A/N: Written for a LiveJournal 10settings community challenge using the prompt 7- the mountains.

Warnings: None. Worksafe.

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Destination: Unknown

The air was cold in the mountains; full of miniature ice crystals and a unique smell of winter even though it was summer time on the Planet. Snow glistened on the slopes and the peaks, covering caverns and gorges and making everything look deceptively smooth. The light, reflected from the snowflakes all around, was blinding. The wind was only a light breeze at the moment, but that was soon to change, as a storm was brewing on the horizon. Dark heavy clouds were building up and mist was slowly flowing down from the western peaks.

For the time being, though, the air was crisp and calm and the three Remnants were making their way down the snowy plains. Their destination was away from the Northern Crater and its secrets. Where were they headed, they did not know yet. Something in the air of this place urged them to follow the helicopter that had taken their treasure, their secret of existence – their Mother.

Some time ago Loz had taken the lead (but with Kadaj's directions) because his sturdy build allowed him to make a path through the snow much better than it would have been for Yazoo or Kadaj. Any other day and time they would have been able to walk on the surface of the snow, but a snowstorm had passed over the area just that morning and the crust had not yet formed.

Kadaj was the last in their line for the time being, as his older brothers cleared a path for him like they always did, and it gave him an opportunity to think. He had let some of his anger out on the two Turks earlier, back in the crater, but it was not enough. Torturing only two people to near-death (and having them forcefully taken away before he could finish them off for good) was not good enough a punishment for the people who had taken Mother away from him. He and his brothers would have to hunt them all down for that and kill them all slowly.

"A storm is coming. We need to find a shelter." Yazoo turned back to address Kadaj, his head tilted to one side, gaze barely passing over his brother and a distant expression on his face, as if the world did not matter. He seemed to lack all emotion even as he stated the fact of the oncoming storm.

Kadaj could not read him, but deep down inside he seemed to sense the things that were on his brother's mind. He shrugged and glanced at their surroundings. Stone and snow, and ice as far as the eye could see.

"Figure out something. But make sure we've gotten far enough. The sooner we get off these mountains..." Kadaj trailed off, his gaze shifting to the mist that was slowly coming down from the mountaintops. They had left that place back to the far right and now it seemed like it was trying to reach out after them and draw them back in into that crater where they had come from.

He hated this place already. They had come to life in these mountains and they had suffered their very first failure there. Someone would have to pay for it. And Kadaj already knew whom he would start with. But first...

First they had to get down from these mountains.