Hello, yes I am starting another series of oneshots, but this one is just going to be about the seasons (I'll use the cofee one for all my other random ones XD). They may seem a bit britsh and that is simply because i am british XD. Urm what else? All of these are gonna be set in the same time period when seto and katsuya are about 23 and living togther (and obviously are in love).

So we start off with decorating for christmas, yay!

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warnings (applies to all chapters...i'm lazy): boy's love and maybe some swearing.

Christmas in the Kaiba household was full of little traditions. The first was Mokuba constantly bugging his older brother about when to put the decorations up. If he had had his way the house would be decorated in mid October (about the same time the shops began to decorate). Seto, of course, wouldn't let him; he also refused to allow his brother to turn the front of their house into a 'radioactive pound shop' by covering it in all of those tacky moving Christmas lights in the shapes of Santas climbing chimneys, reindeer flying through the air and flashing stars. Nor would Seto let Mokuba turn the front garden into a Christmassy wonderland with a 12ft illuminated inflatable snowman. Some of Mokuba's suggestions were genuine however Seto was beginning to feel he sometimes suggested things just to annoy his brother such as rigging up a giant Santa to leap out the bushed at unsuspecting passersby.

Seto would finally give in (after months of badgering) in the first week of December and allow Mokuba to decorate everything, although he insisted that the tree was to be bought in a week before Christmas so it wasn't brown and dropping needles on Christmas day. There were usually two Christmas trees, a very tall one decorated tastefully in the entrance hall and a smaller one, and a smaller one, for Mokuba, which would get covered in tacky decorations and clashing tinsel in the living room. They put their presents under this one as it was Mokuba's tree, and he thought it was far more beautiful than the professional one.

Another tradition was Seto not allowing his office at home to be decorated. At all. Ever.

Of course after a little bit of begging from Mokuba he gave up.

This year though he was being very very stubborn.

"I don't understand why he won't let me decorate it," Mokuba moaned to Katsuya Jounouchi, Seto's boyfriend. He had convinced the blond to help him decorate with his secret weapon, puppy-dog eyes of doom (as Katsuya called them). They were currently sitting in the middle of the living room floor making paper chains out of brightly coloured sugar paper.

"Do you want me to have a go?" Katsuya asked, "If I fail we could both go and give him the puppy-dog eyes of doom."

"It's worth a try," Mokuba agreed as he finished his chain and wondered where to put it, "I'll go and dig out the decorations I usually put in there."

Katsuya knocked on Seto's office door; he was carrying a bag full of tinsel, one of the paper chain's he'd made with Mokuba, six snowflakes made out of paper and painted silver and a small fibre optic Christmas tree.

"Come in," He heard Seto say and he opened the door to see his boyfriend typing away at his computer and quickly pausing the music he was listening to looking a bit embarrassed. Seto's secret habit was listening to cheesy love songs whilst working (even if he did claim to hate that kind of music). He gave the items in Katsuya's hands a dubious look, "I've already told Mokuba that he's not covering this room with his tacky Christmas crap."

"Really?" Katsuya asked, raising an eyebrow sceptically, "Well I'm just gonna carry on decoratin', with or without your consent." He shut the door and began to blu-tak the snowflakes to the back of it. "Why don't you like Christmas?"

"It's not Christmas," Seto said, watching Katsuya stand on tip toe to put a snowflake at the top of the door, his top rose slightly revealing a small bit of lovely tanned skin, "it's the whole commercialisation of it. I mean all the decorations and cards appear in the shops during October and with all the endless really cheesy Christmas songs being forced into my ears I'm about ready to shoot someone by the time December arrives."

"I'll keep my distance then," Katsuya smirked and he began to hang random pieces of tinsel over the pictures on the walls.

"I wouldn't shoot my cute little puppy dog," Seto said, standing up, walking over to his puppy and wrapping his arms around him, pulling his back to his chest.

"Wanna help?" Katsuya asked as Seto planted a kiss in his hair.

"No, I'd rather sit and watch you walk around my office," Seto replied giving his a squeeze.

"I'm sure your reasons are entirely innocent," Katsuya muttered rolling his eyes.

"Of course they are," Seto said pretending to sound affronted, "Besides It's hardly my fault if you're wearing your tight jeans and a shirt that rises when you stretch."

Katsuya turned around so he was facing Seto and kissed his lips gently, "you're a pervert."

"Yes and you love it." Seto kissed him passionately, slipping one hand in his partner's golden hair and using the other to keep Katsuya pressed up against him. Katsuya slipped one hand around Seto's neck as he allowed the brunet's tongue access to his mouth and gripped his upper arm with the other. He moaned as Seto forced his tongue into submission.

He'd never admit it but Katsuya loved it when Seto was being dominant and possessive.

They pulled apart but kept their faces close together, only a couple of centimetres apart, their breaths mingling.

"I love you," Katsuya breathed.

"Me too," Seto whispered, pressing a soft kiss on the bridge of his nose, "you're so wonderful puppy."

Katsuya giggled, "I'd better get back to decorating on your brother's gonna murder me."

"And we wouldn't want that," Seto said letting go of his puppy, "go and tacky-afy my office," he smacked Katsuya's arse before walking back to his desk.

Once Katsuya had finished with the tinsel, some of which was rather manky (Seto made a mental note to replace it as soon as possible), he walked over to Seto's desk and plonked the fibre optic Christmas tree on it.

"I'll put up with the tinsel and snowflakes but this thing will just distract me," Seto complained as he watched the ends of the tree branches change colour.

"Just turn it off when no one else is in the room," Katsuya told him, "and if you keep it in here I'll wear my tightest jeans on Christmas Day," he added seductively, knowing it was an offer he couldn't refuse.

"Fine," Seto growled before moving next to Katsuya's ear, "as long as I get to take them off on Christmas night," he continued.

"Deal," Katsuya held out his hand and Seto shook it before turning back to his work. Katsuya stayed where he was, thinking. "I'm wearing my second tightest jeans today."

"I've noticed."

"Well maybe you could take strip them off me tonight."

Seto looked at the blonde who was moving his hips ever so slightly in possibly the sexiest way imaginable, "why wait?"

"Because, gorgeous, anticipation makes it sweeter," Katsuya gave him a chaste kiss before practically running out the room before Seto could catch him.

"How did it go?" Mokuba asked when Katsuya returned.

"It's all decorated," Katsuya replied, looking up at the younger Kaiba who was standing on top of the step ladders, "what's next?"

"You can put tinsel over any picture you can find," Mokuba replied.

"Great," Katsuya grabbed the bag of tinsel, "If I go missin' Seto's probably kidnapped me."

Mokuba shook his head as the blond ran off before continuing to string up paper chains on the ceiling. A few minutes later Seto arrived looking a bit flustered. He cast a look at the decorations and rolled his eyes.

"Have you seen Katsuya?"

"He ran off to tinsel-afy the pictures," Mokuba said, "that way," he pointed down the hallway, "please don't keep him for too long I still need his help to decorate."

"Of course little brother," Seto smiled at him before running after Katsuya.

Mokuba rolled his eyes and decided not to leave the room till one of the returned, he didn't really want to find out what they were doing...or where.

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