The Weresin

CH. 1: Well, it's a start...

It's not everyday you see a girl with ears and a tail which moves, and who's dressed in really daring clothes. Espesially when you get them in the head. The one who made the english saying, "it's raining cats and dogs", can't have experienced it him-/herself.

Liru closed the door behind her. "Oh, noone's awake. Well, figures, it's over midnight." She turned on the lights. The kitchen was as clean as ever.

"Good evening, werewolf." Liru stopped. She knew that voice. But what was she doing here, in her and her friends house?

"Doctor K-ko!" (the name is K-ko, Liru isn't stuttering) The big breasted female doctor chukled. "You're late, you know. I have waited a while."

Liru backed away from the woman, gritting her teeth. Liru`s blonde dog-ears raised. "What are you doing here?" she growled.

"I came here to pick you girls up. I have been thinking alot. By the way, don't you want to see your friends?" She chuckled again and sent an envelop across the table. Liru picked it up and opened it.

It contained a picture of her three friends, Yuma, Pachira and Aiko, all three asleep. "You damn do…"


Suddenly, Liru felt a sting in her butt. "Wha…" "Animal tranculiser. Should work perfectly on a werewolf." said K-ko confident. Lirus eyesight began to blurr. She walked a few steps, all dizzy, and stopped inside a white circle, without noticing.

She somehow managed to activate the circle, which was a teleportationcircle, and was teleported away from the house with a bright purple light.

"WHAT? She escaped? How? Keigo, we must find her no matter what, before anyone else does and before the tranculiser stops working! NOW!" shouted K-ko and stormed out of the house, her assistent following right behind her.

Liru fell. Why was she falling? Why ask such a silly question, she bearly noticed it. She closed her eyes, thinking about her friends. A tear fell from her eye as she thought about their reunion, in the world of the dead.


Neji sighed again. And again. And again.

"Rejected. Again. Why can I never find some normal work. I know the chances of getting a job when you're just seventeen are small, but…" He stopped.

"GAAAH! I can`t take it anymore! Oh, great Kami (God), why can't you help me? Please, send me sign from heaven!" yelled the workless boy.


Neji was knocked to the ground! He regained consciousness after a few seconds, placed his head in his hand and felt the weight of something heavy on his back. "Okay, I know I asked for a sign from heaven, but this is ridicolus!" He turned his head and saw... A girl with beautiful blond hair and tanned skin.

He turned his head again and folded his hands, looking up into the sky. "Thank you so much, Kami-sama..." he said, nearly crying of happiness.

He pushed the girl carefully of him, and took a better look at her. "Wow, she's beautiful." The girls mouth was nearly closed, making her look like she was ready to kiss. "Such smooth skin, shiny golden hair and…" Neji stared at the girls head.

"…Dogears? What the… She got a tail too? What is she, half dog or something?"

He glanced at the rest of her body. "Who cares?" Nejis mouth began to water as his head got filled with ecchi thoughts. He had always been "weak" for animal girls. Then he noticed the needle in her butt.

"She's been shot. Why has she been shot?" He removed the needle, and lifted his "gift from heaven", though he decided to never call her that.

"Okay, I'll take her home, and when she wakes up, I'll get known with her." He began to run through the dark streets and into the night.


First chapter of The Weresin is done. Yes, I know things went a little fast, but I will try to make the next chapter have a slower pace, and explain more things more closly and detailed. So please stay tuned for more The Weresin!

Dandara out.