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Leave Me

I guess I should have noticed sooner. I should have, but instead I missed it. Maybe I didn't wanted to see it. The way you were using me.

You never, not even once said "I love you". That should have been my first clue. You were never going to leave her, no matter how many times you said so. She was your disguise. With her you had a reputation. If you would have picked me, then it would all be gone. People you thought were your friends might have turned their backs at you. They might've. But you were too scared to risk it. I guess I wasn't worth it.

At first it was so amazing, the way you showed me how wonderful being together with someone could be. I thought I was in heaven, I was in heaven. But when three weeks had gone by and you still haden't left her I started to feel so bad. I didn't want to hurt her, she was my friend and she still is. Because you never told her. If you did she would never speak to me again and neither would her friends.

I asked you to tell har and your friends the truth countless times and every time the answer was the same: I need more time. Well, I can't give you more time. I simply can't because it hurts too much. It hurts me every time I see you with her kissing, talking or just standing next to each other. It hurts cause I love you so fucking much! And maybe you don't see that. But your time is up now. I'm leaving you and I hope that you will respect my decision and don't make this too hard on me. Don't ever, ever try and talk to me again. Please. Because it hurts too much...

AN: I like this one quite a lot actually. It just came to me and I wrote in like ten minutes. Please I want all constructive criticism you can give so:


PS: I'm from Sweden so if my English is bad you have to tell me.