Pact For Love

House and Cuddy are married and have 2 children. Shocking news leaves them to debate their futures, and their children's. They are elderly now, and their children are grown up, but does it mean that they feel better about leaving them behind?

This is not for everyone, but this is an issue that comes up frequently in my Ethics class. So I'm warning you now, you might find this fic very sad and/or quite disturbing. And I apologise for that, but it's an issue that needs to be addressed.

Chapter 1

Cuddy POV

It was a standard day at home.

I woke up with my husband by my side, who even at his ripe old age of 65 was still stunningly handsome in my eyes.

After awaking, I tried to move, but there he was, firmly spooned against my side, not letting go of me.

I smiled at my deeply sleeping husband. He always ended up like this of a night, he clutches onto me like a security blanket, like he tries to take in some of my warmth, or create the intimacy we have at waking during sleep.

I attempt to move again, and wince in pain.

My stomach was playing up again; I'd been having horrible abdominal pain that somehow got worse after meals, and I felt like I was losing weight. My clothes were just too big for me. And I kept shivering, even if it was hot. Something was wrong, and I had made myself a doctor's appointment for next week to get myself checked out.

By some means, Greg must've heard me wince, or sense my pain in a weird psychic connection, because he woke.

'You still feeling sick?' he asked tenderly, stroking my face, which I could've sworn was becoming yellower as the days went on.

'Yeah, but I have the doctor's appointment next Tuesday, so I can get myself checked out. I'm sure it's nothing serious,' I replied, trying to convince myself as well as him.

'Hmmmm,' he answered, not entirely swayed over by my pitiful performance.

'Sweetie, calm down, I'm ok. Now, we need to wake up and get dressed. I promised Gaby we'd go over and see her today.'

'Oh yeah, I haven't seen her since she brought Brady home from the hospital,' he replied.

Gabrielle Ava Sophia Healy, maiden name House, age 27 was our only daughter. She was a music and languages teacher at the local high school and had 2 beautiful children. She gave birth to little Lola Gabrielle Melanie Healy 3 years ago, and Brady George Mason Healy 3 weeks ago. She and her husband George lived in Princeton near us, so we could always be close to our grandchildren, and we could babysit when they needed a night off from diaper duty and temper tantrums.

'Did Noah say he was coming with Jasmine, Nina, Maxwell, Joseph and Alice?' I asked out of the blue.

'Don't ask me, you're the one who reminded me,' was the only reply I got.

Noah Andrew James House was the oldest of our 2 children, he was 30 years old. He and his wife Jasmine lived in Princeton too, with Nina Jasmine Rose House, age 8, Maxwell Noah Jude House, age 5, Joseph Paul House, also known as JP, was 18 months old, and little Alice Megan Alyssa House was 6 months old. He was a fellow at PPTH, and now worked in Diagnostics under a close friend of Greg's, Elijah Holdbrook, second in command to Greg's Diagnostic dynasty that he gave up to retire.

A peck on the cheek was given to me by my husband as he left to get in the shower.

'Don't work yourself too hard, you've only just retired; you don't have to be the Dean anymore. You're just Lisa House, my beautiful wife and mother of my grown up and slightly irritating children.'

I smiled at his comment as he left the room.

I looked into the mirror, noticing the crows feet around my eyes and frown lines. I wasn't beautiful anymore; my once glossy black hair is now grey and thinning, my eyes that used to sparkle are dull and ashen. I'm not Lisa anymore, I don't even know who I am.