A/N: Nyan nya nya nya, nya nya nyanyanya nya nya. /nya-agh! Nya nya nya nya, nya nya nyanyanya! Nyan nyan nyanyan. Nyan nya nya, Nyannyan Nyan! /large, kitty eyes

(Translation: Finally, neko theme! It's long overdue, but I finally found the inspiration for a neko smut, after like, 2 years. /bricks selfIt's utter nonsense, the only plot in this story doesn't even make sense, but who am I kidding. You know why you're here. Here's your fresh serving of 8059 smut, Honourary Perverts!

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Roles of the day: Nekojin and Owner

Kids These Days Are Such Horny Creatures

The calloused hand pumped furiously up and down along the slick shaft, fingers moving habitually to the sensual spots they know best. Yamamoto spread his legs further apart, feeling his member grow more sensitive. His back rested against the side of his bed, head lying on the mattress. His jaw slackened as he leant his head back further. Being alone in the room gave him the liberty to be as loud as he wished. The winter air turned Yamamoto's gasps into mist.

He came. White liquid squirted and stained the floor, his hand and his clothes. Yamamoto laid there for a moment, catching his breath. Alright, the old man will be back any moment, so let's get cleaned up-


Yamamoto's head shot up in surprise. His face burnt even redder when he noticed the presence of the creature.

A well-groomed cat stood just a few centimeters away, waving its paw in its face like the beckoning cat mascots in shop entrances. It appeared that there were sticky fluids strung across its delicate silver fur.

Yamamoto had completely forgotten about the cat. Tsuna was on a holiday trip with his mother and was unable to look after his pet, so Yamamoto was tasked with the honourable duty of taking care of it until he returns. Which was just one day ago, and the absent-minded athlete had already forgot about its existence.

What was its name again? Shiro? That's a dog's name. Sadaharu?That's an overgrown dog's name. Bubuchacha? That's the name of the dog-car hybrid the kid down the street owns.

Ah yes, Gokudera. Yamamoto wondered how Tsuna couldn't have gotten a more normal name like Kitty, but thought that it could've been the name of the cat's previous owner, because Tsuna mentioned it was adopted.

In the midst of his useless ramblings, an annoyed Gokudera stuck out its dainty tongue to clean its fur of the disgusting mess. It was obviously a cat with OCD.

"Ah! Don't lick that!" Yamamoto jumped at the cat. Gokudera leapt up out of reflex, but Yamamoto was quick enough to catch it in midair.

Gokudera struggled, clawing at Yamamoto's firm grip. "Relax, I'm just gonna clean you up," Yamamoto said in a reassuring voice.

He sat back down in his original position and clasped the uncooperative cat gently between his thighs. That should keep it in place. He stretched over to the bedside desk and reached for tissues.

Meanwhile, Gokudera noticed something peculiar. It was a weird-looking toy, in between the legs of its new owner. Gokudera gave the long, limp toy a poke with its small paw.

Yamamoto flinched, letting go of the cat in the process. Gokudera dropped onto the wooden floor with a soft thud, but immediately flipped back to its feet.

"Gokudera," Yamamoto scolded.

The wilful cat ignored him and took a defensive stance, crouching low and death-glaring at the weird toy with all its might, its tail waving deliberately, as if deciding on a course of attack.

Yamamoto finally realised the situation, and gave himself a really awkward laugh. "It's… It's okay. This, um, thing won't hurt you." He gave a quick scan around his room to see where he had thrown his pants to.

Gokudera seemed to understand Yamamoto's words. It eased its muscles, and straightened its ears. It approached the enemy cautiously. It gave a careful poke to the toy again. Yamamoto winced, either out of fear of Gokudera extending its claws or out of that tiny jolt of pleasure from the touch, which startled the cat with his sudden movement. The athlete relaxed, and gave the feline some time to assess his penis.

Yamamoto also took this time to assess his life. Why am I showing my penis to a cat?

Before he could consider anything else, Gokudera was already in between his thighs, approaching his member. Yamamoto didn't even have the time to register when Gokudera swiped its tiny tongue across the shaft.

The teenager shuddered, feeling an odd sense of pleasure race up his torso and into his head. Gokudera thought it tasted funny, and continued licking, because it's cat logic to lick funny-tasting things. At least, this heat helped with the chilly weather.

Ever the inquisitive feline, Gokudera tasted every part of the toy, wiping its tongue across the delicate skin. It seemed that something magical must be happening, because the more it licked, the bigger this toy grew. It roused its curiousity even more.

The sandpaper surface of the tongue was a different sensation from his rough palms, and the short, quick licks offered a new experience from the usual long strokes he gives himself. Yamamoto breathed heavily, careful not to make any noise that will startle the cat.

Really, why on earth is he receiving a blowjob from a cat? And enjoying it?

Gokudera seemed to be done with the length, and its interest moved on to the head of his penis. It looked so… appetizing. Gokudera opened his mouth wide, ready to sink its teeth into that delicious-looking bulb...

Fortunately, Yamamoto swooped the feline up by the armpits with his quick reflexes. "Oh no, you don't!" The silver cat chomped onto thin air. When it realised it bit nothing, it gave a confused look. Yamamoto heaved a sigh of relief. He wouldn't have known how to explain to the people at the hospital how his Little Guy got eaten by a cat.

But even in midair Gokudera's long tail swished, brushing past his member in the most tantalizing way possible. Growing playful, the feline swept its tail along the circumference of the tip. Yamamoto clenched his jaw, fighting the urge to come. "Gokudera…" He hissed, in both annoyance and pleasure.

And just like that, he came from a cat playing with his penis.

Some of the white liquid spilled onto Gokudera again, releasing an unhappy "nyan!" from it.

Before he could do anything about it Gokudera had disappeared from his clutches in a puff of mist. In its place was a naked, fully-grown human boy. Yamamoto's eyes widened. The sudden weight of the boy caused both of them to fall forward and crash onto the floor.

Pushing himself up he studied the boy once more, in wide-eyed amazement. Though he said the boy was naked, the stranger did have silver cat ears, and a tail swishing playfully. He had cropped moonlit hair, the same colour as his tail and cat ears, and the most stunning pair of jade-green eyes he had ever seen. The clear orbs were partially covered by his thick, long eyelashes, but it only made him all the more beautiful.

"Nyan!" The boy cried, wiggling his hip. Yamamoto finally realised his face had landed just below the boy's navel.

"Ah, sorry!" Yamamoto quickly sat up, face flushed bright red at the sudden appearance of this magnificent beauty. Then, he remembered. "Who are you?"

The boy tilted his head, wide eyes staring back at Yamamoto. "Gokudera?" He answered, questioning the baseball player's intellect. Gokudera then flipped into squatting position and scratched his ear with curled fingers.

"Gokudera?" Yamamoto fell backwards. "The cat?"

He shot him an annoyed look. "What, do I look like a shark to you? What else can I be nyan?" Gokudera stared at the sticky threads between his fingers. "Ugh, why am I covered in this goo nya?"

"Wha- Did- Did you just turned into a human?" Yamamoto was flustered. He conveniently ignored the fact that this beautiful being was covered in his cum.

Gokudera stopped scratching his ears and frowned. He stood up, hands on hips, looking down at the Japanese teen with degrading eyes. "Are you an idiot? What nonsense are you talking about? I am a cat nyan! Look, I have a tail!" He turned around and bent down, showing off his tail which is his pride.

But Yamamoto completely missed the memo, and looked instead at the parts which proved Gokudera is human, or a cat-human at least. For one, he had smooth, milky skin which was practically inviting people, inviting him, to touch. And his buttocks, wiggling from side to side…

"See that gorgeous tail? That's mine, and proof of Jyuudaime's grooming skil- nya!"

The carnal instincts of Yamamoto begun to take over. He sunk his hands into the soft skin. It was surprisingly perky, considering how skinny this boy is. The flesh fit into Yamamoto's large palms nicely. Just kneading it was enough to make the insides of the raven-haired boy burn.

"You idiot! What are you doing nya?" Gokudera knew he should get away, but it felt kind of good, too.

Yamamoto's hands got closer to the center. As he squeezed he parted the butt cheeks more, revealing bit by bit the sensitive pink ring of muscle at the center.

"St-Stop it, I say, stop it nyan! Or I shall report this to Jyuudaime and- nyan-!"

Yamamoto's finger tip was gently tickling the very delicate skin around the hole. It got slicker by the second. "Can a cat feel this good, Gokudera?"

Gokudera bared his fangs, unable to come up with a retort. His mind was beginning to blank out.

"Can cats do this to each other?" Without warning, the teenager pressed into the hole and pushed his fingertip in. Gokudera let out a sharp gasp as his knees wobbled violently. Yamamoto felt the ring of muscle contract around his finger and he pushed in deeper. Gokudera's insides were boiling hot and it squeezed so tightly against his finger.

He slid out again, scraping against the walls and drove back in again. Yamamoto thought he saw a slight smile on his face, so he continued with the action several times. Gokudera's knees collapsed and he fell onto the floor, his hip high in the air. His face was furiously red and his lips quivering as he panted.

Once again, Yamamoto took another take at re-evaluating his life. There he is, a healthy 14-year-old male who just came to a cat's blowjob and is now having foreplay with that same cat. But he, Gokudera, looks too human for his senses to process the fact that he is actually a cat. The curves, the gasps, the perspiration, the erotic hairless body… He still doesn't understand how whatever just happened happened. But he is the kind of guy who makes lemonades when life gives him lemons. So what matters now is that he is human enough to him. He wants the captivating beauty of the boy.

By then Gokudera's own member had grown stiff and sticky. His hand moved instinctively southwards, and wrapped around the length. He rubbed fast and hard, like the hyperactive cat Jyuudaime said he is. Up down up down up down. He hasn't done this before so he didn't know if it was right or wrong. But oh it felt so good, an immense form of relief, like scratching an itch that's going to stay for hours.

Yamamoto chuckled. "Guess you still had some animal instincts in you."

With that the older boy scissored the hole apart with another finger, and pushed it in. Gokudera let out a breathy groan, eyes shut in delight. His muscles clenched even tighter onto Yamamoto's fingers, as the latter continued teasing him. His fingers parted, danced and tickled Gokudera's insides, in turn making Gokudera rub his penis even faster.

Yamamoto's movements slowed down and eventually stopped. Hand still moving on his member, Gokudera turned back to check, eyes still narrowed from the mounting pleasure, his lips dripping a bit of saliva.

Yamamoto stood up, so that Gokudera could see what the older boy intended for him to see. The long, thick penis, flushed and slick with pre-cum. "Sorry Gokudera, I'm going to explode if I don't do this."

Though Gokudera had no idea what he was talking about, he got an idea after he felt something big poking at his entrance. It eased the ring apart, slowly and carefully. The moment, and gratification, seemed to last forever.

"The tip's in," announced Yamamoto.

"What's that nyan?" Gokudera panted, pumping even faster on his member.

Yamamoto laughed sheepishly. "The uh, toy." Then he placed his hands on Gokudera's bum again, steadying him. "This time I'm going to go all the way."

Without waiting for an answer, Yamamoto squeezed his shaft inside. As he pushed in he could hear the wet, squishy sound. It took a long time because Gokudera was just too tense. "Ugh, so tight..." he breathed. "Relax, Gokudera."

Gokudera was on the verge of tears, face flushed a rosy red. "It's- It's too big, nya! I can't take it nyan!" All the while his hand never stopped moving.

Yamamoto remembered that his father is going to be back soon, so he'd have to finish this faster. "Sorry Gokudera," he said, before forcefully thrusting the rest of his length inside.

"Nyan!" Gokudera's back arched, feeling a shudder race down his spine. He breathed heavily, a tint of smile on his face at the intense gratification coursing through his nerves.

"I'm going to start moving." With that, he slid his member out, watching it pull the muscle out at the same time, and then push back in, the ring moving in as well. He started at a slow pace.

On the third thrust, a wave of ecstasy washed over Gokudera. He threw his head back, and saw a blinding white light that flashed for a nanosecond. His member felt like it erupted, sending thick, gooey cum all over his hand, his stomach, his chest and the floor.

Gokudera panted, resting his head on the floor. His stomach heaved up and down. "Ha... ha... That felt... That felt good, nya..." A strong rhythm continued pulsating in his body.

Yamamoto, obviously not finished yet, pouted. Then, he flipped the exhausted Gokudera over and spread his legs further apart, resting them on his broad shoulders. A startled Gokudera cried, "Wai- What are you-? Nya!"

Yamamoto continued thrusting. Gokudera's leg kicked up in reflex but Yamamoto held it down. Gokudera feels much tighter in this position.

"St-Stop it! I'm really tired now nya. You are such an idiot nyan!" Gokudera grunted, obviously mad.

But his body was telling Yamamoto a different story. The boy's penis gradually stood up again, tinted a deep, rosy red and oozing with cum. Wet, sloshing sound is now accompanied by slapping sounds, as Yamamoto picked up pace and hit faster and faster. His members scraped the walls of Gokudera with each thrust, feeling the heat inside the boy.

Nothing else was heard between these two other than heavy pantings. Gokudera swished his tail in Yamamoto's face in the midst of the heat, encouraging Yamamoto to grab the tail. Gokudera's chest heaved up. "Nyan! No, that's sensitive..."

That only made Yamamoto all the more determined. He opened his mouth and, with his lips covering his teeth, nibbled on the sensitive tail.

Gokudera let out a sharp gasp and winced. "Nya!" Without warning, the boy came, spilling as much thick, hot liquid as he did before. Some of it got on to Yamamoto's face. His muscles tensed heavily, squeezing on Yamamoto's penis hard.

Yamamoto grunted. "I'm coming, too, Gokudera!" He pulled out immediately, but not fast enough to aim elsewhere. His cum shot all over Gokudera, on top of the boy's own, and onto his face and hair.

From a distance, Gokudera was simply a mess, being drenched, from head to toe, in dubious milky fluid. His large, jade green eyes stared back at Yamamoto, fingers curled and resting on top of his chest, tail swishing. As he let out a mew, sticky threads hang from his sharp teeth.

He cleaned the room and bathed Gokudera after that. (Yamamoto learnt that Human-Gokudera apparently hates bath as much as Cat-Gokudera does.) He supposed he had blacked out after cleaning, because the next thing he remembered was waking up. He quickly looked around to find Gokudera the cat sleeping soundly on his bed. Yamamoto knocked his head for his stupidity. Of course it was all a dream. How can animals turn into humans? And pretty ones at that? Oh brain, that was a good one. Yamamoto shook his head and went for a refreshing shower himself.

When he returned to his room, he froze in his tracks. On his bed, was the naked boy with cat ears and tail in his dream. Impatient, the boy yelled, "Hurry up, nyan! Let's play that game again!"

A/N: Thank you for reading! It's fun to write Gokuneko, because he's always naked, and hornier than normal Gokudera, since he's a cat and all. (I think) Also, writing this AU where Gokudera the Right Hand Man, and in effect the entire mafia story, doesn't exist at all made me realize how mundane Yamamoto and Tsuna's lives would be.

But enough deep thoughts for now! For the sharp-eyed, the title was taken from a line of a, ahem, hentai manga I was reading. But c'mon, it's pretty true isn't it?

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