She sat down at her desk, not too amazed to find the computer already on. Nor was she too amazed to find that there was a single yellow rose on the keyboard. It was not the first time she'd found the token of esteem. One single perfect yellow rose, the symbol of deep friendship or platonic love. There could only be one sender, a rather sentimental, and over-romantic Goblin King.

Paisley picked up the rose brought it to her nose and sniffed gently. There was always something slightly different about the fragrance of these roses. Unlike other flowers of the species these always held a slightly fruity aroma. "Peach," she whispered closing her eyes to enjoy the perfume of the bloom. Even before her eyes opened she knew she wasn't alone, "Thank you Sire," she murmured.

"Many happy returns of the day Scribe," he said quietly.

"You never forget do you," she turned to look at him. He was once more in the full regalia of the Goblin Armor and the cloak that sparkled like dark stars.

"It would never do to forget so important a day," he tapped her nose gently, teasingly with one leather clad finger. "After all, you'd pay me back with some scandalous tale."

"I apologized for that one, didn't I?" she pouted.

He smirked, "Indeed, and went on to write on that made me look like a pedophile."

Paisley giggled, "Okay, okay," she held up a hand, "But can you blame me?"

Crouching down so he was eye to eye level with the gray haired woman he became thoughtful for a moment. "No, not really," he said at last. "For the most part, you do tell tales that don't refer to me as a villain, and for that, I thank you."

"Anytime, Sire, anytime." She sighed.

"Happy Birthday Scribe," he whispered before standing to leave. "Have a nice day."

"I will," she promised, lifting her rose. She sniffed again, and just as he waved his wrist to open the portal to the goblin realm in the underground… she thought she heard him gently singing under his breath the words to the old song, 'Always'. "Hopeless romantic," she muttered as she turned to the computer. Once more she was very glad that he was.