I used to enjoy the night; I used to enjoy the dark. I used to enjoy a lot of things but I don't. Maybe someday I will again or I won't but for now, everything I have ever loved has become my nightmare.

I lean against my best friend Casey as Brandon races through the city as a deer flees from death. And in a way we are deer and the thing we are flying from is death it self. When the first person found with the Kv virus I was only nine, when it became airborne I would turning thirteen in only three days. It's been three years since then and almost everything has been turned into a shadow of what it had been.

I am only sixteen and an orphan without a home, a future and a life. The few main reasons that I have not given into despair and committed suicide is Casey and Brandon and the hope of a future that will most likely not happen and a cure that a man named doctor Robert Neville is said to be working on in New York. I don't even believe him to be alive, no is alive that we have found yet only the monsters that were once people, were once our friends, family and neighbors. They are like vampires, the feed during the night and don't go out in the day because the sun literally tortures them and they die quickly. Kv started as a cure for cancer gone wrong, within months of vaccination a person turned into a deadly monster that had to be killed instantly. It was some sort of horror story in my fourth grade class that none of us hope to see again. Now, these creatures are everywhere and if you see them your already dead.