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Era: Hogwarts 7th year

Note: Voldemort has been defeated and finial battle won. Hermione is a year older than her classmates. She had gained a year due to the use of the time turner. So she is 19. But lets say she used it through her third through her fifth year. So she's 20.

This is a Marriage Law fan fiction but will have a different twist from the others I have written and hopefully different from those out on the website. I hope you enjoy the story.

Unexpected Family


hermione snape

The Daily Prophet

The Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge announced early this morning that a Marriage Law will go into effect on August 1st for any pureblood, half blood and muggleborn. Muggleborns must marry a pureblood or half blood witch or wizard.

The Marriage Law's purpose is to replenish the wizarding race. Recent studies have shown that too many pureblood families have been breeding too close together causing bloodlines to mix in resulting of squribs.

The age range for the Marriage Law is for eighteen to sixty year olds. The witch or wizard my choose their wife or husband but must be notarized to the Affairs Office by September 1st but those that have not chosen their spouse by September 1st the Ministry will choose for you.

See page 6 for more

Hermione turned the page. She read the down the article.

Rules and Guidelines:

Each couple must have a medical exam with a healer before marriage license is signed.

The marriage must be consummated on the wedding night. The couple must return to a healer for a medical exam the following day. If the woman's body shows no sign of intercourse will be fined 1,000 galleons.

The woman's body does show signs of intercourse and does not match the husbands sperm will be fined 2,000 galleons and spend a night in Azkaban.

The couple must have intercourse once a week. The Ministry will keep track on each couple. The couple fail to abide by the rules and guidelines will be find for breach of magical contract and will be find 100,000 galleons and spend 2 months in Azkaban.

The couple must have a child within the first three years of marriage. If the woman has complications after or during the pregnancy that disenables to carry a child the couple will adopt a child.

We wish you luck and happiness.

Hermione closed the paper and sat it down on the table. She looked up at her father John, who was holding her four week old son Tobby. He reminded her of his father. Tobby had black hair, light tone skin and black eyes. He had been born two months early.

Hermione Granger was a 19 year old single mother and was entering her seventh year of Hogwarts. She now had to marry due to a marriage law. She hope who ever she chose wouldn't mind her having a baby.

"Daddy what I am going to do?" Hermione asked her father. "One look and he'll know he's Tobby's father."

John opened his mouth to answer when their was a knock on the front door. He got up handed Hermione Tobby and left the kitchen. She kissed her son on the forehead.

"Hermione Professor Dumbledore has come to see you." He told her just as he walked back into the room followed by the wizard.

"Good morning Hermione." Albus said, walking over to mother and son. "My look at this hansome little boy." He sat down next to Hermione at the table. "You will be pleased to know that Tobby's name has been added to the Hogwarts list.

Hermione's eyes widen in shock. He knew the truth. He knew Tobby's father. "You know that-"

"He's Severus Snape's son. Yes. He has the Snape black eyes. They're a trait that is only passed down from father to son."

Hermione looked down at her son and smiled. She loved Tobby even if he wasn't planned or made out of love. She had been taken from a muggle mall parking lot before the war. It was the last raid. Severus Snape was forced onto her. She didn't want his cover blown. It was her sacrifice for the war. She wouldn't trade Tobby for anything in the world.

"I don't blame Professor Snape. I did it to safe both our lives." Hermione whispered, tear rolled down her cheek.

"Oh dear child, I wish things would have turned out differently for you. I want you to return to Hogwarts to finish out your education. Tobby will be cared for during school hours. I promise."

She sighed heavily. "I can't take the Head Girl position. I have enough to worry about." Albus nodded and his eyes twinkled at the young woman. "Would like to hold him?"

"I'd love to hold him." he said with a smile. Albus gently took Tobby from his mother. "Oh my, Severus would be very proud of you."

Hermione stood up and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of milk. She heated it up with her wand and handed to the wizard when Tobby began to fuss. Albus took the bottle and began to feed the baby. She returned to her seat.

"Professor Snape would have nothing to do with Tobby. It's alright. I have Dad's help and Tobby's godfather helps. Harry's great with him. They were both with me when I gave birth to him."

"I know Harry's very proud of him." Albus said gently. "What about Ron?"

Hermione looked at her hands and look up at headmaster with tears in her bright brown eyes. She told him that they had left her not believing she was raped and that she should abort the baby. She ended their friendship with the entire family and Harry had as well.

Albus looked at her with sad eyes. He looked to the door and saw Harry walk into the room. He smiled at his godson. Harry greeted the headmaster and joined them at the table. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. He told them since Hermione would need help with Tobby that they could stay in one of the family quarters. Hermione hugged the headmaster and gave him a tearful thank you in return.

"You're welcome dear. Just bring Tobby to see me and call us even." Albus told her with a smile. Hermione smiled and took her son from the man. "I'll see you September first. May I use your fireplace?"

"Yes of course." John told him.

"Thank you. Bye children." He left the kitchen and flooed back to Hogwarts.

Hermione couldn't help but break down into tears. She could return to Hogwarts. She thought that since she had a child that she couldn't return. That was the reason behind the letter she had sent him. Harry took her into his arms. He knew that that the coming up year would be hard and he wasn't going to leave her side. She was his sister and he loved her. But if Snape wanted to be apart of his son life he wasn't going to stop him. If he hurt them he was a dead man.


Severus and Minerva sat in the headmaster's office. They didn't know why were called. Albus only told them it was important. "Thank you for coming." Albus told them sitting down at his desk.

"Like we had a choice." Severus hissed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Severus please hold your crude remarks."

Minerva gasped at the statement. She knew Albus only said that when it was extremely serious. Severus brow frowned. He handed the Potions Master a letter.

Severus took the letter and read it out loud.

"Professor Dumbledore,

It's with a heavy heart that I mustn't return to Hogwarts this coming up year. I have my reasons. Life has changed for me but one I treasure. It was a price that I would do over again. I do not blame anyone. I'm sorry for disappointing you and the other professors. But it's for the best.


Hermione Granger"

"We can't let her do this Albus! We need to convince to come back!" Minerva said.

"Why is she doing this?" Severus asked with concern.

Albus opened his right side middle drawer and pulled out a large thick book. He turned to last page and looked up at Severus. "Because of Tobby Severus Snape."

Severus fell to the floor his body shook and tears rolled down face. It was the last the raid before the war and worse from the rest. Over twenty women had been taken from muggle parking lots. They were raped, battened and some murdered.

"Oh god, I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted to take her away and save her. I couldn't the Dark Lord was there!" He said and buried his face in his hands. "I've destroyed her life. She didn't fight me. She didn't scream. She just kept on saying, 'I don't blame you.' I've destroyed her life."

Albus got up and helped him from the floor and helped the young man to his chair. The headmaster informed the couple that he had convinced Hermione to return to school. They nodded pleased to know that Hermione Granger was coming back. But that meant he had to face her. He had to face his son. He was grateful she was finishing her education.

Severus sat back and calculated the months since the rape. "He was born two months early. Is he alright? Are they alright?"

"Yes. Yes. They are fine. Tobby's small but healthy." Albus told him.

Severus sighed heavily. He excused himself and left the office. Minerva watched the young man's robes vanish from sight.

"What are we going to do? The Marriage Law is going into action soon. I hope Severus will marry her. They could be a family." Minerva said gently.

Albus put the book away and said, "They'll heal each other and their son would bring them together. Yes. They'll be good for each other."


Severus stood in front of his bathroom sink and turned on the water. He splashed cold water on his face. The greatest nightmare had come back and hit him harder than he had imaged. He turned off the water and looked up in the mirror. He ran his fingers through his hair.

He had removed the glamour charm that he had on for years. Severus had done it to protect himself during the war and had served it's purpose well. He had short baby fine black hair, pale skin, his nose straightened, the yellow teeth had been replaced with white teeth and a thin muscular frame. The only thing that remained was the dark mark that couldn't be removed no matter what the healers did.

Severus left the bath room and walked into the sitting room. He grabbed bottle of fire whiskey and a glass from the top shelf of the bookshelf and sat down in his favorite arm chair. He poured himself a glass of the amber liquid and sat the bottle down on the coffee table. He sat back and stared at the flames with his glass in his hand. He was a father.

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