The story

Gretchen Grundler walked home alone. Her friends had been given detention because they pissed off Miss Finster. She walked until she got home. She did some scientific stuff for a few hous when her mother came into the room. "Gretchen dear, one of your friends is here to see you."

"Ok, Mom thanks." Gretchen said. She left her room and walked into the living room. There sat T.J. looking angry. "Oh, hi, T.-," but T.J. cut her off.

"I am sick and tired of being a kid" T.J. said angrily. "You know what Miss Finster had us do in detention today, she had us scrape the bunions off her feet. If I see another bunion I gonna blow chunks." He said seething.

"Oh, I 'm sure it wasn't that bad." Gretchen said, "Where are the others,"

"They were so grossed out they went home." T.J. said sighing. "I better get home too." He said getting up. "You know for what it's worth, I wish I could be a grown up. Buy Gretch."

He left and closed the door behind him. Gretchen was still thinking about what he said, and then she had an idea.

Next day, Gretchen met the other five at the bus stop. She asked them all to come by her house after school. She also told them to not get detention. The school day went by without incident and they all walked to Gretchen's house. Gretchen led them to the garage where there was a thing underneath a blanket. Gretchen lifted the blanket to show them an invention.

"So what is it?" Spinellie asked.

"It is an age accelerator." Gretchen said "When T.J. came by my house last night, he told me that he wished he could be an adult, now this helps any kid who is burdened by things drop them overnight."

"Gretch, what have you done" Vince said horrified.

"What are you talking about?" Gretchen said unknowingly.

"This is an invention that should be destroyed immediately." Mikey said

"What are you talking about," Gretchen said astonished

"Gretch let me break it down for you," Spinellie said, "Kids are supposed to be kids, if the adults ever got wind of that thing, they would use it on all kids and turn us into adults, and I don't know about you but I don't WAT TO BE TURNED INTO AN ADULT." She said yelling.

"Besides if the army got a wind of the thing, they could reverse engineer it and turn adults into kids." Gus said squeamishly. "I think you need to destroy it." Gus said

"I don't think so" T.J. said picking up the invention. "This thing could be a miraculous breakthrough for anyone who just wanted to be an adult for a change. Imagine a kid who was bullied by older kids could turn into an adult and punish them. Imagine also if you will a kid turning himself into an adult and becoming principal of his school." T.J. said smiling deviously.

"But before the kid/principal became principal of his school, the former would have to be ousted by some sort of scandal or better offer." Gretchen said smiling the same smile as T.J.

"Okay, I'm lost." Spinellie said, "What are you two talking about."

"I'm talking about me using this thing to become principal of Third Street School."

"But that's madness, madness I say" Mikey said

"Madness is it or genius." T.J. said.

"Okay you both are crazy" Vince said, "Besides we don't even know if it works on kids."

"No we don't," T.J. said handing the age accelerator over to Gretchen, "But we're fixing to. Hit it, Baby."

The gang broke out in protest as Gretchen pointed it at T.J. and pushed the button. A beam of neon light broke out of the end and hit T.J. in the test. He grunted in pain as he started to grow. His face sprouted facial hair and he reached 6 ft. His shoulders turned broad and he in more pain now cropped up to a fetal position. The gang panicked and tackled Gretchen to the ground. She dropped the device and it broke apart as it hit the floor. The neon light disappeared as T.J. got to his feet.

The gang looked at him in awe as he spoke. "What are you all looking at?" They all gasped when he spoke. His voice was deep. He was the age of 25 and he was powerfully built for that age. Unfortunately for the girls, his kid clothes had burst leaving him butt naked. Gretchen got to her feet and looked at T.J.

"Eureka." She said and she ran and hugged T.J. Which in my opinion was a stupid idea a 10 year old girl hugging a naked 25 year old? It's kind of sickening. Anyway the gang who were starstrucked finally got there voice in.

"You think we could have given him some adult clothes to wear," Vince said,

Gretchen broke apart from T.J. and said, "I forgot, I'll be right back." She ran up the stairs and came down with a nicely tailored suit. T.J. put it on and looked at himself in the mirror. To say I looked good was an understatement. I was fine and handsome and b-e-a-utiful.

T.J. looked back at Gretchen and said "you're going to put me back together again I hope." He said.

"Of course, I am but I have to fix the invention first thanks to them." Gretchen said pointing to the gang.

"Well, take some time before doing that there is a few people I want to prank first." T.J. said before an old man's voice said, "Short man, time to go to bed." T.J. was brought back to the present and saw Arnold. "I'll pick up the story tomorrow night Arnold, and keep this out little secret, OK" Arnold left the room and T.J. looked at the picture again. A heating acid like feeling was boiling inside of him as he looked at Gretchen in the picture. The feeling was hatred. "One day," T.J. said, "Somehow, someway, your gonna pay." He threw the picture from him. It hit the wall with a crack in it. Strangely enough, by T.J.'s willfulness of anger, or by coincidence. The crack was just over Gretchen in the photo. T.J. looked at the photo and smiled. "See, fate's on my side." He left the picture and got in the bed. The framed cracked some more. From the crack over Gretchen's head a new crack formed over T.J.'s. Fate had spoken and it decided that T.J. would bring Gretchen down even if that meant T.J. would fall to.

Stick around, what's coming up next will shock you.