The story so far:

Liru's friends, Aiko, Yuma and Pachira, has been kidnapped by the evil dr. K-ko! Liru managed to escape, but fainted due to a tranquilizer. The human boy, Neji, found her. He and Liru became friends, and decide to rescue the three other girls. But they are not alone.

Kiba, Frankenstein, Pakine and Yun are also searching for Yuma, Aiko, Pachira and Liru before a disaster hits earth. But will they manage it, or will they have to fight against monsters from space?


A howl, unlike anything Ail had ever heard before. "Oh crap…" he said slowly when he realized what it was. The ground exploded and sent Liru flying! "KYAAA!" Liru screamed as she hit the ground, and small rocks were raining down on her. "Watch out!" Ail yelled, and the young werewolf rolled away from a big scythe-like claw that suddenly hit the ground!

The claw belonged to a big monster with an even bigger mouth, full of sharp teeth. It was light green, and looked like a worm with claws instead of suckers. "Liru, this way!" Ail waved to her, and Liru got up and ran over to him. "Why are we being attacked by monsters now? It's just like some typical hero-manga!" "How the hell should I now?" yelled Ail back.

*But what does a hirelansè here? It's not a predator, and they only live in swamps, so what is it doing here on earth?* Ail thought as they ran. Well, as Liru ran, `cause he hit a streetlamp...
(-.-') "Goddammit!" yelled Ail and rubbed his aching head. "Are you alright?" asked Liru, helping the alien up on his feet.

"Physically, good enough. Mentally, catastrophical. I'm tired of running around. Now, we'll hijack a bus or something and get to the airport, and then we'll travel to Denmark. Oh, wait, we have to pick up your passport."
"Passport?" asked Liru. Her question sent chills through Ail and his host. "You don't know what a passport is?"
"If I knew what it was, why would I ask?" She asked as if it was natural, and it was.

"A passport is a small book that tells the guards on the airport that you are you. Without it, you can't leave the country." Ail got silent, still sitting on the ground. Then his head dropped down to his chest. "No way… Why?"
"Can't we just walk over to Denmark?" asked Liru. Ail's response was not the one she wished for.
"Have you ever looked at a map over the world? It's several kilometers to the closest seaport! We have to travel through China, over to German, and then we'll be in Denmark! A long, long way!"

Going back to the normal scenery, Ail had calmed down. "But the idea wasn't too bad, but it'll take maybe a month or so to reach German by foot."
"That's a long way then." said Liru as they began to walk. The hirelansè was howling happily in the background as it began it's raid on the fruits and vegetables in the different shops.


"Ten meteorites hit Japan less than an hour ago. With them came a strange creature we have never seen before. We think it's a vegetarian, seeing it only have eaten fruits and vegetables."
The leaders of Japan were having a top-priority meeting with NASA over a secure line, using web cameras. All leaders looked irritated and uneasy.

"This is troublesome. And it's not the last either. How long is it before the rest of the meteors hit us?" asked the Japanese president.

"We thought we would have eighteen days, but it turns out we got less then five." said Carl Carter, chief manager in NASA. He was sweating.

"We have to something about this, and quickly!" said the minister of defense.

"Should we try to nuke them?" asked Japanese president, and raised an eyebrow at the answer.

"No, if we do that, we might risk the other meteors drag radioactive waste on their way down."
The president of Japan tried to keep his cool. "We must evacu…" He never got further. The connection was broken. Something had smashed the satellite.


"Holy fur ball…" gasped Kiba when he saw the big figure in the sky. A big lobster-like creature was descending towards earth. No, it wasn't a creature, it was a machine!
"Yun, when exactly where those things supposed to get here?" he asked the just as surprised witch.

"Oh no…" One order was the one thing that made them all focus again. "TO ARMS!" yelled Frank! The lobster turned 180 degrees to the right and began to move, first slowly, then faster and faster.
"Where the hell is that thing heading?" wondered Pakine. She wanted to find her daughter as soon as possible. This was this planets doom. The humans would never survive.


K-ko was watching the news, drinking tea with her assistant, Kongo. Pictures of the fruit-eating creature from space were being discussed, and K-ko enjoyed making comments of her own, mostly about their stupidity, when the anchorman suddenly said they were receiving a live video-montage from China.

The video showed a flying lobster-like thing. "What?" She stared at the screen, and didn't notice she had lost her cup in the floor. It had to come from the other world. Or had it? K-ko gritted her teeth in frustration and anger. What was that thing? It looked very much like a spaceship from a kid's imagination. A spaceship.
Spacemen. Aliens.

A new monster for her to research.

"Kongo, get my plane ready for flight, and make sure the assault team is ready. And make me a new cup of tea too, please." Kongo went straight to work with a smile. His boss had a plan. K-ko looked at the pentagrams and magical circles she had written on the floor. Soon, she would be able to enter the other world, known as the Netherworld. She smirked.

If she just could get her hands on that freaking werewolf and her human ally.


Speaking of which...

Liru and Neji were watching a television that was displayed in a window. The news was shocking, at least for Neji and Ail. "Shit." he said. Liru nodded. "I'm sure K-ko is watching this." Neji shrugged. "Would surprise me if she didn't. I bet she's tearing of her hair in frustration right now."

Liru suddenly stiffened. "Liru, are you allright?" Her friend asked questingly, noticing her stiffness. Lirus blue eyes searched for something. "No way." she blurted. "This way!" She began to move, turning to the right. Liru stopped and let out a howl. Just seconds later, she was answered.
"Come on, Neji. This way!" said Liru and dragged the boy with her. "Do I got any choice?"

"Liru-hime!" A young man, maybe in his twenties, met up with the two soon. "Cereb!" Liru hugged him happily. "What are you doing here, Cereb?" asked Liru and let the man go of her grip.

"I was searching for you, Liru-hime. This world isn't safe anymore, so your father has come to fetch you. He sent me and a dusin others or so to different countries, so we could search for you. We're searching for the other princesses as well." said Cereb.

"Right, can we trust that?" asked Neji. Ail was cool, Liru was okay, her friends acceptable, K-ko was a nuisance, but another creature would be too much. "Of course we can trust Cereb. He`s my friend." Lirus way of talking made both Neji and Ail think she was naive. People change through time. Werewolves too. The boy gave in.
"Fine, if you say we can trust him, we trust him. But where the hell is your king?" He stopped at his own words. "…King? Hime? Waaaait a second… Are you saying you're a princess?" asked Neji, not believing it for one second.

"Yes, I am. What about it?" Liru tilted her head.

*Us?* thought Cereb, raising a brow. Why did this boy say us? "You never asked." answered Liru. In response, Neji pinched the bridge between his nose and closed his eyes for a moment.
"Fine." he said after a while. "Let's go get your friends."

Cereb had short red hair and green eyes, but unlike Liru, his ears and tail was hidden. He was athletic, clearly stronger, but his wits was way more mature then Lirus (who was an airhead). Neji had problems keeping up with the two werewolfs (of course he was using Ails legs!), which annoyed Cereb greatly. The good news was that they were on their way to Denmark, where Pachira, Aiko and Yuma was supposed to be, if one were to believe the documents found in K-ko's mansion.

"Wa-Wait a little!" shouted Neji after a while. They stopped, and Neji almost fell down of exhaustion. "Can you two slow down a little?" he asked . "We shouldn't." Replied Cereb. "I have to get Liru-hime to Kiba-sama."
Cereb was even more annoyed now. How could the princess decide to team up with a human? Okay, he was impressed over the fact that Neji had been able to follow them for three hours, but he was still a human. They should just dump him.

"Are you alright, Neji-san?" asked Liru worried. "Ca… Can we take a break? Or can you two run a little slower? I can't keep up with you." Said Neji between the inhales and exhales.
"Do you have a fever?" Liru's question made Neji shrug. "I don't think so, but… There is a possibility, though." Liru lifted the hair from his and her forehead and placed hers on his to see if he had a fever. Her action scared Cereb a little. Had her time in the human world rid her of all forms of decency? Then again, when you first knew who her father was… =.=' Cereb sweatdropped, so to say.

"No, you don't have any fever." Liru moved away. "Cereb, do you think you can carry him?" The other werewolf cleaned his throat. "If I have to, yes." Liru didn't need to say anymore. "Climb on, boy." Said Cereb and squatted down. Neji didn't waste any time, he was kind of used to that, and the group was on the move again.

Thirty minutes later…

Neji suddenly began to cough like he was suffocating. "Hey, are you alright, Neji-san?" asked Cereb. "Let me of…" said a strange, echoing voice from the boy. The only problem was that it wasn't Neji. Cereb quickly threw the alien off his back and into the ground. "What the hell?"

"Cereb, what are you doing?" asked Liru shocked, and was about to help Ail up, when she was stopped by Cereb placing a hand on her shoulder. "Liru-hime! This is the reason why we're gathering you princesses to bring you back. Aliens have arrived to this world and will destroy it." His eyes were dead serious. Liru lifted his hand off her shoulder and helped Ail up.

"Liru-hime, what are you doing?" Liru lifted her alien friend by holding his arm over her shoulders. "Ail is my friend. It has to be some other aliens that you're talking about." Cereb gritted his teeth in anger. "If you just knew what they have done…"

"Hey… Cereb…" Ail lifted his head, wheezing because of the troubles he had breathing. "If I were to destroy this planet, how the hell am I supposed to get away? I don't remember how to fly a spaceship, nor do I have one." Cereb didn't believe him, but he couldn't defy his princess either. Unless… "Liru-hime, may I ask you a question?" She nodded. "Who was Pachiras fiancée?"

"Huh?" Liru, and Ail, looked confused at Cereb. "WHAT! PACHIRA HAS A FIANCEE?" both yelled in surprise. Ail regretted it, because it only hurt him more. *What the hell is wrong with me?*
"So you don't know?" "Hey, Pachira never told me such things, and would never do either (I think)." answered Liru with a shock-filled voice.

But Cereb didn't listen to her answer, he had noticed a strange smell. The smell of another werewolf, but he didn't recognize this one. *Another one? Well, Liru-hime is real enough, but this is not one of ours.* Cereb thought.

"Speak of the devil…" said a male voice, which was strangely familiar to Liru. She turned her head and saw a man with white hair and sunglasses coming out of the nearby bushes. "Ryo?"

"The bitch that bit me?"

"Bitch?" Cereb and Ail looked angry at the man, but he didn't seem to notice it. "The hell are you doing here?" asked Ryo (see episode 2 of the anime), and Liru pouted in response.
"Why are you here, Ryo?"

"Hey, sorry for interrupting *gasp* but we have to move now!" said Ail annoyed. "Who's he?" asked Ryo, pointing at the black alien. "You don't need to know."

"Ryo? You mean Ryo as in 'Ryo, the exiled'?" Cereb asked, his eyes wide open. Yes, this man in his twenties with the white hair was definitely a werewolf. The smell was very strong. "Yeah, it's me. And who are you?" Ryo and Cereb stood now face to face, gritting their teeth. "So you went to Japan. A surprise finding you here."

"And what is one of the royal kittens doing here?" The insult made Cereb clench his hands into fists. "How dare you call me a kit…"

"HEY! SHUT UP A LITTLE, CAN YOU!" yelled Liru at the two men. The sudden change of mood made them shut up. "I don't have time to listen to you two quarrel. Cereb, you carry Ail/ Neji until he gets better. Ryo, do you know how we can get to an airport as fast as possible?" Ryo scratched his cheek. "Um, about that. I heard on the radio in my car that a, believe it or not, an UFO has landed on the airport. About 200 meters from here."

Ail coughed and tried to get up. "Must be agrated-gas then. Which means it's my kind. They use agrated to convert a part of the atmosphere on an unknown planet to their own, and it's dangerous for us to go out while it's working."

"What does that mean?" asked Liru. "I'm changing. Soon, I'll be breathing my own air, and I will have problems breathing at Earth." He took a pause and tried to catch his breath. "I have adapted and is used to Earth's atmosphere, but now... My lungs will convert back and I won't be able to breathe in your atmosphere anymore." He paused again, closing his eyes. "So, either I have to be me until they leave, then Neji must take over for forever. Or I'll have to take suicide." finished Ail while trying to keep his balance.

"Sounds trustworthy enough for me." Said Ryo. "But how come the boy was affected too?" Cereb gazed at the alien.

"Both me and Neji traded some… abilities. I'm weak to earthly sicknesses, but thanks to Neji, my immune-system is stronger, while his got weaker." The male werewolves seemed to understand, but Liru was confused.

"Will you survive?" she asked. "Get me to that ship. You won't be hurt by the gas, Liru." Ail tried to smile, but failed. Instead, Liru looked at the two male werewolves and was about to ask them about help, when she was interrupted. "Hell no." Ryo said, crossing his arms in front of him. "I'm not getting any closer to that place than this."

"No matter how much I hate to admit it, I have to agree with him on this." said Cereb. Liru glanced at them, then at the alien. "Fine. I'll go alone then."

"What? Liru-hime, what do you think you'll achieve by doing that?" Cereb had to admit to himself, she was becoming more and more like her father, in a bad way. Liru stayed silent for a little longer then a second. "Ail and Neji knows how to save my friends." She began to walk, supporting Ail. Ryo and Cereb just looked at her back, feeling a little left behind.

"So… What do we do?" asked Ryo. Cereb glanced at him. "I don't know. Kiba-sama will kill me if I let her do this." Their brains tried to find a solution, but they ended up with nothing.
"Help her?" asked Ryo hesitantly. "Yeah, let's do that." replied Cereb.


The light forced it's way through my eyelids.
I opened them slowly, but closed them because the light was so strong.
When I got used to it, I noticed I was in a room.
A big room.
I sat up and was about to walk out of the small bed, when my arm suddenly didn't want to follow me.
It was chained to the wall.


"L-Liru…" wheezed Ail. "Yes?" "What will you do if I and Neji has to leave before we find your friends?" he asked. Liru closed her eyes for a little longer than a standard blink. "I don't know." She replied slowly, and was silent. As if she was expecting a response. "Ail-san… Can we stop for a moment?" Liru asked, and looked around. "Uh, I'm not sure if it's a good idea."

"But… I really have to go! There weren't any public toilets, so…"

"Ok, ok, I understand." Interrupted Ail. "Place me against that three over there." Liru did as Ail wanted, and realized that she missed the human face of Neji. "Didn't you have to leak of?" wheezed Ail, trying to breathe properly. "I'll be quick." Said Liru and ran of.

"Crap…" The word came out as a squeal. Ail sank down and gasped. What was wrong with him? Would he die after all in this change of atmosphere?


I look at the ceiling, but all I see is white.
I turn around into the arms of my friend.
She's pale.
I let her drink my blood.
She smiles and thanks me, then gives me a hug.
I can't stop crying.
She's just leaning against the wall, her head lowered.
Her eyes are closed, and she isn't breathing.
I want home.
Back to the tree house, back to Liru.
What do they want with us?


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