mother goodnight and she hugged Edward.

"Your father still has his rules, Bells. Edward will need to sleep on the couch. I will get him upstairs while you unpack. "

"Err… thanks Mom. "

"Goodnight, Bells. Edward"

"Goodnight, I love you"

Edward and I grabbed our bags and made our way upstairs to my room. Edward glanced around the room and started laughing.

"What is so funny?"

"New Kids on the Block. Really Bella?"

"Don't mess with NKOTB, Cullen." I said as I poked his chest.

"Or what? You gonna do something about it?" he said as he cocked his eyebrow.

I pushed Edward to the bed without speaking a word. I crawled on top of him whispering, "You don't want to challenge me baby. I will win. I always win."

Edward quickly pulled me to him, crashing his mouth to mine. He bucked his hips against mine as he deepened our kiss.

"We can't baby. My dad will kill you if he finds us." I breathed against him.

"Can you be quiet?" he begged as he slid down my body unbuttoning my jeans.

"Y-yesss." I stuttered.

"This is about you baby...only you tonight. Relax baby," he whispered as he kissed my belly and slid my jeans off.

Edward pulled at the band of my panties with his teeth before drawing them down as I raised my ass. He continued to lure them down my smooth legs, sliding them off my ankles. His eyes were burning with desire as he worked his way back up my body, my panties still in between his teeth. He stopped when he got to my mouth and breathed through my panties. "Open your mouth baby." I did as he asked and he placed my soaked panties in my mouth, pushing them in farther with his tongue.

Edward made his way back between my thighs. He ran his tongue through my wet folds and began sucking on my clit as I moaned through my panties. "Ssshhh baby," he whispered against my pussy. He slid two fingers into my hot core, and I gripped the comforter holding back another moan. Edward pumped me harder and harder as he nibbled on my clit. I couldn't help but watch as he shoved his face farther into my pussy. He slammed his fingers back into my pussy, and I quickly grabbed his hair mumbling "more" through my panties.

Edward thrust and swirled his fingers harder as I bucked my hips into his face. He pulled his fingers out and began to lick my little rear hole. He worked his way back up to my clit. He stuck his finger in my pussy and then put it into my back hole. I was coming undone with every pump of his finger. "Oh shit," I groaned. As he was fucking my ass with his finger, he darted his tongue in and out of my pussy in time with his finger pumping. I began to moan louder, and Edward reached up and covered my mouth with his hand. I pressed his face into my pussy as I bucked my hips into him as I came on his face.

Edward pulled my panties from my mouth and crashed his mouth to mine. I moaned into his mouth as I tasted myself on his tongue. I pulled him further down to me deepening our kiss. The things this man did to my body, my heart and my soul. I ran my hands through his hair, moaning together at our contact. Edward slowly pulled away from me. "We have to stop baby. If your dad comes up here I am dead." He whispered in my ear..

"Uggghh. Fine." I groaned as Edward pulled me up with him.

I walked Edward to the door, and he kissed me softly and slowly.

"Goodnight Love, sweet dreams," he said as he kissed my forehead.

Edward made his way downstairs as I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I changed into my sleep shirt -which was one of Edward's- and climbed into bed. I hated sleeping without him. I had become so accustomed to him humming me a lullaby to sleep or listening to his heartbeat in rhythm with mine. I tossed and turned for what seemed hours before I finally fell asleep. That night I dreamt of what forever would be like with Edward.


I rolled over and looked at my phone to check the time. 4:53am. Ugggh. Why am I awake? I could hear somebody moving around upstairs. I bet its Charlie, he must have to work today. I drifted back to sleep and started to dream about the night I met Bella. Just as it came to the part where we are dancing, I was awakened by a heavy hand on my shoulder.

"Edward. Edward wake up, son," whispered Charlie.

"I'm up, I'm up. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. I am going fishing and didn't know if you wanted to join me."

Fuck. Does this man not know what time it is? Shit, what I wouldn't give to be upstairs in bed with Bella. I really did not want to be up at this hour but I knew I needed to go with him. I knew I needed to talk to him.

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